Green plaque on the tongue: causes of appearance and treatment

Why does a green patina occur in the language? The causes of this pathological phenomenon will be discussed below. Also you will learn how to get rid of such an unpleasant state. green plaque in the language of the cause

Basic information

The color of the plaque on the tongue can tell about the presence of many problems in the human body. After all, it's not for nothing that a doctor often asks a doctor to show his tongue at the doctor's office to confirm or deny the diagnosis. The color palette of such raids is quite extensive. Therefore, to identify the true cause of their education can only an experienced specialist. By the way, at the same time he often relies on other available symptoms.

Green plaque on the tongue: causes of

The substance that appears on the tongue plate can vary considerably, depending on the season, climatic and other conditions. But if such a phenomenon has a pronounced and unnatural character, then, most likely, it is a symptom of a serious disease.

So, why is there a green patina on the tongue? The causes of this condition can be as follows:

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  • thrush;
  • non-compliance with personal hygiene;
  • deficiency of vitamins and poor nutrition;
  • pathological changes in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • consumes a large number of fried, spicy and fatty foods that contribute to liver dysfunction;Cracks in the language of the cause and treatment
  • decreased immunity;
  • reception of antibiotics, against which the fungal flora is actively developing;
  • bad habits;
  • HIV infection;
  • administration of drugs that suppress the human immune system;
  • change of season and climatic conditions;
  • puberty in adolescents.

To whom to contact?

About why the plaque on the tongue has changed in color, you should ask the therapist. Also the dentist and gastroenterologist can answer this question.

Symptoms of

Now you know why a green patina can appear on the tongue. The reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon were listed above. Identifying them, the doctor must pay attention not only to the color scale of the plaque, but also to its other features.

  • Localization. The tongue can be covered with a green bloom completely or with separate patches.
  • Thickness distribution. In the event that the layer is thin, this indicates only a nascent problem. With a thick layering, it can be a chronic nature of the disease, as well as the course of severe infection. yellowish green coating on the tongue
  • The ease with which the plaque separates from the surface of the tongue, also indicates the features of the existing disease. Soft and well removable layering is a variant of the norm, and also characterizes the easily flowing pathology. In a burdened disease, the raid becomes more dense and difficult to separate.

Also during the examination of the patient, doctors reveal the structure of the lesion. So, the substance that covered the tongue can be fatty or curdled, wet or dry. An important role is played by the presence of various injuries. Cracks in the tongue( the causes and treatment of this pathology are presented in this article) indicate serious problems with the digestive system.

Color palette

As mentioned above, the cause of the occurrence of stratification on the language plate is very often determined by its color scheme.

  • Yellow-green coating on a tongue of small thickness can talk about the normal state of a person. Also, this color can be associated with heat.

If the intensity of the hue increases noticeably, the consistency of the substance and its thickness change, then this indicates problems in the digestive tract. Pathological changes in the digestive system can be associated with diseases of the biliary tract, malfunction in the liver, bile ducts and so on. why the raid on the language

  • White-green coating. This layering indicates normal functioning of the body. But if in time the plaque increases and begins to thicken, then this indicates problems with the intestine( for example, about prolonged constipation).

If a dense whitish coating is observed against a background of high temperature and general signs of intoxication, then we can state an infectious disease.

  • Dark green color of the tongue. Such a non-standard color is rare. It manifests itself in people with severe pathology( for example, with broken bile ducts, pancreas gland or gall bladder).

Also, the dark green color of the tongue can talk about dehydration of the human body, increased blood acidity and Crohn's disease.

  • Gray-green coating also indicates damage to the digestive system, especially the stomach and intestines. This symptomatology is often found in peptic ulcer.

Diagnosis of

How to diagnose an existing disease and to identify the cause of the development of a green plaque and a crack in the tongue? The causes and treatment of such pathological conditions should be determined and prescribed only by the doctor. The latter is obliged to examine the patient, assess his general condition, and pay special attention to the shade, density and magnitude of pathological layers. Also, the doctor can prescribe general tests, carrying out ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and FGDs. plaque color

Treatment process

You can get rid of the green layering in the language only if the true cause of its occurrence has been established.

If no pathologies were identified during the medical examination, then, most likely, such a problem arose because of incorrect or absent oral hygiene. In this case, the patient is advised to carefully look after himself, constantly brush his teeth, tongue and gums, and rinse his mouth after every meal.

If the cause of the development of a green layer in the language lies in the violations of the gastrointestinal tract, then you need to turn to an experienced gastroenterologist. The same applies to the observation of cracks, wounds and sores on the oral mucosa.

In such pathologies, doctors often prescribe antibacterial agents, as well as digestive enzymes.

When detecting thrush and fungal diseases, doctors recommend using antifungal medicines. pathological changes in the digestive system

With decreasing protective forces of the body, the patient is prescribed multivitamin complexes, dietary supplements, etc. Also, a diet with a large intake of fresh vegetables and fruits can be recommended to the patient. In addition, it is necessary to abandon fried, spicy and spicy dishes, detrimental to the state of the digestive system.

If a green patina on the tongue has arisen as a result of a bad habit, it is recommended to stop smoking and abuse of alcoholic beverages.

If other diseases, including HIV infection, require special therapy and medical supervision.