"Podmoskovye" - sanatorium of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation( UDP RF)

When the whole life of a person passes in such a large and vibrant metropolis as Moscow, often want to escape somewhere from the bustle and relax. Some, in addition, need treatment, because hard working days often affect our health. Fortunately for Muscovites, in the suburbs, there are many different options for a quiet or active holiday. Also in the suburban area of ​​Moscow you can find excellent options for those who want to improve their health in a specialized place, but can not or do not want to leave far away from the city.

One of such places, perfectly suited both for family rest, and for restoration and improvement of an organism, is sanatorium "Podmoskovie" of Management of affairs of the president of the Russian Federation. Reviews of it allow us to conclude that this health resort is rightfully considered one of the best such multi-profile establishments in the Moscow region.

A brief history of the sanatorium "Podmoskovye"

In 1950, on one of the hot days of August, the foreman G. Glazov and his practicing student N. Chulkov began to lay the main building of the planned holiday home in the vicinity of the Rozhayka River. After drawing the contours of the building in the area, planned for building, we got a drawing very much like an airplane.

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In 1957, in this new original building, the boarding house, now known as the joint sanatorium of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation "Podmoskovie", began its work.

Moscow Region sanatorium of the presidential administration of Russia

Almost at the same time( in 1956) the construction of a new airport called "Domodedovo", located in the neighborhood, began. Thanks to this, potential visitors from the countries of the Far East and Central Asia appeared at the sanatorium.

The health resort quickly became one of the best among similar institutions, among its guests there were a lot of people from the government elite and the Soviet intelligentsia. Often came here and creative people, and in one of the chambers of the sanatorium went to the world of another famous poet Anna Akhmatova.

The idea of ​​building an additional health resort appeared in the late 60's. Great work was also done on the arrangement of a large adjoining forest park area. After that, the conditions for rest and treatment have improved here, and for more than half a century the sanatorium "Podmoskovye" has been successfully coping with its top priorities.

Where is the sanatorium "Podmoskovye"

"Podmoskovye"( sanatorium of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation) is well located - not far from the capital of Russia, in the Moscow region. It is located south of the city, in the Domodedovo district, on the picturesque bank of the river called Rozhayka.

From the Moscow Ring Road sanatorium is separated only 21 km of the road. A distance of 9 km is the Domodedovo railway station, and the airport of the same name is 13 km away from the health resort.

How to get to the sanatorium

Thanks to the fact that the sanatorium "Podmoskovye" UD President is based in close proximity to the city, you can come here for rest in a few fairly simple ways.

Firstly, those who prefer to travel by private vehicle, it is only necessary to go along the Moscow-Don highway to a kilometer column numbered 41. Here it will be necessary to turn to the right-hand side by the sign for the airport and the sanatorium "Podmoskovie".Next, you need to call in behind the village of Zaborje and turn right again, according to the signpost. You can also go along the Kashirskoye highway to the village of Zaborje, and after it, turn off at the sign.

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Secondly, to the Moscow suburb of Domodedovo, trains run from Paveletsky railway station. And from the station square you just need to take bus number 32.

Those who arrived in Moscow through the Domodedovo international airport should go from it by electric train to the city of the same name, and then change to the above-mentioned bus.

Overview of the sanatorium and its territory

The territory occupied by the sanatorium "Podmoskovye" by the President of the Russian Federation is very extensive. It covers 118 hectares of beautiful woodland, in which it is so nice to stroll around the year. Numerous paths and paths, winding among the forest in different directions and illuminated by lanterns, create additional coziness and a mood for long walks that are so useful for any human body. In the warm season, guests can admire the various fountains that decorate the territory of such an institution, as the sanatorium "Podmoskovye" of the President's Affairs Department. Photos of these beautiful places surely like those who love the nature outside Moscow and who want to be next to her away from the city bustle.

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The sanatorium itself consists of two medical buildings and a complex of two-storey cottages in which one can simply relax with family or friends. On the territory there is also a separate building with a cafe, a bath complex, billiards, a variety of shops and paid parking.

The main treatment profiles in the sanatorium

Of course, in the sanatorium "Podmoskovie" of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation, first of all people come who need specialized treatment or rehabilitation after the diseases.

Among the basic programs available to guests of the health resort, there are those that are focused on the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous, endocrine and musculoskeletal systems, respiratory, digestive and stomach organs, heart and circulatory system. Treatment of gynecological, urological and gerontological diseases is also carried out.

united sanatorium of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation near Moscow

Rehabilitation programs offered by the "Moscow region"( sanatorium of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation) are designed for recovery after strokes and myocardial infarction, injuries and operations on the spine and joints, after operations on the coronary vessels and the heart. There is also a program of urological rehabilitation for men.

There are also specialized programs, among which many people will find a suitable one. There is, for example, the program "Healthy mother - healthy baby", created for pregnant women, or a program for body shaping and weight reduction called "Aphrodite."

Other medical services for the sanatorium

The sanatorium "Podmoskovie"( Office of the President of the Russian Federation) also offers outpatient treatment services, which include a variety of research methods of the human body systems, medical consultations and numerous ways of treating diseases without accommodation.

A wide range of separate additional diagnostic and medical services will allow any guest to take care of their health at the highest level.

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There are also special children's treatment programs, which will certainly allow young guests of the sanatorium to improve their health. All procedures are conducted by experienced doctors and nurses who have specialized training.

The rooms of the first building of the sanatorium

As mentioned above, is "Moscow region"( sanatorium of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation) from two different buildings.

Building 1 is a long seven-story modern building. There are 170 rooms, which are designed to accommodate 247 guests. Among them there are suites, consisting of 2 and 3 rooms, as well as standard rooms designed for one and two people. In any of the premises provided for this building there are loggias with plastic furniture, a combined bathroom, TV, necessary furniture, a set of dishes, a refrigerator, air conditioning and a hairdryer. In suites, guests are also provided with bathrobes and safes.

Among the standard rooms are the following types:

- one-room single category 2( economy) with an area of ​​19.5 sq. M.meters;

- one-room single category 1 with an area of ​​20 square meters.meters;

- one-room double room of 21.2 square meters.meter with two single beds.

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Luxury rooms are available in the following variants:

- One-room double( total area 39 sq. M.) With a double bed. There are two armchairs, in the hall there is a folding sofa, a chair and a desk.

- Double two-room suite with an area of ​​42 square meters.m, which is perfect for families with children. In the living room there is a folding sofa and a dining table, in the bedroom there is a double bed.

- Double room of three rooms with an area of ​​84.8 square meters. There is a living room with a single bed or a sofa bed, a bedroom with a double bed and an office with a desk and chair.

Rooms of the second building of the sanatorium

The second building, which has a "suburbs"( sanatorium of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation), is the very building that resembles the front of the plane. It looks like a 19th century manor house and offers guests exclusively superior comfort. There are only 25 of them here.

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The rooms have one or two rooms, air conditioning, TV and telephone, utensils with electric kettle, refrigerator, hairdryer, necessary furniture and a combined bathroom with bidet. Because of its ancient style, this building does not have balconies.

All rooms of the second building are "luxury" category and have the following options:

- Single room from one room with an area of ​​27 square meters.m.

-Double room, consisting of one room, area of ​​37.2 square meters. There are two single beds for sleeping.

- Double room with two rooms of 77 square meters.m with a large double bed. In the living room there is a dining table, chairs to it, and an office corner from a desk with a chair.

Rest without treatment in the sanatorium "Podmoskovye"

For guests who simply want to escape from the bustle of the city and relax in nature, the sanatorium "Podmoskovye" offers 9 comfortable cottages located right in the middle of the forest. Each cottage consists of a pair of two-story apartments, each of which has an area of ​​166 square meters. In this room can accommodate from three to six guests with all conveniences.

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On the first floor there is an entrance hall, a living room with an equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a terrace. On the second floor there are two bedrooms, a dressing room and a bathroom, a spacious loggia.

What entertainment there is in the sanatorium

There is a beautiful pond on the territory of the health resort, where you can arrange a romantic walk on a boat or an excellent fishing. On existing tennis courts, a small football field and a skating rink that works in winter, guests who came to the "Moscow area"( sanatorium of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation) enjoy a great time in active sports. In winter you can go skiing or skating, which you can rent directly on the spot.

sanatorium near Moscow management of the affairs of the president of the Russian Federation

Also the sanatorium administration arranges all sorts of entertainment programs that adults and children like. There is an opportunity to go and on excursions to the nearest sights of the Moscow region by bus health resorts.

Impressions of the visit to the sanatorium "Podmoskovye"

A large area and a dense forest area - that's what everyone likes without exception, who at least once came to the sanatorium "Podmoskovye" UD of the Russian president. Reviews about the provided treatment services and doctors are also predominantly positive. Some are indignant that the food is carried out in strictly allotted time, but the dishes themselves are praised in the responses.

The guests are satisfied with the rest in the cottages. But some of the visitors remained unhappy with the state of furniture in them and the lack of necessary household items( for example, sponges, rags, tablets for dishwashers).

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In general, this health resort in the Moscow region leaves only positive impressions. Therefore, the sanatorium "Podmoskovie" of the Presidential Administration of the President of the Russian Federation will certainly be a great place for you, where you can not only improve your health, but simply relax in the company of your family or close friends.