The Hammer Torah drops are deception or truth? Reviews, instructions. Preparations for potency

Male power is a delicate matter. Often, problems in this area have not only a physiological but also a psychological background. Because of the restraint or other objective / subjective factors, men, having met with this trouble, go not to the doctor, but to seek ancillary funds. The Internet attracts advertising of effective means, and smiles of couples in love on banners are tempted to buy newfangled means. Some are really able to help, others act quite neutrally. Who do you believe, advertising or reviews?

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What is the Torah Hammer?

In place of the proven "Viagra" came the hosts of homeopathic remedies with exotic names and components. Preparations based on extracts from rare fish and plants with unpronounceable names promise to return and increase the potency from the first application. Among similar "fellows" drops for the potency "Hammer of the Thor" take a tangible place. Producers promise the buyer a persistent erection for hours, an increase in the duration of the act of love and many other delights. Who will refuse such tempting suggestions? And you just need to buy a small bottle( a drop of "Thor's Hammer").The price for the pleasure is not so small - about 1100 rubles. If the purchase is justified, no one will regret it. And if not, then it will be a pity not so much money, as lost hopes for an unrealized miracle.

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The Hammer of Torah drops are deception or the truth? Customer feedback and study instructions will help you figure it out.

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Composition of drops. A miracle cure or a dubious vitamin complex?

Substances in the composition of drops are quite interesting and exotic. Drops "Hammer of the Torah" - deception or truth? Comments can confuse us, the composition of the drug will be more honest, if you understand it. So, the constituents:

  • Mineral premix( a cocktail of microdoses of common vitamins).
  • Extracts of littorium, cladonia, lofius. Litorine is a shellfish, or, more simply, a snail. Cladonia is a fairly common lichen. Lofius - sea fish, called "the sea hell" because of its eerie appearance. Has a gastronomic value because of its taste qualities.
  • Extract from Antarctic krill. Krill is a crustacean living on the ocean floor, very nutritious and valuable from an industrial point of view.

As you can see, the constituents of the substance are rather unusual. Based on their study, we can say that the "Thor's Hammer" is quite a useful tool as a vitamin complex. Harm from it to the body( except for individual hypersensitivity to the components) is not expected. For the benefit look below.

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To whom and in what cases are the drops shown?

A doctor, unless he is an agent of the pharmaceutical company, will not write you a drop of "Thor's Hammer".Application and purchase are strictly your business. Producers claim that they created drops on the secret recipe of the ancient Scandinavian tribes. The goal of the creation is to restore and strengthen the male power.

Drops are shown with weak / insufficient / absent potency, premature termination of sexual intercourse, weak sensitivity, depressed libido. All of the above promise to return, restore and strengthen after the course of application of drops.

What is the result of using the drug? We can not unequivocally say that the drop "Hammer of the Torah" is a deception. But their one hundred percent action is close to utopia.

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"Hammer of the Thor"( drops): instructions for use

In response to the negative feedback that fell on the manufacturer and developers, they provided a serious argument: the drug does not have an effect, because it is not taken according to instructions. Consider how to use drops.

Instruction informs you that for a stable effect, you need to take drops within a period of two to three to five drops per day. Next, you need a break and a second course in two weeks. The duration of the effect, as the creators promise us, will be from three to six months. Let's leave our skepticism for a while. Perhaps there is some truth in this. The use of any drugs will not give the desired result without stable application. And even more so, if we are talking about the vitamin complex, which, in fact, are the drops for the potency "Hammer of the Thor".

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Who is contraindicated with drops?

In the manual, we see that there are no side effects at the moment. But, like any other drug, the "Torah Hammer" drops have contraindications.

Let's start with hypersensitivity, or, more simply, with allergic reactions. Absolutely anyone, even the most innocuous drug is able to cause allergy in a person who is inclined to it. The components of the drops are quite exotic for our latitudes, so if you decide to purchase the Thor's Hammer, make sure that you do not have hypersensitivity to the components. Otherwise, instead of the desired bed, you can be in the hospital room. Another serious contraindication is diseases of the cardiovascular system. If they are available, the test of drops should be discarded categorically.

Expected Action

What to expect from the use of drops? Drops "Hammer of the Torah" - deception or truth? Reviews not only do not give an exhaustive answer, but they also confuse more and more.

The instruction promises us a long lasting effect and a positive effect on the male body. With the latter, we agree, since the drug is enriched with vitamins, zinc and iodine, which in itself is very good. If before the course of drops you had a shortage of a certain vitamin, and the "Hammer" made up for it, well-being will really improve.

Doubts evoke claims that the drops regulate the endocrine system and increase the production of testosterone. Unfortunately, if it were so, pharmacists would throw out hormonal drugs, and in their place put vitamins and extracts from fish and snails.

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When is the Hammer of the Thorus effective?

Let's return to the composition of the drops. Ingredients alone are not hormone substitutes or stimulants of the endocrine system. In the aggregate, such an action is likely. We can not say that the Hammer of the Thor is a deception. The components are a good vitamin complex, the drops are enriched with microelements useful for the male( and not only) organism. Theoretically, if erectile dysfunction is caused by vitamin deficiency or lack of certain substances, the drug can help.

The second version of the positive impact: the so-called psychological impotence, when the cause of the weakened male power lies in the uncertainty in themselves or their abilities or in a failed / traumatic experience in the past. In this case, with the support of the drug and confidence in its action, you can feel more confident. The placebo effect in this case plays a positive role, and the drops of the "Hammer of the Thor" themselves are the price drivers to themselves.

When not to rely on the drug

In what cases will the drops not help? The first: a serious hormonal imbalance. Only serious hormone therapy prescribed by a good doctor will save you here. You should not joke with the development of testosterone, in its absence, not only the potency, but also the entire body suffers.

Second: a violation of the circulation in the small pelvis. Here again, medical care and treatment is needed. And third: the old man's age is quite advanced. In these cases, it is worth turning to proven drugs for raising and restoring an erection, rather than hoping for an advertised magic remedy. Drops "Hammer of the Torah" - a deception or the truth? Reviews are not always objective. It is worth only rely on your intuition and financial possibilities. If they allow testing the drug, then why not? Useful micronutrients will at least improve overall health.

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The number of respondents who use drops is divided exactly in half. You can experience the very drop "Thor's Hammer".Contraindications are minimal. This is an undoubted plus of the drug, which is a homeopathic remedy. Its composition is quite natural, all substances are organic and enriched with microelements, which the male body needs. Drops nourish, saturate the body with vitamins and zinc. The effect of these components on potency and libido has not been proven, nor has it been refuted. Indications for use - a weak or missing erection, premature conclusion of a love act.

In some cases, the drug may help. But if the causes of impotence have roots that require medical intervention, it is better to overcome the embarrassment and turn to specialized rooms. And after adequate therapy, the "Torah Hammer" drops can help in the process of recovery and return to a successful intimate life without anxiety and "misfires."