Water thawing: use and harm from its use

The benefits and harm of melt water today is a very urgent topic. Everyone tries to use useful products to maintain physical health at a certain level. water is mild and harmful But not everyone knows that ordinary water, even purified, does not carry as much benefit as thaw. What is its secret?

Water melting: use and harm

It turns out that the molecules of ordinary water are somewhat larger than the membrane of the cells of our body. Therefore, they penetrate with great difficulty into them. But quite another structure has water thawing. The benefits and harms are caused by the fact that it must be properly prepared. Otherwise, the body will not receive any support.

But the effect of taking such water, as they say, is obvious. Of great importance is already the fact that our body receives the purest life-giving moisture. Molecules of thawed water do not require additional resources for their assimilation. The free energy of the organism is directed to its self-healing, the metabolism is normalized, which contributes to a more intensive renewal of the old cells. A huge number of long-livers are recorded in those areas where local residents take water for consumption from mountain sources.

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Benefit and harm of melt water Passing all the cycles( evaporation, crystallization, thawing), in these rivers flows the ideal water( thawed).Benefit and harm from its use has long been no secret. In addition to improving the quality of life, the case when a man became a father at the age of one hundred years is still known. Scientists believe that melt water contributes to the regulation of all metabolic processes in the body, which sometimes helps even in severe diseases. The fact that this liquid( provided that the technique is complied with) does not carry any harm to health, one can assert boldly.

Meltwater: the benefits and harms depend on the way of cooking

It seems there is nothing easier than freezing several bottles of water in the freezer and then using it after thawing. But this is the main error. This way can not be used, since all harmful impurities remain in place, only the size of the molecules changes. They freely penetrate the cell membrane.

meltwater is good and bad In order to obtain a usable liquid, there are several methods of preparation. Since the molecules of water and harmful substances that are in it have different physical characteristics, respectively, the time of their crystallization also differs. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the process with knowledge of the matter. Place a pan of liquid in the refrigerator. After a while, remove the crust of ice that formed on the surface. Then you need to wait until the remaining water freezes by half. This can take a different amount of time, depending on the temperature in the freezer and the volume of the pan. Formed ice should be split and drained all the water that did not have time to freeze. Rinse the remaining pieces under running water, thaw and boldly consume. Thus, we get the purest water( thawed).The benefits and harms are directly proportional to the way in which you cook it at home.