Dikul: exercises for the back with a hernia of the lumbar spine

What is back pain, many know. Pathologies of the spine arise for various reasons, even at a young age. In most cases, this is due to the weakness of the muscular corset and impaired blood circulation and tissue nutrition. Therefore, one of the main methods of treatment of diseases of the spine was therapeutic exercise.

Now there are many techniques for restoring mobility. The author of one of the most popular is academician Valentin Dikul. Exercises for the back with a hernia, recommended by him, help not only to relieve the pain and increase the period of remission. Dikul's technique is unique in that it helps a person completely recover. It is only necessary to properly perform special exercises for the back.

Dikul: photo and the history of the emergence of the

technique Now many doctors and rehabilitation centers for patients with hernia use this system. Academician Valentin Dikul created it on the basis of his own experience, so the effectiveness of each exercise is tested. This man in the past was a circus performer and suffered a serious spinal injury. Doctors believed that Dikul for life will remain disabled, chained to a stroller. But hard work and a desire to be healed helped him avoid this. He not only returned to the circus arena, but also became a circus acrobat.

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dikul exercises for the back with a hernia

In the future, this prompted him to study the problem of rehabilitation of patients with pathologies of the spine. Valentin Dikul became an academician. He developed a system of exercises for various categories of patients, even for children with cerebral palsy. The simulators created by him allow to return to active life even for those who were prescribed disability by doctors.

His own healing experience helped the academician prove that the neural tissue is capable of regeneration, that it is possible to restore the functions of the spine in any pathologies. Motor activity triggers complex biochemical processes, activates blood circulation and metabolism. This returns the muscles to their function, relieves spasms and pain. dikul exercises for the back with osteochondrosis

Features of Dikul

This is perhaps the only system of exercises that helps patients with spine pathologies not to come to terms with their illness, but completely get rid of it. And an example for patients is Valentin Dikul himself. Exercises for the back with a hernia, he created in view of the causes and characteristics of the disease. Specially developed simulators help to recover even patients with severe pathologies, after injuries or operations on the spine.

This whole system is based on the regularity of classes, the gradual increase in the load and the exact adherence to the rules. The essence of Dikul's gymnastics is in performing strength exercises and stretching exercises that help strengthen the muscle corset and improve blood circulation. In addition, the complex includes elements of yoga, pilates and respiratory gymnastics. Therefore, it sometimes contains some unusual exercises for the back. Dikul believes that neurons of the spine can be restored with a properly selected load. But the success of training depends, first of all, on the efforts of the patient himself and his positive attitude.

At what diseases is applied

This system is aimed at the restoration of the spine with various pathologies. Do not just teach the patient to live with the disease, but Valentin Dikul seeks to completely cure him. Exercises for the back with osteochondrosis can stop the destruction of discs and vertebrae, prevent the appearance of a hernia and the deposition of salts. Specially selected load improves blood circulation and nutrition of tissues, which restores their functions. It is on the prevention of complications and the return of the patient to normal life directed technique, which was created by Dikul.

Back exercises for scoliosis are also very effective. Disorders of posture are most often associated with muscle weakness. Therefore, their strengthening helps to return the spine to its correct form. A normal posture and strong muscular corset is the best prevention of a lumbar hernia.

But not only to prevent serious pathologies of the spine has created his system Valentin Dikul. Exercises for the back with a hernia help get rid of it at any stage of development. Even after operations, a person can return to normal normal life. Such exercises are also effective in cerebral palsy and for rehabilitation after trauma. dikul exercises for the back with scoliosis

Herniated Spine: Causes and Treatment of

Most often, this recovery is required in the pathology of intervertebral discs. This may be a slight displacement or protrusion, which is called protrusion. Or actually a hernia with damage or a complete rupture of the fibrous disc ring. These conditions lead to severe pain in the back, violation of the innervation of the limbs and restriction of mobility.

Hernia appears for various reasons, but more often because of a violation of metabolic processes in the tissues, and also because of the weakness of the intervertebral muscles and ligaments. To provoke a protrusion of the disc can be traumas, increased loads, excess weight, a sedentary lifestyle. Before you start treatment for a hernia, you need to find out the causes of hernia and try to eliminate them. Therefore, therapeutic methods are always chosen individually. Treatment should be comprehensive, and necessarily includes exercise therapy. exercises for the back dikul photo

Why gymnastics is effective in hernia

Specially designed exercises strengthen the muscular corset, which ensures correct fixation of the spine and relieves the load from the lumbar spine. In addition, the movement improves blood supply and nutrition of tissues. Namely, the violation of metabolic processes is often the cause of pathologies of the spine. Valentin Dikul, the designer of this system, followed this concept. Exercises for the back with hernia are designed by him taking into account the peculiarities and the place of localization of the disease. The academician also believes that it is very important to strengthen the abdominal muscles and hip joints.

Physical exercises are necessary for all patients with a herniated spine. After all, if there is a lack of motor activity, the muscles and ligaments will atrophy, which will lead to the progression of pathology. A weak muscular corset can not hold the spine in the correct position, the discs will continue to deform. After all, all the load during the movement and even with the usual weight retention will lie on the bone and cartilaginous tissue. dikul exercises for the back with protrusions

What can not be done with a hernia

Any physical training with this disease should begin in the period of remission. First, the exercises are carried out under the guidance of an instructor. In fact a hernia of the lumbar spine is a condition in which careless movement can lead to serious complications. The slightest displacement of the disk further presses on the nerve endings, compresses the vessels or damages the spinal cord. Therefore, Dikul exercises for the back with a hernia are specially designed taking into account the characteristics of the pathology. And in the classroom there are certain limitations, which the patient is always warned about:

  • can not be brought to the pain before the exercise, as this may indicate a disc shift;
  • at the initial stages of training and at a serious stage of the disease is not recommended to perform exercises on twisting the spine;
  • prohibited jumping, jolting and bumping, especially in the lower back;
  • when performing exercises you should avoid sudden movements;
  • can not immediately subject the spine to a heavy load, this will not lead to a faster cure, but to opposite results. exercise dikul for the back with a hernia

The task of gymnastics

Why is Dickul's back exercises with hernias so effective? Knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the musculoskeletal system, a long study of patients with various pathologies of the spine and his own experience of overcoming the disease enabled this man to create such an exercise system that performs the following tasks:

  • relieves pain and muscle spasms;
  • strengthens the muscular corset of the spine;
  • normalizes the blood supply and nutrition of tissues;
  • forms the correct posture and extends the spine, helping to release the discs from pressure;
  • increases mobility, restoring the patient's ability to perform normal activities normally.

Basic rules for classes

Dikul exercises for the back with herniations of the spine are very effective. They help patients to return to normal life. But to do this you need to follow certain rules:

  • , the academician recommends starting the classes right after the disappearance of pain;
  • exercises should be performed daily, the total time spent on them should be at least an hour, it is best to practice 2-3 times a day;
  • repetition of each exercise should be done no more than 10 times, and the number of repeats to increase gradually;
  • load also increases gradually as the muscles strengthen;
  • during classes you need to listen carefully to your feelings;
  • can only perform those exercises that are recommended by the doctor;
  • , when you experience pain or discomfort, you need to reduce the intensity or completely stop the exercise.

Features of classes according to Dikul's methodology

The most important condition for the effectiveness of classes is an individual approach to each patient. Therefore, one person may need six months to heal, another - for several years. This depends on the severity of the pathology and the degree of training of the patient's muscles. Getting to work, you need to tune in for a long time. Hernia rarely appears unexpectedly, most often it is preceded by many years of pathological processes and destruction of tissues. Therefore, they need to be restored too long. It is very important that the patient tunes in for success and does not interrupt his studies.

The whole system of exercises created by the academician is conditionally divided into three stages.

  1. First, the body is prepared for subsequent loads. This stage is especially important for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and have weak muscles.
  2. In the second stage, exercises are performed to increase muscle tone, to strengthen ligaments and joints.
  3. Only after this, the complex includes exercises to develop intervertebral muscles, to increase mobility and flexibility of the spine. Such an intensive course helps to prevent further progression of the disease and in most cases contributes to a complete cure.

You can deal with any pathology. But the earlier lessons are started, the more effective will be the system, which was created by Valentin Dikul. Exercises for the back with protrusion discs can completely return them to their normal state and prevent the development of a hernia. Spending no more than an hour a day on classes, a person can provide themselves with spine health for many years.

What exercises are effective in hernia lumbar

Several different complexes were created by Academician Valentin Dikul. Exercises for the back with a hernia of the lumbar spine, thoracic or cervical are slightly different, since they are aimed at strengthening different muscle groups. Be sure to include stretching exercises, for example, vises on the crossbar, breathing exercises, elements of yoga and pilates. The complex is selected individually. It can include different exercises for the back. Dikul recommends such:

  • vises on special hinges, missed on the mouse;
  • exercise "bar" - emphasis lying on elbows and toes;
  • lifting legs, lying on the back;
  • lying on his back with bent legs to bend his knees to the sides;
  • slow body slopes forward, backward and sideways;
  • visas on the crossbar. exercises for the back dikul

Exemplary Dikul exercises for the back

Most exercises with a hernia of the spine of the lumbar region are performed in the supine position on a moderately hard surface. For some, additional devices are needed - rubber bands. Other exercises involve sliding on the floor, to facilitate which you can use cellophane. How can there be a complex with a hernia?

  • First a warm-up is done to warm up the muscles. It can be slopes, turns, sipping. All movements are carried out smoothly and slowly.
  • Lie on your back, fix your legs with loops. Do not tear off the shoulders from the floor, slowly raise the left hip and try to turn it to the right. Repeat the other way.
  • Lying on the back, arms cross on the chest. Do not tear off the upper part of the trunk and legs from the floor, take a few steps in one direction and in the other direction.
  • A similar exercise is that this time the lower part of the body is stationary, and the upper one performs slopes to the sides, sliding on the floor.
  • Standing, hands are lowered, in the hands of a stick. Slowly bend down, keeping your back straight, and your arms down. Legs slightly bend.
  • Standing straight, in the left hand is a rubber band, the end of which is fixed with a foot. Put your right hand on the back of your head and slowly bend to the right, overcoming the resistance of the tape.
  • Lying on the stomach, hands are pressed to the hips, the legs are fixed. Slowly lift the upper part of the trunk, staying in the upper position for a few seconds.
  • Lying on your back with your legs bent, slowly pull your knees toward your chest.

Reviews of Dikul's methodology

Accurate adherence to recommendations and regular sessions help patients return to active life. This method is based on personal experience, therefore it is almost 100% effective.

Reviews of patients who have got rid of serious pathologies, note that it was difficult. I had to study daily. But the result is worth the effort - it is not only the disappearance of pain, but also the restoration of the mobility of the spine and a return to active life. This is precisely the uniqueness of Dikul's methodology: exercises do not teach the patient to live with the disease, but completely heal it. Therefore, it is so popular - in recent years with its help healed more than 10 thousand patients.