How to accelerate hair growth?

There are many causes of hair loss. Normally a person loses from forty to a hundred hairs a day on average - this is due to the normal process of growth and hair loss. Such losses are restored and are not noticeable.

But what if, when combing on the comb, there are whole strands, and in the morning from the pillow you have to shoot too many lost hair? Oh yeah. This is already a problem, and peculiar to women of any age, not just the elderly.

In order to avoid such problems, it is better to prevent falling out than to be upset and upset over losses and try to apply all possible methods of treatment. ..

But if such a disaster has happened, a treatment is needed that is never simple and fast enough and is connectedwith a large expenditure of time and often considerable financial investments.

After successful treatment there is another question: How to accelerate hair growth?

Every girl dreams of having luxurious long thick hair, shiny and healthy, a subject of pride of girls and envy of girlfriends. And what admiring glances escorted the guys who met the owner of a luxurious hairstyle!

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Long hair is now again in fashion, and so much so that many girls decide on a rather tedious procedure of building, which, in fact, does not give the same result as if the hair were "their own".So if you do not want to go with hair extensions, you need to take good care of your own health, their condition and create all conditions for intensive growth. At the same time, it is necessary to take a whole complex of measures to prevent hair loss, since such a nuisance happened before.

Very fast hair growth, so to speak, shock pace, it is still impossible - it needs to be understood right away. Hair growth per month at once centimeters by ten is the same unrealizable desire as the desire of a person growing 150 cm to grow by 30 centimeters per week. The speed of growth of hairs is, unfortunately, laid down genetically, but we have not learned to change anything in genetics, and even home remedies. In this case, how to accelerate the growth of hair, if it is impossible? Of course, this is so, but in fact those opportunities for their growth, laid by nature, are not used to the end - there are too many unfavorable factors. These are the opportunities we will try to activate in order to cause a relatively rapid growth of hairs.

The dehydration is considered to be the most unfavorable factor, which significantly reduces the growth rate of hair, and moreover has a very negative effect on its health. Indeed, very dry hair becomes weak, split, fractured and often fall out. But they can be saved from dehydration - for this it is enough to drink up to fifteen glasses of liquid daily, this will keep the moisture in the scalp and promote the growth of hairs. Drink better pure or mineral water, but strong tea and coffee can adversely affect the condition of the head of hear. It is not bad for these purposes to use shampoos that keep your hair moisturized.

How to accelerate hair growth - solving this problem is not so difficult if you know that to achieve their good growth requires a rich set of proteins and minerals that can enter the body with food. These necessary substances can be found in products such as cereals, vegetables, milk, cheese, nuts, almonds, cheese, and also other dairy products. Such a complex of products will naturally strengthen the hair from the inside, promoting their growth, and then the growth of hair per month can be one and a half to two centimeters, which is already a good result.

And here the products containing cholesterol, it is desirable to not eat food. This restriction will allow the hair to stay healthy longer. A lot of cholesterol is found in meat, so to achieve their good growth it is better to stick to a vegetarian diet.

In conclusion, those wishing to learn how to speed up hair growth can be advised to take balanced vitamin and mineral complexes, lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid stresses that are extremely detrimental to your hair.