When to wait for a month after cesarean section?

monthly after cesarean section

In recent decades, Russians have increasingly preferred delivery through cesarean section. Such a decision is not a mere whim of future mothers, but recommendations of physicians treating or taking delivery. Modern technologies can at an early stage reveal pathologies or deviations from the norm of child development. Some of these factors are the cause for caesarean section.

How does the "menstrual cycle" after cesarean section "behave"?If the child does not receive additional food or water, other than the mother's milk, then the monthly after the cesarean section, as well as after the delivery in a natural way, only come to the end of lactation. This is about a year. The close relationship between the lactation period and the normalization of the menstrual cycle is associated with the production of the hormone prolactin, which is responsible for the production of milk. A sufficient number of "milk" hormone stops the production of progesterone, as a consequence - ovulation, and with it the menstrual cycle, does not occur. If it happens that for various reasons the newly mum does not breast-feed the baby, the monthly ones after the cesarean section will come in about 9-11 weeks. If menstruation does not occur, it is worth immediately contacting a women's consultation.

What is the norm after cesarean delivery? At the initial stage of recovery of the menstrual cycle copious monthly after cesarean, the duration and intensity of bleeding may not be the same from cycle to cycle. Abundant months after cesarean can arise due to several reasons: if the pituitary gland in the body of a woman has not yet been reconstructed, or in connection with the individual characteristics of the female body. Finally, the monthly cycle should be formed 4-5 months after delivery.

Women who have just given birth usually have a discharge, but they are not monthly. After Caesarean section, as well as after non-surgical births, when the placenta leaves the wall of the uterus, a wound remains. All unnecessary blood in the process of self-cleaning the uterus, is displayed as bleeding. Usually this process lasts approximately 5-9 weeks, accompanied by aching pains in the lower abdomen, which are associated with contraction of the uterus.

childbirth after cesarean

There is an opinion that at the first delivery through cesarean it is possible to put a cross on the subsequent natural birth, but, to the deep joy of many women, this is not so. Natural birth after cesarean is normal. Of course, there remains a small percentage of the reasons why natural births are contraindicated( narrow pelvis or poor eyesight).There is a risk of a rupture of the uterus in the area of ​​the operative scar, but it is so small that it can be compared with the probability of injury in the first natural birth. To increase the probability of independent birth after cesarean, the desire to have a child can be realized no earlier than 20 months after the operation. During this period the body will fully recover, and the scar on the uterus will not present any danger.