Numbness of hands. Causes that affect the pathology

Numbness in the legs and hands is an alarming signal to the body. It should be paid attention in time in order to exclude the danger of developing chronic pathologies. Numbness of the limbs, the causes of which are different, in one case can signal that the body is in an uncomfortable position, and in the other, become the reason for contacting a specialist.

numbness of hands causes

Changes in the sensitivity of the hands and feet can be the result of various factors. Unpleasant sensations result in an incorrect position of the body. Usually numbness of this nature is accompanied by a slight tingling sensation. It passes for a short period of time with a change in the position of the body. To prevent this condition, it is necessary to avoid uncomfortable poses, when the limbs are heavily overloaded.

numbness of limbs causes

Numbness of the hands, the causes of which lie in the internal problems of the body, can be caused by a lack of vitamin B12.The participation of this valuable element in the metabolic processes occurring in nerve fibers has a great influence on the work of the vessels, the heart, and on the reaction of the muscle tissue to external stimuli. Decrease in the body amount of vitamin B12 below the normative causes loss of sensitivity of the limbs and convulsions.

Numbness of the hands, the causes of which can hide in the pathologies of the spine, arise from the pinched nerve. For example, the symptoms of osteochondrosis are often expressed by aching pain in various areas of the body and loss of sensitivity of the limbs. Numbness of the hands, which are often caused by prolonged work with a computer mouse, may be a consequence of carpal tunnel syndrome. Loss of sensitivity of the first three fingers of the hand occurs due to compression of the middle nerve. End this type of numbness can not only pricking. It is also possible and acute pain syndrome.

numbness of feet and hands

Tingling, burning, itching, and a feeling of constriction in the fingers and toes may indicate the presence of neuropathy, which is a lesion of the nervous system. Spontaneous pains often accompany rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, as well as multiple sclerosis.

Numbness of the hands, the causes of which can be covered in anxiety and fear, are provoked by hyperventilation. In this state, there is a superficial and rapid breathing, which sharply limits the supply of limbs with blood. As a result, the arms and legs lose their sensitivity, and weakness appears throughout the body.

Numbness of the extremities is accompanied by Raynaud's disease. This ailment, as a rule, is accompanied by paroxysmal disorders of blood supply to the arteries, which is manifested in the loss of sensitivity of the hands and feet. A symptom that indicates the presence of this pathology is a slight blueness on the skin of the fingers of the upper limbs, which arises even with a slight cold, and also with strong excitement.

Numbness of the hands and feet may be the result of obliterating endarteritis. This disease is accompanied by a violation of the circulation, which causes rapid cooling of the limbs.

If numbness occurs intermittently, consult a specialist for advice. The doctor, on the basis of the results of the examination, will make an accurate diagnosis, establishing the cause of discomfort phenomena, prescribe the appropriate course of treatment.