Fright at the child: how to treat, causes and consequences of fright

The appearance of a fright can be associated with a caution reflex. It's like a protective reaction of the body. As a rule, the child's restless behavior does not last long. But there are cases when the fright is protracted. Everything depends on the atmosphere in which the child grows. If parents conduct rigid education, raise a baby's voice, beat him, then this can cause fear, provoking a persistent neurotic disorder.

What is fright in a child? How to treat it? This will be discussed in this article.

Fright in a child how to treat

The main signs of fright

Show fright in the child signs:

  • bad sleep;
  • frequent fading;
  • start;
  • dilated pupils;
  • rapid breathing and palpitations;
  • retracting the head to the shoulders;
  • increased excitability;
  • worsening of sleep;
  • nightmares;
  • frequent crying in a dream;
  • fear of loneliness, darkness, or any object;
  • hysterical manifestations;
  • poor appetite;
  • trembling of the limbs.

A child is afraid of something, often asks for his hands, behaves capriciously, restlessly. The kid can demand that the parents go to bed with him and turn on the light in the room. He will often wake up during the night.

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The main causes of neurotic disorder of a child

To determine the cause of this phenomenon in an adult child, as a rule, does not amount to work. But how to explain the fright of the baby?

Fright for a baby

To provoke fright in a child can:

  • loud cries or sharp sounds;
  • large animals are awesome;
  • natural phenomena, for example, lightning or thunder;
  • stress;
  • appearance of a stranger;
  • excessively strict upbringing;
  • various infectious diseases;
  • somatic diseases.

A child at any age is very important stay in a state of protection. Even the kindergarten of children is recommended to accustom gradually. In the early days, my mother should be there. So the kid will understand that there is no reason to worry.

Fright in pre-school children is often associated with a tense conflict situation in the family. The constant presence of the mother in a bad mood can be detrimental to the condition of the child.

The child is afraid of punishment, shouting, fear of loneliness, dark rooms and fairy-tale characters - all this is the result of incorrect education and indifferent attitude of parents towards the emotional sphere of the child.

To the exact same result, paradoxical as it sounds, can result in excessive guardianship of parents who narrow the circle of communication of their child, do not give the opportunity to develop such qualities as independence and activity.

Consequences of fright

The child grows up, his life experience becomes richer, and fears can go away on their own. But it happens that they stay for a long time and will become even brighter with time.

The force of fright depends on the suddenness of the frightening phenomenon, the negative experience in the past, the repeated traumas. Some react to fright with hysteria, some start panic attacks. If the child has already begun to talk, then it may start to stutter or the child and completely stop talking. Sometimes fear is not forgotten for too long, then the child can become locked in himself, and this will cause a deterioration in the ability to learn.

The fright received in the day gives rise to nightmares, causing groundless fears and aggressive behavior. So fear and aggressiveness can become traits of character.

Fright in a child, whose symptoms are numerous, doctors do not stand out in a separate disease. The danger lies in the fact that a strong fear can become a trigger mechanism for the development of a phobia - a stable sense of fear of an object or phenomenon.

Persistent fears can provoke a disease of the cardiovascular system. Due to severe trauma of the psyche, urinary incontinence, stuttering and night walking can occur. Therefore children with the presence of fright should show the neuropathologist, speech therapist, to make a cardiogram of the heart.

Fright in a child

The basic methods of treatment of disease

How to overcome fright in a child? How to treat a pathology? Someone trusts the recipes of traditional medicine, someone prefers to turn to a pediatric neurologist. In any case, the child should be next to the mother, who will be able to calm him.

How to cure fright at home? The family should have a quiet atmosphere, the kid should sing lullaby songs, more often take him in his arms, stroke his back, pens and legs. This will help the child to relax, and he will stop whimpering. All these methods are effective for very young children.

How to remove fright from a teenager? It is necessary to establish the exact cause of such a reaction. After this, you can choose the appropriate method of treatment. In case of fear to a certain thing or a person, it is necessary to bring the child closer to them. Here it is necessary to do everything slowly. It is necessary to convince that this object poses no danger. After that, the feeling of fear will leave the teenager.

What should I do if the child is afraid of visiting the doctor's office? It is necessary to convince the child that it is much better to treat the disease at an early stage than to start it and suffer for a long time. At the same time, conversation with a teenager should be friendly and calm.

What to do if the child is frightened

Fright often accompanies the commencement of school attendance. In particular, such a phenomenon is observed in cases when parents put before the child the tasks beyond their control, focus on the highest result, constantly turn to high goals.

The totality of fears can only be removed by a benevolent atmosphere created by educators. In this case, an important role is given to the cooperation of teachers and parents who together can outline common approaches to removing the level of anxiety in a child, helping him to realize his social status.

Using folk remedies

How to eliminate fright in a child? How to treat this phenomenon, no doctor will not tell you exactly, as certain methods of treatment do not exist. Only with a strong manifestation of fright psychotherapists prescribed medications. And parents are tormented by the question of how to cure the child of fear and whether it is possible to do anything at home.

How to cure a child from fright

A large number of ways to relieve fear is offered by folk medicine:

  • A common way. Immediately after the fright, drink a glass of sugar sweetened with water.
  • Prayers are used. Prayer for fear "Our Father" in conjunction with holy water is a very effective force. The child should drink three times a day three times a day. In the morning and evening, wash this water, reading a prayer. Also an effective prayer from the fright "Virgin of the Virgin, rejoice."
  • The strongest folk method is the apple with incense. For this purpose, an opening is made in the apple in which 2-3 g of incense is put. After that, the apple is baked for half an hour. The first half of the apple is eaten in the morning, and the second one in the evening.
  • Coffee with mint. To prepare the decoction, ground coffee is poured into a saucepan. There is also added fresh mint. The mixture is poured in water and placed on a water bath. After boiling, give the child a breather of steam. Such inhalation will help relieve nervous tension. It is suitable for both adults and children. Milk with honey and melissa. Fresh milk should be boiled, add melissa to it. Let the boil in this state a little more. After that, cool the milk and add a spoonful of honey in May. To give to drink to the child on a half-glass five times a day. Pouring cold water. The procedure is carried out three times a day. The water temperature should be 10 degrees. The first days are poured on your knees, then you can pour the whole body. Duration of treatment is 10 days.

Prayer for fear

Application of herbs

Is it possible to overcome her child's fright with herbs? How to treat, tell the guides of traditional medicine. The recipes used herbs with a calming effect. On their basis, baths or broths for drinking are made.

  • 50 g of angelica root, 100 g of chamomile, 50 g of hops, 100 g of nettle leaves, 50 St. John's wort, 50 g of heather, 50 g of lemon balm are taken to prepare the collection. Herbs are mixed. A teaspoon of the mixture is brewed with a glass of boiling water. Infusion drink half a glass in the mornings and evenings.
  • Effective collection, helping to save the child from fright and from the neurotic disorder of adults. Take 4 parts of heather, 3 parts of cudweed, 3 parts of the motherwort and 1 part of valerian. The mixture is poured into two liters of boiling water and insisted for two hours. During the day, five sips are drunk every hour.
  • Take one teaspoon of the roots of the kupena. It is poured into a glass of water and boiled for 10 minutes. Drink before eating a quarter cup.
  • An excellent method is to take a bath with needles or chamomile, which have a sedative effect.

Preventive measures

To avoid the risk of fright, you should try to talk more with the child about his fears, explain to him that there is no reason for fear. It is also useful to temper the child, let him walk barefoot on the rocks and grass. An excellent means of strengthening nerves is clay. It can be replaced by conventional clay.

Treat the child with love, show concern, caress and patience towards him. Then he will not have any fears.

Stuttering from fear

What can cause stuttering in children? Causes and treatment will be described below.

It is clear that any child can be frightened of something. Why do some children begin to stammer, and some do not? Can fear cause such a violation in an adult? Is it worth waiting for that illness to pass without treatment?

The Psychophysiological Basis of

Many speech therapists point out that a problem such as stuttering occurs in individuals with a particular type of nervous system.

The factors predisposing to stuttering include:

  • weakness of higher nervous activity, which is accompanied by increased anxiety, irritability, tearfulness and vulnerability;
  • is a genetic background;
  • frequent infectious diseases;
  • asthenic condition;
  • is an organic disorder of the central nervous system;
  • psychological pressure( the child is afraid of punishment, conviction).

Stammering from a stressful situation can occur in an adult and a teenager, but the child's speech system, which is not sufficiently developed, reacts sensitively to various negative factors.

The above reasons do not at all indicate that the child under the influence of fright immediately becomes a stutterer, but the likelihood of such a flaw in childhood is high.

How to deal with such a phenomenon as stammering in children? Causes and treatment will explain only the doctor. Parents should seek the help of a specialist. Many believe that such a speech defect sooner or later will pass independently without the intervention of a professional. This view of the existing problem is fundamentally wrong.

Undoubtedly, there are cases when stammering from fright goes by itself, but this happens very rarely. Moreover, in the future any stress or new fright can cause even greater problems with speech, getting rid of which will become problematic. Therefore, it is advised to consult a specialist.

Stammering in children causes and treatment

General recommendations

The general recommendations for curing stuttering include:

  • observance of the daily routine;
  • creation of a favorable psychological atmosphere in the family;
  • strengthening the overall health of the kid.

Classes with speech therapist

Classes provide the opportunity to release the speech of a stuttering child from tension, to eliminate the pronunciation irregularity and to impart clarity, rhythm and smooth articulation.

At first the child performs tasks together with a specialist, then proceeds to independent exercises in the oral story. The reinforcement of the acquired skills occurs in daily communication with other people. The degree of complexity of the exercises is selected in accordance with the development of the speech of the child.

Exercises for breathing

Such activities help to make the voice natural and free. They have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system as a whole. Exercises contribute to the training of the diaphragm, I force it to participate in the process of voice formation, learn to breathe deeply, which promotes the mobility of the vocal cords. This method of treatment is supplemented by relaxing techniques.


As a rule, acupressure is applied. The course of treatment by this method is chosen in accordance with the complexity of a particular case. During the procedures, the masseur affects certain points of the body. The first results of treatment can be noticeable after the first session. Turned massage promotes the regulation of the nervous system.

Application of computer programs

The use of this method has a high degree of efficiency. The method promotes synchronization of the hearing and speech center of the child. The baby pronounces the words into the microphone, and the program automatically delays speech for a split second. The child listens to his pronunciation and tries to adapt to it.

The speech of the baby becomes smooth. With the help of the program, specific situations arise when communicating with other people. For example, such emotions as anger, surprise, discontent are included. The child must respond to the microphone. Then the program evaluates its response and advises that it should be improved.

Application of medicines

This method is an auxiliary, included in the complex of the general course. The child can be prescribed medication against seizures, tranquilizers. Also, drugs are prescribed that help neutralize blocking substances that interfere with the proper functionality of the nervous system. Assign different nootropics.

If necessary, medicinal treatment is supplemented by the use of soothing infusions. For example, decoction of Leonurus is used.