"Basiron AC" helps with acne?"Baziron AC": analogue cheaper and reviews

In the life of most people, there comes such an unpleasant moment when the facial skin begins to deteriorate. There are a lot of reasons for this phenomenon, but the main one is a change in the hormonal background, and most often in the adolescent period. Everyone who is confronted with this problem begins to panic about information on existing and effective remedies against acne. Today we will tell about a preparation called "Baziron AS".Price, reviews, instructions for using this tool are presented in this article.

What is acne? The causes of its appearance

In a few words, acne is a manifestation on the skin in the form of acne and acne. This is a kind of inflammation, formed inside the sebaceous glands as a result of their blockage. The more sebaceous glands on the skin, the greater the likelihood of acne or acne on it, since sebum is the most favorable environment for the life of bacteria.

Basilon AC from acne reviews

Group of medicines against acne

Modern medicine offers 7 major groups of medicines that can be thrown on to fight the manifestations of acne:

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  • Simple external drugs for acne.
  • Antibiotics for external use.
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs for external use.
  • Retinoids for external use.
  • Antibiotics for systemic administration.
  • Retinoids for systemic administration.
  • Hormonal contraceptives for oral administration( accepted by women).

External medicines used to treat mild forms of acne have approximately the same spectrum of action, but may be intolerable to one or another patient. They can be divided into groups according to the active substance in their composition:

  • Drugs containing benzoyl peroxide.
  • Retinoids.
  • Preparations based on azelaic acid.
  • Preparations based on sulfur.
  • Medicines containing salicylic acid.
  • Preparations based on zinc.
  • Drugs containing several active elements.

Pharmacodynamics. Price

"Baziron AS" is very popular among modern means against acne. Analogue is cheaper for such a drug, too, but about this later. First, let's pay attention to the high efficiency of this medicine.

basrón as a price reviews

Basilon is based on benzoyl peroxide. This active substance has a harmful effect on microbes, multiplying on the skin and inside the sebaceous glands, thereby destroying the very cause of inflammation. In addition, the drug normalizes the production of sebum. Has keratolytic effect, improves oxygenation of tissues.

The cost of this medicine is about 700 rubles, but this is a fairly modest fee for clean skin and a happy smile on an impeccable face.

"Baziron AS"

"Baziron AS" is available in the form of a gel that can have a greater or lesser concentration of benzoyl peroxide. You can choose a preparation containing 2.5, 5, as well as 10% of the active substance. The volume of the tube in which it is produced is 40 g.

Instruction for the preparation

Indications for the use of the gel is the presence of acne. The "Basiron AC" is simple enough scheme of application - it is enough only 2 times a day to rub the gel into damaged skin areas with light movements. Pay attention only to the fact that it can not be applied to the site of skin lesions, as well as mucous membranes. Otherwise, the gel should be rinsed immediately with warm water.

baseron ace instructions reviews

If the patient notices irritation on the skin after applying the drug, then it should be immediately canceled for a while. Once the signs of irritation have passed, the gel can be tried again in small quantities. The course of treatment is 3 months, but it can be prolonged by a dermatologist.

bazonon ac for sensitive skin

It is necessary to know that to aggravate the skin condition is capable of joint application of "Baziron" with other drying agents. In addition, the joint use of the drug with sun baths is bad for the appearance. That is why "Baziron AC" for sensitive skin is not enough gentle medicine, and it is necessary to apply the gel from lower concentrations of benzoyl peroxide( 2.5%).

The use of gel during pregnancy is undesirable, but it can be prescribed if there is an urgent need for it for the mother. If the patient is less than 12 years old, then he also can not use Baziron AS.Analogue is cheaper to have about the same contraindications.

Reviews about "Baziron AS"

The drug has a high enough rating among the drugs of its type: everywhere you look, at least 4 stars out of 5 get "Baziron AS".Price, reviews - all this is useful to know before buying. However, do not be embarrassed by the high cost: the medicine is really very effective, in addition, according to users, it is economically enough spent. Many patients say that after 3-4 weeks you can see a persistent improvement: pimples are dried, new ones do not appear.

The only thing that most often hinders the general joy - if the gel is used often enough, redness and flaking on the skin begin to appear. But even these single side effects do not equal the "charm" of acne or acne. Single cases indicate an allergy.

Basilon AC helps with acne

The greatest effect can be achieved by combining diet and gel "Baziron AS".Helps from acne this complex and faster, and more effectively. You can also include the rejection of bad habits.

Analogues "Baziron AS"

"Baziron AS" - the main representative of benzoyl peroxide-containing drugs, but not the only one of its kind. In his group, you can also write down such drugs as "Benzakne", "Desquam", "Proderm", "Eclaran"."Benzakne" is manufactured in Poland."Desquam" and "Proderm" produced by an American company, "Eclaran" - the brainchild of the French factory Pierre Fabre. All of them contain active substance in the amount of 2.5 to 10%, as well as the "Baziron AS" itself. Analogue cheaper among the means containing benzoyl peroxide, you, unfortunately, can not be found: they all cost more than "Baziron".But you can choose a more budgetary tool from another group.


According to its pharmacological action, the "brothers" of Baziron are Differin, Zinerit, Skinoren, Kuriyozin. A distinctive feature is the active component: the "Differin" - adapalene, "Zinerite" - zinc and erythromycin, "Skinorena" - azelaic acid, in "Curious" - zinc hyaluronate. Answer unequivocally, which is better - "Basiron AS" or "Zinerit", it is impossible, because the drugs are different, although they are aimed at fighting with the same bacteria.

Opinion of cosmetologists

What do experts think about such a medicine as "Baziron AS" from acne? Reviews of cosmeticians about this drug diverge, and they are based on this.

Those who are for say that in combination with retinoids "Baziron AC" stimulates skin peeling and purification of pores. That is why it is combined with professional care and included in complex cosmetology schemes.

basuron as or zinerite

Opponents of the drug say that its effectiveness is not confirmed in practice, considering it the cause of contact dermatitis. That's why most of the cosmetologists from this camp are in favor of using antibiotics to treat acne.

Opinions of

physicians The instructions for any medication are advised: do not take any self-medication actions. Any use of medicines should be prescribed by a doctor.

A good dermatologist will not prescribe anything without a thorough examination. The appearance of the skin will tell a lot, but it's not enough, you need to do a general blood test, hormone analysis and so on. It is the doctor who decides whether the patient should be used to treat Basiron AC.A cheaper analogue can also cope with this task if the patient has a mild form of acne. It is also taken into account the fact that a certain medicine is suitable for different types of skin, it may be necessary that the preparation is not an analog preparation, but quite another group.

Regarding "Baziron" most doctors agree that this is a fairly effective product. Most of them agree that one of the best drugs against acne is "Basiron AS", the instruction, the reviews on which are discussed in this article. The patient should apply the medicine only to clean skin, monitor his diet and lifestyle, and be less exposed to direct sunlight.

With moderate to severe acne, the doctor makes a comprehensive therapy for individual treatment. This once again proves that one can not do without the opinion of a specialist. Most likely, to the external drugs the doctor will add the reception of antibiotics or antiandrogenic drugs. Increasingly, dermatologists prescribe retinoids at this degree of disease.