Aerosol Polkoltolon TS: composition, indications, instructions for use

Why use the "Polcortolon TS" aerosol? Indications for the use of this remedy will be listed below. Also, you will learn about how this drug works, in what cases it can not be prescribed and how much it costs. aerosol

Composition, packaging, description

"Polcortolone" - spray for external use. It is available in the form of a homogeneous yellow suspension with a characteristic odor and without mechanical inclusions. Its main active substances are tetracycline hydrochloride and triamcinolone acetonide. Also in the composition of the aerosol are: a mixture of butane, propane and isobutane, sorbitan trioleate, isopropyl myristate and lecithin.

This product is marketed in 30 ml aerosol vials made of aluminum, with a spraying device and a permanent-acting valve.

Pharmacological characteristics of the external preparation

What is the considered aerosol for external use? The instruction says that the pharmacological effectiveness of this drug is due to its composition.

Triamcinolone acetonide is a synthetic glucocorticosteroid, as well as a fluoride derivative of prednisolone, which exhibits pronounced antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, antiexudative and anti-allergic properties.

As for tetracycline hydrochloride, this is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It is able to have a bacteriostatic effect, which is manifested by suppression of protein synthesis by microorganisms.

Kinetic Features of

Spray Is the outdoor aerosol "Polcortolone TS" absorbed? When applied to the skin, tetracycline exerts only a local effect and does not practically penetrate the systemic bloodstream.

Pollortolone Spray

With external use of triamcinolone, it may enter the systemic circulation slightly. It should be noted that various skin diseases and inflammatory process significantly accelerate the absorption of this drug substance.

Metabolism of triamcenolone is exposed in the liver and excreted by the kidneys.

Indications for the use of the

spray Why should patients be prescribed a Polcotololon TS aerosol? According to the instruction, this agent for external application is actively used in allergic skin diseases, which are complicated by a secondary bacterial infection( for example, with hives, atopic dermatitis or eczema).

It should also be noted that this medication is well manifested in skin diseases caused by microorganisms sensitive to tetracycline, as well as with mixed infections( i.e., treats impetigo, purulent purulent hydrangea, furunculosis, erysipelas, folliculitis and others).

Prohibitions on the prescription of

The drug for urticaria "Polcotololon PS" should not be used with:

  • skin tuberculosis;
  • smallpox chickenpox;
  • syphilis( skin manifestations);
  • during the vaccination period;
  • viral, fungal infections of the skin;
  • infringement of integrity of a skin in places of drawing of a medicine;
  • hypersensitivity to drug substances;
  • precancerous conditions and skin tumors;
  • in childhood to three years.

polotolton instruction manual

It should also be noted that with caution the drug in question is prescribed for glaucoma.

Preparation "Polcortolone": instructions for use

The spray "Polcortolon PS" is intended for external use only. Before using the drug, the vial should be shaken well.

Affected skin areas are irrigated with a plentiful spray of aerosol for three seconds. In this case, the bottle is kept in a vertical position about 15-22 centimeters from the surface of the covers. Adult patients are treated 4 times a day in an equal amount of time. The duration of therapy is determined on an individual basis and is about 5-11 days. If the disease persists, the course of treatment can be extended to 20 days. It is highly recommended not to take this medication for more than 4 weeks in a row.

For children from the age of three years, the prescribed medication is prescribed for a short time, once a day. In this case, the spray is sprayed only on small areas of the skin.

Side effects of

In case of short-term use, the drug for urticaria "Polcotololon PS" does not cause side effects. The same applies to its application to small areas of the skin. aerosol for external use

Sometimes, against the background of the use of this drug in patients can develop: skin irritation, itching and purpura. The aerosol "Polcortolon PS" also very rarely( when applying occlusive dressings and prolonged use), the acne inflammation, secondary infectious lesions, post-steroid vascular purpura, dry skin, depressed epidermal growth, increased hair growth, skin atrophy, pigmentation, telangiectasia and photosensitization.

With prolonged use of glucocorticosteroids on large skin surfaces, the frequency of side effects in the form of arterial hypertension, hyperglycemia, edema( peripheral) and immunosuppressive effect is significantly increased.

Overdose and drug interaction

Overdosage with the drug in question with external application is very rare. In this case, there may be undesirable symptoms with prolonged or incorrect use of the spray on large areas of the skin, which are similar to the side reactions characteristic of systemic use of glucocorticosteroids with oppression of pituitary-adrenal work.

Regarding the drug interaction, this drug has not been established.

Lactation and gestation period

"Polcortolone" is a spray that can not be administered in the first trimester of pregnancy. With regard to its use at a later date, it is possible only if the benefit of the drug for the mother significantly exceeds the likely risk of complications for the fetus. triamcinolone acetonide

It should also be noted that it is still unknown to which degree of triamcinolone acetonide is excreted together with breast milk. Therefore, when prescribing the drug under consideration, nursing mothers should be especially careful. In this case, the medication should be used for a short time and in limited areas of the skin. Do not spray the aerosol onto the mammary glands.

Special Information

For the development of skin diseases( purulent purulent hybrids, urticaria, furunculosis and others) this preparation is used for a short time. With special care it is used on the face skin, as its absorption increases significantly and the likelihood of side effects increases( atrophy of the skin, telangiectasia and perioral dermatitis).

Also with care, the spray "Polcotololon PS" is used in people with already existing atrophic changes in the skin, especially in the elderly.

If skin irritation or other adverse reactions occur, discontinue therapy and consult a doctor immediately.

cure for urticaria

Prolonged use of tetracycline, which is part of the drug in question, may contribute to an increase in the number of resistant strains of Candida albicans and staphylococci. In this case, appropriate treatment is required.

In the process of therapy with glucocorticosteroids, immunization and vaccination are prohibited.

The tetracycline included in the aerosol can promote the development of photosensitization. In this regard, it is necessary to protect the skin areas with the drug from direct sunlight.

Also, when spraying aerosol, eyes and nose should be carefully protected( do not inhale the sprayed product).If you get medication into the visual organs, they should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water, otherwise it can cause glaucoma.

The agent in question is not used in children under three years of age. The use of medication in children older than this age should be limited, since high doses of corticosteroids and their prolonged use can affect the development and growth of the child.

The drug "Polcotololon PS" does not limit the psychophysical activity of the patient, as well as his ability to drive and service any moving mechanisms.

Spray "Polcotolon": price, consumer reviews

The cost of the aerosol under consideration is quite high. As a rule, it is about 450 rubles per bottle. But, despite this, most patients choose this particular drug. Such a popularity of the drug they associate with its high efficiency.

purulent hydradenitis

This agent has proven itself in the treatment of various skin diseases of an allergic nature, as well as diseases caused by microorganisms sensitive to tetracycline. At the same time, it should be noted that the therapeutic efficacy of Polcotololon PS is manifested only if it is used correctly and for a short time and only according to the doctor's prescription.