What should I bring with me to the hospital? Basic rules of hospitalization and recommendations

Routine hospitalization in a hospital always involves the collection of things. If you already had to lie in the hospital, then you know what to put in your bag. But those people who have never encountered this, are lost at the training camp. What should I bring with me to the hospital? Today's article will give you the answer to this question.

what to bring to the hospital


What to take to the hospital if you are hospitalized urgently? Surely there will not be time for collecting things. No worries. Take all the essentials that may be needed in the first hours and during the clearance. The rest ask to bring relatives and friends.

Be sure to have documents with you when you are hospitalized. For Russia, this is a valid passport, a health insurance policy and a pension certificate( SNILS).In order to go to a paid clinic, you will need only a passport. Do not forget to grab the phone and the charger, as well as some money.

what to take to hospital when hospitalized

Personal items

What should I bring with me to the hospital when I am hospitalized for treatment? About the documents necessary for registration, you already know. Now it's time to think about personal care products. If you go to the hospital for more than a day, then you will need the following:

  • toothbrush, paste and thread;
  • soap and shower gel;
  • toilet paper and wet wipes;
  • towels( it is better to take one large and smaller);
  • personal care products( cream, comb and so on).

About what to take with you to the hospital from the dishes, usually warned immediately. A standard set is a plate, a spoon and a mug. Some hospitals allow the use of small kettles or boilers. Be sure to clarify this issue in vain not to carry equipment. Learn also about bedding. Some hospitals allow the use of even their own pillows and blankets. Other clinics categorically do not accept this.

What should I bring with me to the hospital when I'm hospitalized for surgery?

If surgical intervention is planned, please specify in advance the list of what you may need. Usually this is a standard set of things. Also you will need a disposable diaper. If the operation is planned on the pelvic area, then store one-time underwear.

Do not bring expensive things and gadgets. During the operation, you can not follow them. Unfortunately, in many hospitals, such things are lost. If you need these devices, then ask your relatives to bring them to you after the operation. Do not forget to take off your jewelry.

If you go to the hospital for surgical treatment, what to take with you? You can bring a lemon or mint candies to the hospital. They will help you after endotracheal anesthesia. Often the tube damages the mucous membrane of the larynx. Persecution provokes a cough, which after surgery causes considerable discomfort.

what to take with you to the hospital for admission to gynecology


What clothes should I take with me to the hospital( when I'm hospitalized)?You will need one set of clothes to go outside. In it you will come to the hospital and sign out of it. Also, such clothes are useful to you, if you need to jump out of the clinic.

What you walk in the hospital should be free and easily removable. Usually patients take a bathrobe with them. You can also take a wide trousers and a jacket. Take care that clothes match the season. Do not forget about underwear and a few pairs of socks. Take the slippers.

If you are going to an operation, what should I bring with me to the hospital? When you are hospitalized, you will be asked to bring appropriate clothing. If the intervention is carried out on the abdominal cavity, then there should not be any belts. Prefer wide shirts with zippers or buttons. You do not have to bend or raise your hands when changing clothes. When the operation affects the lower limbs, it is worth to abandon the pants. Bring a wide skirt or bathrobe.

What should I bring with me to the hospital for admission to gynecology?

If you go to hospital for treatment, be sure to bring disposable diapers and sanitary napkins. You will need them during and after the examination. Also, some hospitals ask for a set of sterile gloves. From the food you can take crackers, apples, nuts or chocolate. Do not forget about the water.

When it comes to hospitalization for childbirth, the list of needed and prohibited is expanding. In this case, you will need a lot of postnatal pads, as well as things for the baby. Diapers, diapers, ryazhonki, wet napkins - everything should be prepared in advance. If you give birth, then you should forget about the products listed above. In the first months you have a diet. Therefore, all necessary and authorized meals will be given in the hospital.

what to take to hospital when hospitalized for surgery

In conclusion

If you are scheduled hospitalization, then make a list of things to take with you in advance. Please note that some hospitals prohibit the use of bags. All accessories must be in cellophane bags. Clarify important nuances in advance. Good luck!