What is the best tobacco for hookah? The best mixes of tobacco for shisha

Everyone who first encountered the problem of choosing tobacco for a hookah, a lot of questions arise. What is the best tobacco for hookah? What kind of taste do you prefer? Which tobacco mixture is easier, and which is stronger? Let's try to deal with all these issues.

What is a hookah?

Hookah is a special device for smoking from India. It filters and cools the tobacco smoke. Smoking hookah every day is becoming more popular, it becomes fashionable, and not only - it is very relaxing. And how you want sometimes after a hard day's work just to relax, relax! That's where the hookah becomes. The device is relatively inexpensive, to purchase it is not a problem. But in order to get real pleasure from smoking, you need to choose the right "stuffing".What is the best tobacco for hookah? Let's try to find the answer to this question.

Selecting tobacco for shisha

Tobacco for shisha is not an ordinary cigarette mixture, but a special type grown in special conditions. It has a special cooking technology and composition. Tobacco for shisha does not contain tar. This fact gives him a huge advantage over conventional cigarettes.

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What is the best tobacco for hookah? This question can be answered only by trying it personally.

However, today the market offers the consumer a huge variety of these products. For this reason, the consumer has a chance to spend a lot of money and time before making the final choice in favor of any brand. Let's try to understand what should be a quality product and what brands are preferred by more experienced hookah lovers.

Signs of quality tobacco for shisha

What is the taste of tobacco for shisha better? There is one answer - the one that is more qualitative. Tobacco mixture for smoking in hookah can be considered qualitative if there are such signs:

  • Tobacco for shisha must necessarily be wet and sticky. In order to have a rich flavor, special ingredients of a specific smell are added to it. For this reason, the tobacco mixture can have the appearance of plasticine or jam. Ideally, when pressed, fluid can leak out.
  • Tobacco for shisha must be packed in hermetically sealed packaging in order to completely preserve the taste and aroma. Otherwise, the smell can fade.
  • Always pay attention to the date of manufacture and the expiration date of the tobacco mixture. A stale or overdue product contains little moisture and almost no odor. Keep the tobacco mixture for hookah preferably in the refrigerator. Products that have a bright, strong odor, it is better to put away.


There are 3 types of tobacco mix for hookah:

  • Tumbak( Tumbak) is a variety of tobacco with a high content of nicotine. Cultivate this variety in Turkey, Iran and Syria. For beginners, this variety is not recommended, as the consequence of smoking can be nausea or a severe cough. Before smoking this tobacco it is desirable to soak it for a while in water, then squeeze it. It is popular in the Middle East.
  • Jurak is a tobacco that contains an admixture of molasses and fruit additives. Grow it in India. Great popularity in the world does not use this variety.
  • Massil, Masil, Ma'ssel( Mu'ssel) - the most popular and most delicious and aromatic type of tobacco for hookah. In addition to taste, its peculiarity is the very low content of nicotine or even its absence.

Composition of tobacco for shisha

The composition of the hookah mixture is actually tobacco, molasses( or honey), glycerin, flavors, preservatives. Let's consider each ingredient separately.

Tobacco. To make it easier, it is soaked for some time in the water. Depending on the manufacturer, the tobacco can be very small, and can be large-cut. In principle, this does not affect the process of smoking itself. It matters when preparing for smoking. After all, the larger the leaves in tobacco, the more it is considered "dirty".Before adding large "sticks" and "leaves" to the bowl, you need to delete it. But this does not mean that "dirty" tobacco is worse than "clean" tobacco and inferior to taste. This is a false opinion.

Honey or molasses is a very important ingredient in a tobacco blend. The stickiness of the tobacco depends on its viscosity. But again this does not affect his taste qualities.

Glycerin is used in absolutely all tobacco mixtures for hookah. The smoke that exhales when smoking a hookah is glycerin vapor. This is one of the most important moments that distinguishes a hookah from ordinary cigarettes.

Flavors is an ingredient on which the taste of tobacco depends. The better the quality of the flavor, the more vivid the taste of the hookah. However, the flavor should not always be very strong and saturated. It's a matter of taste. Not everyone likes excessively saturated, chemical taste. Many prefer more natural tastes.

Preservatives is an ingredient that is used in order to extend shelf life. Since the mixture contains fragrances, and they are often made from natural ingredients, and tobacco itself is a plant, then without preservatives there are chances that the product will quickly deteriorate.

Method of making tobacco for shisha

The technology for making all tobacco is the same. First it is soaked in order to make it easier. Then insist in a mixture that includes all other ingredients. The duration of the infusion of tobacco, the order of addition of the ingredients and their number varies. Each manufacturer has different ways and these figures are kept secret.

Tobacco manufacturers

What is the best tobacco for hookah? The most popular are such world producers: Al Fakher, Nakhla, Stabuzz, Layalina.

Al Fakher is a firm in the emirate of Ajman. Founded it in 1999.

This is the leading tobacco sales firm in the world. Virtually every country in the world uses products of this brand."Al Faker", according to many, is the best tobacco for hookah. It is finely chopped, a little garbage, well soaked. The firm boasts a huge variety of flavors of the tobacco blend. Absolutely all tastes are rich, easily recognizable. The best tastes of tobacco for hookah can be found in the line of this company. These mixtures can be smoked separately and, if desired, create new interesting mixes."Al Faker" is the most optimal combination of "price and quality".

"Nakhla"( Nakhla) is a firm in Egypt. He has been engaged in the production of tobacco since the beginning of the 20th century.

The company "Nahla" was the first in the world in the mid-1980s to begin producing flavored tobacco. This firm is if not the first, then the second most popular in the tobacco industry."Nahla" produces stronger "fillings" compared to "Al Fakher."There is a little more rubbish in the tobacco mixture, but this factor does not influence the quality and brightness of the taste.

"Starbazz"( Starbuzz) is a popular American company, founded in 2005.

The peculiarity of the tobacco of this company is a very rich taste that does not vanish, even if it is brewed to coals. Some connoisseurs of hookah deters this fact. They believe that its taste is too chemical, although it is associated only with the quality of the flavor. In addition, Starbazz is very smoky and prone to overheating. When smoking it, you need to reduce the amount of coal. It was this company that for the first time in the tobacco market began offering ready-made hookah mixes.

"Golden Layalina" - the same as "Al Faker", is produced in the emirate of Ajman. The company was founded in 2008."Golden Lajalin" - the best tobacco for a hookah. Many agree with this statement.

"Chip" of this brand was a gold jar, which was packed with a tobacco mixture. This product is pleasant to buy for yourself and for a gift. But the packaging in this case is certainly not the single advantage of this tobacco. The whole collection of "Golden Loyaline" has a bright, rich, memorable taste. Many believe that this tobacco is more abrupt than Al Faker.

The above brands are considered the most popular in the world. All of them produce good tobacco for hookah. Customer feedback is only positive. But, nevertheless, many other tobaccos are also worthy of attention. In the reviews, many similar brands are listed above. As consumers note, the taste qualities of their products are not inferior to the well-known brands. What kind of tobacco for the hookah is the best - it's a matter of everyone's taste. That is why opinions are expressed very different. In addition to the laudatory words, in the reviews a lot is said about the harm of hookah.

Harm from smoking a hookah

Harmful shisha or not - this question has no unambiguous answer. It is rather rhetorical. Very little research has been done. It is impossible to say unequivocally that smoking a hookah kills, and it can not be said that it is harmless. On this occasion, how many people, so many opinions. Many argue that smoking hookah causes even more harm than smoking conventional cigarettes. Many argue the opposite. What is the correct opinion - everyone will draw conclusions for themselves. It is necessary to remember only the fact that tobacco is tobacco in Africa, and everything should be in moderation.

How often can you smoke a hookah?

When smoking hookah harmful substances that poison the human body, much less than when smoking cigarettes. However, the hookah smoking session is too long, and this fact can not be ignored. Therefore, it is not recommended to do this every day. Everyone must remember and take care of their health!

Mixes of tobaccos for shisha

What kind of tobacco for shisha is better to mix? There are many recipes for making mixes. Each of them is unique, has an interesting taste and leaves an unforgettable feeling. The main rule - to mix tobacco of one firm, then the received mix will not disappoint. The best combination of tobacco for hookah - those that the person liked personally. The recipe does not have to be popular. Consider some mixes that are recommended by connoisseurs of hookah smoking.

Recipes for making mixes for shisha

The best mixes of tobacco for hookah are prepared easily and simply. In general, see for yourself.

Fresh apple. This recipe is the safest for health. Its peculiarity is that it smokes such a hookah without tobacco at all. Cook it like this: fresh apple cut in half, cleaned from bones, cut off the pulp. Remain only skin with a thin layer of pulp. Peel to pierce in several places. Then put the peel on top of the bowl and put the coal. To taste was saturated, pour apple juice instead of water.

Cool. To prepare this mix, you need to add tobacco to the bowl with melon and menthol. Fill the flask with champagne with ice. Before such a mix, no romantic person will stand.

Passion and wine. Fill the flask with wine and water in a ratio of 1: 1.The choice of wine should be based on the choice of tobacco. Red wine is combined with the aroma of cherries, white with grapes.

Dairy pleasure. This mix for lovers of delicate, sensual tobacco flavor. In the flask you need to pour cold milk, which also add ice. Put vanilla or strawberry tobacco in a bowl.

Delicate fruit. Pour cranberry vodka into the flask. In the bowl lay blackberries, grape, blueberry and plum tobacco, all in equal parts.

Romantic evening. Fill the flask with white rum, previously diluted with water. Fill the bowl with apricot tobacco. Unrivaled, spicy, pleasant and rich taste is guaranteed.

What is the best tobacco for hookah? The choice is yours!