Can I wash myself with chickenpox?

Can I wash myself with chickenpox? Until recently, pediatricians in one voice claimed - in any case! But over time, information about the disease has become more and categorical in the judgments of doctors - all the less, and today this question no longer exists an unambiguous answer.

Stages of chickenpox

The incubation period of the disease can last from 10 to 21 days. The child is already sick, but so far neither he nor his parents have been aware of this yet. Naturally, the question is: is it possible to wash with chickenpox at this stage is not worth it.

The prodromal period of lasts from 1 to 2 days and is characterized by depression, loss or loss of appetite. You might think that the child has caught a cold or just overtired, because signs of chickenpox are not yet available.

The period of rashes is from 3 to 5 days. At this time, the patient's health deteriorates, the temperature rises from 37.5 to 38.5 degrees, and characteristic rashes appear. They can appear on absolutely any part of the body and head, including the scalp and mucous membranes.

When to swim?

The fluid contained in the pustules is contagious, it contains a virus, and the ban on bathing during the illness was explained by the fear of spreading the infection even more. Is it possible to wash with chickenpox at this stage? Most experts are inclined to believe that if the body temperature is normal, then hygiene procedures are even welcomed.

Bathing will remove the intolerable itching, soothe the baby, prevent combing. Many people ask whether it is possible to wash with chickenpox using decoctions of medicinal herbs. The answer is yes. The chamomile, calendula, celandine, oak bark, a turn, the main thing that on the chosen agent there would be no allergy will approach or suit.

Parents of diseased babies are also often interested in whether it is possible to bathe with the chickenpox of a child in a bath or necessarily use a shower? You need to do it the way you like and how much more comfortable your kid is. There are no contraindications for any of the methods. The bath is even preferable to adding medications to the water, this can not be done with a shower. The main thing is that the bathing tank is very, very clean, because the damaged skin can easily be subjected to secondary infection by any other pathogens.

So, we answered the question when it is possible to wash with chickenpox, now it is necessary to find out how this is best done.

What is forbidden when bathing during illness

Do not use detergents: soaps, foams and shower gels, however tender and hypoallergenic they may be - under the ban. Wash the sponge, too, until better times - with her help you can easily damage the healing ulcers. It is better not to touch the body with your hands at all, but just rinse it in a bath or shower for a short time, then gently clean with a clean diaper or towel. After each bath, all elements of the rash should be re-treated with fucorcin or zelenka. Observing these rules, you can wash up to 4-6 times a day and the process will only benefit the patient, drying out the crusts and promoting the early healing of wounds.

Special attention to

There are exceptions to any rule, and in our case this exception is people with low immunity. The reasons for the low resistance of the organism may be different, but the risk of joining bacterial infections is significantly increased, no matter what the weakness of immune responses is caused. It is better to replace such patients with swabbing by wiping with moistened napkins impregnated with antibacterial composition. When wiping it is necessary to bypass the affected areas of the skin with a side, without touching them. With water procedures, weakened patients will have to wait until they get rid of the signs of the disease, or, more precisely, until the dry crust disappears.