Ointment "Suprima Plus": instructions for use, analogues and reviews

In recent years, many consumers prefer to use natural medicines. According to the patients, such medications are safer, they less often cause negative consequences. But this impression is often erroneous. Today's article will present you an ointment of "Suprima Plus".Instructions, photos of the drug will be presented to your review in the article. Despite all the good opinions, the medicine can provoke an allergy.

ointment suprima plus instructions

General description of the preparation

How does the "Suprema Plus" ointment characterize the instruction? The summary says that the drug has an analgesic and distracting effect. It removes inflammation and warms up. The active ingredients of the medicinal product are exclusively natural. This camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, turpentine oil and thymol. The preparation also has additional substances: beeswax, petrolatum, butylhydroxytoluene and butylhydroxyanisole.

Available in a capacity of 15 or 20 grams ointment "Suprima Plus."The instruction is always attached in the package. The information describes the drug for the consumer. The annotation should be studied before use.

Action of the drug: the work of the components of

On the preparation of "Suprima Plus"( ointment) the instruction for use says that the medicine starts working immediately after use. The maximum effect is achieved within a few minutes. The effect of the drug lasts 4-8 hours.

The action of the balm is due to its constituents:

  • camphor warms up, improves breathing, contributes to the narrowing of the vessels, and also exerts an expectorant effect;
  • menthol cools the skin, normalizes the work of the respiratory center, relieves itching and pain;
  • eucalyptus promotes sputum expectoration, bactericidal and antimicrobial effect, relieves pain and inflammation;
  • thymol has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • turpentine oil disinfects, distracts with its annoying effect, anesthetizes.

Additional components are used by the manufacturer to obtain a certain consistency of the preparation. They do not have a therapeutic effect on the patient's body.

suprima plus ointment instructions

Prescription of medication: indications

Despite all the safety of the composition, recommends using only the prescription of the doctor ointment "Suprima Plus" instruction. The annotation indicates the indications for which the medication is prescribed. Among them are the following:

  • runny nose( viral, bacterial, allergic);
  • nasal congestion of different etiology;
  • cough dry and wet( bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis, pharyngitis);
  • pain in the muscles and head.

The drug is used for the complex treatment of colds, which are accompanied by the above symptoms. It is important to remember that a medication is not an independent remedy. It is applied additionally.

suprima plus ointment instruction for children

Contraindications: do they have such a safe means?

There are situations when the ointment "Suprima Plus" should not be used. The instruction says that the drug is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance of the constituent components. If the patient has an allergy to at least one substance, then the remedy is not applied. It is forbidden to apply balm in the following cases:

  • bronchospasm and laryngospasm in anamnesis;
  • injury and skin damage at the treatment site;
  • elevated body temperature.

The medicine should not be lubricated with mucous membranes, wings of the nose. Avoid contact with the eyes and the inside. Wash your hands thoroughly after use.

suprima plus ointment

"Suprima-plus"( ointment): instructions for applying

The skin is lubricated with a medicament. The area of ​​application depends on the indications. Multiplicity of application is 2-3 times a day. To enhance the effect, you can cover the treated area with a warm bandage. Collect a little balm from the jar. Then evenly spread it over the body. You should not leave a greasy layer. The medicine should be well rubbed into the skin.

  • With sore throat, lubricate the neck and area of ​​the lymph nodes( except for their inflammation).
  • For treatment of cough, the drug is applied to the back in the area of ​​the bronchi.
  • To eliminate nasal congestion and runny nose, treat the sternum. Avoid rubbing the balm in the heart area.
  • In rhinitis and inflammation in the throat, you can treat the feet. After that, put on warm socks and exclude walking on the cold floor.
  • If there is muscle pain, then rub the balsam with a troubling site.

Do not flush the medicine after use. If there is severe burning and redness, then rinse the area of ​​application with warm water and soap.

suprima plus ointment

Possibility of use in children, pregnant women and during lactation.

. What information does the Supprima-plus( ointment) instruction tell you? To children of younger age the balm is not recommended to be applied. Use of the drug is only allowed after two years. This limitation is explained by the probability of allergy development. Despite this, pediatricians often prescribe a remedy for treating babies. If the child does not have a negative reaction, then you can use the ointment. It is important to be careful.

Manufacturer says that the drug does not have a teratogenic effect on the fetus. In addition, the medicine has a natural basis. Can I use Suprema Plus Balm during pregnancy? Ointment instructions for use allow you to apply only as directed by a doctor. If the doctor gives appropriate recommendations, then safely apply the medicine. During lactation the situation is different. The product is almost not absorbed and is not excreted in breast milk. But you should avoid getting into the baby's mouth. Avoid applying balm on the chest area.

Negative reactions

As with any medication, the described balm can cause side reactions. Because of them there are negative opinions of consumers. Patients say that after applying the drug caused burning. This is quite normal reaction, due to the composition of the ointment. This effect does not require the withdrawal of the drug.

There is also evidence that the drug provokes a fever. Especially often this happens in young children. Therefore, do not use the medicine "Suprima Plus"( ointment).Instruction to children under one year does not recommend applying medication to the chest and back. Treatment of large areas is likely to provoke an allergy. If the doctor prescribes, then the balm is best to rub only the feet. Allergic reactions are manifested by hives, itching and an ordinary rash.

Positive feedback from

Most users tolerate the drug well. Patients respond positively to this medication. They say that balm has a pleasant smell. Only one scent is good for breathing. Menthol and eucalyptus relieve nasal congestion and reduce the separation of the snot.

When applied to the skin, it feels warm and cool at the same time, a distracting feeling appears. This is what helps to reduce the pain syndrome. The preparation warms up and relaxes, normalizes blood circulation. Despite the fact that does not recommend the balm Suprima Plus( ointment) to children instruction, reviews about the use of kids are only good. Only in isolated cases did the children have an allergy. In other situations, the medicine contributed to recovery. If the cold only begins, then the medicine will help prevent it. Consumers say that you need to smear feet at night and put on woolen socks. The next morning all signs of malaise will be removed by hand.

What else has the drug "Suprima Plus"( ointment) reviews? Children like the drug. Kids are happy to rub their back and chest. At the same time they never have painful sensations. Consumers say that the balm is enough for a long time. A convenient screw cap allows you to use the medication again and again. It is important only to store the ointment correctly.

suprima plus ointment instruction for children up to 1 year

How can I replace a product?

Currently, manufacturers of popular drugs produce a lot of such tools. Among them, you can note the balm "Vix Active", ointment "Doctor Mom."These medications are popular, but quite expensive.

To cheaper substitutes can be attributed the famous "Star", mustard, camphor ointment and some other drugs. It is worth noting that many similar drugs can not be used in children. For example, mustard plasters are forbidden for children, since they can provoke a dangerous reaction. Pepper plaster is not glued to babies. Before using any tool, including an analogue, you must always read the instructions. The use of drugs in a child should encourage the parent to contact the pediatrician beforehand.

suprima plus ointment reviews for children

In conclusion

From the article you were able to learn about the safe and natural preparation of Suprima Plus( ointment).Instruction for children, reviews, application in adults - everything is described for you. You can buy the medicine in any pharmacy network without prescribing a doctor. The cost of a package of 15 grams is not more than 150 rubles. A speedy recovery, do not be ill!