Berry bilberry: useful properties and contraindications

Everyone knows that Mother Nature gives us amazing gifts in the form of vegetables, fruits and berries. Many of them have not only an amazing taste, but also a huge amount of useful substances. blueberries useful properties and contraindications Bilberry also belongs to such priceless gifts. Useful properties and contraindications of berries should be known to each of us in order to use the power of nature with maximum efficiency. It turns out that such plain-looking dark blue fruits can replace some pharmacy products for us.

Blueberries: useful properties of

About the benefits of these berries people have known since time immemorial. The rich unique composition contains the secret of their strength. This set of vitamins( A, C, E, group B, PP, K) can not boast of every plant. Also an impressive set of micro and macro elements contains this beautiful plant - blueberry. Useful properties and contraindications are just due to its composition. Very valuable for people is the fact that by eating these berries, a person gets the necessary amount of antioxidants. They warn us against the appearance of various tumors in the body.

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bilberry berry A rich vitamin complex will perfectly support the state of the vascular system if your diet contains blueberries. Useful properties for the eyes of these berries are due to this vitamin cocktail. Even skeptical traditional medicine confirms the beneficial effect of blueberries on the visual apparatus: relieves tension and fatigue, improves blood flow to the optic nerve, and therefore increases visual acuity. Especially when a person suffers from impairment of sight in the dark( night blindness), his diet should necessarily include blueberries. Useful properties and contra-indications of these berries are studied almost thoroughly, therefore we can safely rely on centuries of experience.

blueberries useful properties for the eyes By using blueberries on a daily basis, it is possible to cleanse the intestines from toxins and toxins due to peptides that are contained therein. In addition, we can add that this berry strengthens the protective functions of the body, and can also affect the aging of cells. So those who want to stay young and healthy longer need only pay their attention to these blue berries.

A small group of people can not use the power that nature has laid in blueberries. It is not recommended to use berries for those who suffer from diseases of the biliary tract, who have stones in the bladder, and also to people predisposed to allergic reactions. If you suffer from chronic constipation, then this product is not for you. People who suffer from pancreatitis are also banned from blueberries. Useful properties and contraindications of these berries will depend on the place of collection. The fact is that fruits should be collected only in ecologically clean areas. Otherwise, they will contain more toxins than useful components.

It should be added that the leaves of the plant are no less valuable. They, as well as berries, can be collected( in May), dried and brewed with them wonderful broths and teas.