"Vitrum Kids" - vitamins for children: instruction manual, reviews, description

Vitrum Kids is a well-known multivitamin complex that is designed for children from 4 to 7 years old. Each tablet contains all the necessary elements for replenishing the imbalance and normal functioning of the whole organism. Vitrum Kids

Growth Trio

Vitrum Vitam Vitamins are designed specifically for pre-school children, who need vitamins and minerals as never before. After all, it is during this period that parents try to give the child to various sports sections, where much effort is required. And if a deficiency of this or that vitamin, such exercises only aggravate the situation. That's why the formula "Growth Trio" was developed, the purpose of which is to provide the child's body with three important components - calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. Vitrum Kids: instruction

Calcium for a child

Everyone knows that calcium plays an important role in the growth and development of a child. Thanks to the normal content of this element in the blood, the bones and teeth of the baby will be strong. In addition, it not only helps the bones to be strong, but also actively participates in the process of blood clotting, muscle contraction, and also in the obstacle to the development of allergic reactions. Depending on the age, the child needs 600 to 1500 mg of calcium per day. The daily dosage is contained in one vitamin.


Another important component, without which the calcium described above will not be properly digested, is magnesium. It is necessary not only for calcium to assimilate, but also for the bones to be elastic and strong and able to withstand an acceptable physical load.

In addition, magnesium gives the child's nervous system stability, contributes to a decrease in excitability and tearfulness. Vitrum Kids. Reviews


Phosphorus is involved in the accumulation and transfer of energy from each cell. That's why it's so important not to forget to consume the required amount of this element per day. In addition, phosphorus, along with calcium, makes the bone strong, we can say, "cementing it."

Composition of the vitamin complex

In addition to the presence of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in Vitrum Kids, each pill contains many more important components such as vitamins A, E, C, colcalciferol, B vitamins, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, chromium, etc.

Each of these components performs its function in the child's body, so you can not neglect any of them.

Indications for use

Almost all children who attend a kindergarten are advised to give vitamins before the season in order to boost their immune forces. After all, the child's body has to confront a lot of bacteria and microbes, which every minute they want to get inside. Vitrum Kids. Price

The main indications for the use of Vitrum Kids are:

  • Prophylaxis of a deficiency of any important microelements and vitamins in a child.
  • Treatment of hypovitaminosis, and even when almost all vitamins are missing.
  • The period of convalescence after illness, especially when it proceeded quite heavily and with a rise in body temperature.
  • Autumn-winter period, when the risk of getting colds or influenza increases.
  • Poor appetite when a child uses inadequate amounts of food, and with it, and the substances necessary to him.
  • Improper diet: refusal of the child from vegetables, fruits, meat, which happens very often.
  • The period of intensive growth, which begins with 4 years. And the peak usually falls on the summer months, which is why it is better for parents to consult a pediatrician when giving vitamins.

Vitrum Kids: instructions for taking

It is very important to take vitamins correctly, because the success of both preventive and curative courses depends on this.

In fact, it will not be difficult to give the child Vitrum Kids. The instructions for use are quite simple, and it clearly states that you need to take the complex once a day, preferably at or after meals. It is necessary to do this for the best mastering of all important components.

Some children swallow a pill, as it seems to them tasteless. In fact, it is sweet, and it is best to chew it. Vitrum Kids Gummy


Despite the fact that Vitrum Kids are considered to be very good vitamins, there are contraindications when one should not give them to a child. They include:

  • Age under 4 years. Each tablet contains the amount of vitamins and minerals that is necessary for children of this age. If given to their child is younger, hypervitaminosis may occur, which is no less dangerous, but if given to a child older than 7 years, then there will be no positive effect, because the dosages are too small.
  • Excess of vitamins A and D. If this restriction is not observed, problems in the functioning of vital organs may start.
  • Sensitivity to certain components of the drug. Usually these are auxiliary substances.
  • Take any other vitamins, as this can lead to an excess of some elements.

Side effects of

Unfortunately, the multivitamin complex has a number of side effects that can manifest in the child during their admission. These include the occurrence of allergic reactions in the form of rash or itching. And it appears gradually, everything begins in the chest area, and then gradually turns into hands and feet. Some children may blush immediately after taking the first vitamin.

Vitrum Kids: the price of

The price of this vitamin-mineral complex is quite high, from about 300 to 500 rubles. And it depends on the pharmacy in which the drug is purchased. So, many consumers noted that in smaller pharmacies that are not part of large networks, prices are lower. This can also include municipal organizations.

If we talk about commercial pharmacies, then the price will be much higher.

"Vitrum Kids Gammi"

This is one of the favorite forms of release not only for children, but also for their parents. Each vitamin is made in the form of bears, and marmalade. It even more bribes the kids, and they gladly eat one teddy bear a day. The composition of these cubs is exactly the same as that of Vitrum Kids in tablets. Only the child is more interesting. Витамины "Витрум кидс"

Reviews about the drug. Positive

Many pediatricians prefer to prescribe Vitrum Kids for small patients. Reviews about the complex, of course, are not only positive, there are also negative ones. But in any other way, because not all vitamins are suitable for all children.

If we talk about positive feedback, then they can be attributed:

  • The availability of vitamins, they can be purchased at every pharmacy in the city.
  • Pleasant taste, children do not refuse to take them.
  • Various forms of release, namely in the form of tablets or chewing marmalade.
  • Presence of all necessary components for good development and growth of the child.

Reviews about the drug. Negative

Despite the fact that most parents and pediatricians prefer to give and prescribe to children Vitrum Kids, there are also negative reviews about him. These include:

  • High price. For the same money you can buy a cheaper, but no less effective vitamin complex for the baby.
  • Low effect: some parents claim that the complex did not raise the immunity of the child.
  • Ugly shape of bears.

It is very important to choose the right vitamin complex for the baby, so that after the reception a positive effect is noticeable. Of course, it may take more than one course. Before you start giving your child Vitrum Kids, you need to consult a pediatrician, because, as mentioned above, there are a number of contraindications.