How to increase the amount of sperm

Most often, couples who can not conceive a child have problems in male sperm. How to increase the amount of sperm? There are several ways for this, the most important of them is food. Therefore, if a couple has been trying to conceive a child for a long time, and all their attempts have been unsuccessful, then it is likely that you just need to improve the quality of male sperm by picking up a special diet.

How to increase the amount of sperm in men? Try adjusting the power. It is not necessary to talk about this man, because most often after receiving news about the low quality of sperm a man can get a psychological trauma.

To increase the amount of sperm, as well as its quality, the following foods will help:

  1. Red pepper, dried apricots, carrots in any form, oatmeal.
  2. Strawberries, asparagus, cooked tomatoes and green peas.
  3. Chicken eggs, various kinds of seafood, turkey, pumpkin seeds.
  4. Green vegetables, legumes, avocados.
  5. Walnuts, salmon fish, sardines.

Red pepper, dried apricots, carrots, oatmeal

These products contain a large amount of vitamin A, this vitamin is responsible for the growth of healthy spermatozoa. Vitamin A is very important for the male body, if it is not enough, the spermatozoa lose their activity, become sluggish and inactive. Therefore, to increase the number of sperm produced and their activity, doctors recommend eating sweet potatoes, lettuce, broccoli, and other vegetables.

Strawberry, asparagus, cooked tomatoes and green peas

Vitamin C, contained in these vegetables, helps increase the number and viability of spermatozoa. In addition, these products contain antioxidants, which positively affect the male body as a whole.

Chicken eggs, various kinds of seafood, turkey, pumpkin seeds

In dietary chicken and turkey meat, there is a lot of zinc, which is simply necessary for the male reproductive system. With its lack, the level of testosterone is significantly reduced, accordingly, the amount of sperm produced decreases.

Green vegetables, legumes, avocado

How to increase the amount of sperm? You must include in the menu of your favorite man green vegetables. These products contain a significant amount of folic acid, and it affects the formation of spermatozoa without anomalies. If a deficiency of folic acid is observed in the body of a man, the risk of conceiving a child with an anomaly increases several times. That's why physicians advise before the conception of men in advance to take folic acid. In addition, women throughout the first trimester of pregnancy need additional sources of folic acid.

Walnuts, salmonid fish, sardines

These products contain enough omega-3 fatty acids for our body. These substances affect both the composition of male sperm and the entire reproductive system.

As you can see, in order to know how to increase the amount of sperm in men, you need to understand what products must be included in the menu. As a result, the quality and quantity of sperm will greatly improve, and the probability of conception of a healthy child will increase several times. The increase in the volume of sperm is not instantaneous, so you should understand that after the start of the diet should take several days to be noticeable result.