Myostimulator of prostate: description, principle of action

Recently, the demand for electrostimulation of the prostate has increased, since this is a new method of treating "male diseases".What is it, what are the principles of treatment and most importantly - feedback from patients about innovative treatment of the prostate? Is it really treated with myostimulant prostate pathology in patients?

myostimulator of prostate

Patient feedback allows you to make sure of the effectiveness of new technologies. There are even those who call the myostimulator of the prostate a "savior."But do not be mistaken: one device can hardly help. Specialists recommend using it only with the basic treatment. In addition, the method has some contraindications.

treatment technology The electric current in the device acts on the organ with special pulses and is used to inject the drug into the damaged tissue, affecting the prostate of the patient. It is used to inject the medicine directly into the area of ​​disease damage and to normalize the functioning of muscle tissue and nerve fibers. Therefore, the action of the myostimulator, like electrostimulation, perfectly cures most diseases in the reproductive and urinary areas, in the case of metabolic disorders( metabolism).Diseases in which the myostimulator is used:

  • Inability to conceive.
  • Prolonged prostatitis.
  • The destabilization of ejaculation( a violation of the allocation of the seed).
  • Extreme pain in the pelvis.
  • Erectile pathology( erectile dysfunction).
  • Metabolic disorders.
  • Congenital malformation of the prostate structure.

These pathologies in patients are actually treated with a myostimulator.

myostimulator of the prostate flexing flavio

Professional urologists note the effectiveness of the device in the chronic form of the disease. But in practice, you can also face a number of limitations. For example, the myostimulator is forbidden to use in the event that the diseases are diagnosed as acute diseases. Due to the fact that electric currents accelerate the metabolic process, infections( viruses) can move to healthy tissue, causing a complication of the underlying ailment.

The benefit of the list of diseases in which it is forbidden to use the myostimulator of the prostate is not so great:

  • Acute prostatitis.
  • Purulent inflammation in the prostate gland.
  • Infectious inflammation of the prostate.
  • Inflammatory process in the intestine.

Principle of action

Transurethral and transrectal electrostimulation is performed after the patient has emptied the bladder and intestines. A professional will pick up the size of the electrode and calculate how much current is needed to achieve the effect. In addition, the time and number of sessions are individually calculated individually. And the already recovered patient gets:

  1. Absence or "softening" of the symptoms of chronic ailments.
  2. Normalization of seminal fluid composition.
  3. Improves the quality of sexual life.
  4. Eliminates edema of the prostate.
  5. Improves work in the bladder system.

Is there a danger to other organs

Myostimulator of the prostate, whose principle is to apply weak electrical impulses directed to the prostate, does not affect other human organs. Only the damaged area of ​​the tissue reacts to the device. The resulting effect broadens the blood vessels, strengthens the lymphatic system, activates local immunity.

myostimulator of prostate review of models

However, this method can not be used as a primary treatment. Myostimulator of the prostate, as a rule, is used to improve the effectiveness of the drug. It is important to note the harmlessness of the electric current, which emits weak impulses that do not affect the intestine and tissue of the gland.

Methods for treatment of the prostate with the help of myostimulation

Myostimulator of the prostate, whose review of the models is presented in several versions, has a certain classification. Conditionally all available models can be divided into groups:

  • invasive( requires the insertion of a catheter into the organ);
  • non-invasive( no need to enter a catheter) myostymulator of the prostate
  1. Flexing Flavio is an innovative prostate stimulant for invasive use. Thanks to the Flex &Stay has the ability to take any forms for more convenient and unhindered input.
  2. "Mavit".Device designed for invasive use. Influencing the prostate gland, the device has a thermal and magnetic effect, removing puffiness and improving the patency of urine through the urinary tract.
  3. "Matrix-Urologist".It is not an invasive agent. The device is applied transrectally, affecting the prostate gland.

In cases where the treatment will have to use the myostimulator of the prostate, the description of the device will help to understand what the revolutionary method of treatment is and what are the further options for the development of events.

There may be complications from the treatment of

Do not be afraid of the procedure - the risk of damaging the channel is minimal. Transrectal electrostimulation of the prostate involves holding the electrode in the rectum, which is easy to do on your own. At this point, the electron current causes:

  • the clamping of smooth muscles in the organ;
  • perineum;
  • sphincter;
  • of the muscles in the urinary tract.

In addition, it reduces nerve fibers - imparts an impulse to the genitals and in general to the urinary system. The result that this method presents is positive.

myostimulator of prostate description

Patients who leave their feedback noted that the effect of the stimulant on quality is like massage by hand. Myostimulation works not only on the prostate that is located near the intestine, it also acts on other departments in the organ. This is very important for patients who have signs of urolithiasis, because massage with fingers is prohibited in this case.

Myostimulator of the prostate responses from most patients gets mostly positive. This causes trust. Men notice that the myostimulator of the prostate helps and they become healthier and more enduring after 3-5 sessions.

What is a device for stimulating the prostate

Myostimulator of the prostate Flexing Flavio is the recommended drug. It safely affects the body and does not require additional costs for equipment and, accordingly, treatment. Prolonged diseases of the genitourinary organs can require quite a long treatment and frequent therapy, which will maintain the condition. Of course, there are patients who are trying to cure themselves on their own. For them, they develop compact electric stimulators Flexing Flavio. Since they are in many versions, then before buying is important to study the entire review of the facilities and get advice from a specialist.

What Urologists Say

Urologists warn that self-medication is detrimental to the health of the whole organism, and strongly do not recommend choosing methods on their own. Only a qualified specialist can correctly choose the method of treatment, will help the patient patient, and, with a high probability, overcome prostate disease and improve sexual life.

myostimulator of prostate responses

Any miostimulator is primarily an adjuvant, and only then treatment of the disease. Therefore, a man must first pass a preventive examination and consultation with a doctor after a change in state of health.

What should not be feared

Myostimulator of the prostate, the instruction to which requires special attention, still sometimes causes fear in patients. Transurethral electrostimulation is performed under the supervision of a specialist, since it is difficult for a patient to insert a catheter into the urethra by his hand. Most patients are afraid of a painful and unpleasant sensation, but the myostimulator of the prostate is designed so that the device can repeat the anatomical features of those cavities in the organ in which it will be involved. And an experienced urologist, thus, will safely conduct the procedure.

How to use the prostate myostimulator

For correct application of the device it is necessary to understand the peculiarity of its use and technology. The procedure should be carried out only after a complete evacuation of the intestine - you can clean the enema. In addition, the bladder should also be emptied. On that part of the device, which should be in the rectum, you need to put on the product, then it must be smeared with the solution.

During the whole treatment procedure, the patient should be in the supine position. The legs are usually left in a semi-bent position. After that, the device is activated. The device is inserted into the rectum in such a way that the flat plane on the functioning organ is directed upwards for better contact with the prostate and to obtain the best result from the measures taken. This procedure is a kind of massage of the prostate. At the end of the session, the device gives two ringing signals.

myostimulator of prostate instruction

After this, the device is gradually withdrawn from the anus. The device is turned off, and the place where the procedure was performed is disinfected. It should be noted that the procedure for myostimulation is allowed only once a day at a certain time, appointed by the urologist.