Pine buds from cough: a recipe with a photo

Have you gotten cold? Need a good recipe? Pine kidneys from cough are a wonderful remedy. They have unique healing properties, and therefore are used quite often. Recipes of pine buds from cough. A wide variety of

So, more. There are many recipes for pine buds from coughing. All of them are quite simple. Bronchitis, for example, is treated with a decoction of kidneys in milk. Asthma and lung diseases - with the help of pine honey. Diseases of the upper respiratory tract - with the help of tincture.

In a word, the healing and refreshing aroma of a pine forest can cure many different diseases. A unique natural doctor gives a man curative kidneys and oleoresin, green curative cones and soft needles. Evergreen beauty-pine - a real sorceress! Her kidneys, needles, cones, bark, pollen are endowed with a magnificent healing power. All this is due to the unique composition of acids, mineral salts, phytoncides, bitter and tannic substances, essential oils, resins. recipe for pine cough from a cough

In folk and traditional medicine

Recipes of pine kidneys from cough are very popular. And this is not surprising. Their chemical composition can easily cope with debilitating catarrhal diseases, with bronchitis, children's cough, sore throat, lung inflammation, bronchiectasis and urolithiasis.

To date, the traditional medicine has also adopted the experience of treating various diseases of pine buds in traditional medicine. And this tool is a great success. Most often it is used in the treatment of cough in children, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and protracted colds.

Therapeutic recipes with pine buds make it possible to prepare not only wonderful disinfectants, anti-inflammatory, expectorants, but also diuretic and choleretic. And what is the secret? Why does the drug help cough? The fact that tinctures and broths of pine gifts have an exciting effect on the secretory activity of the upper layer of the respiratory tract and can perfectly dilute sputum. Therefore, the kidneys are one of the most effective means for treating diseases of the bronchi and lungs. Kidney buds have been used since ancient times. They have a beneficial effect on the whole body, not only in the form of broths and infusions, but also in the form of alcoholic tinctures and syrups.

Therapeutic properties and contraindications are well studied, since the drug has been used in medicine for a very long time. This pharmacological raw material is incredibly valuable due to the high content of turpentine and the irritating effect. True, it can cause migraines, stomach upsets and allergic reactions. If you are prone to these symptoms, it is better to consult a doctor before applying the remedy. pine buds from cough recipe for children

The main indication for use

When do you need a prescription for pine buds? Cough is the perfect remedy! By the way, this plant is often included in a variety of teas and dues. Tinctures, infusions and decoctions of young shoots perfectly stimulate bronchial secretion and epithelium of the mucous membrane. Also, herbalists and healers often appoint pine buds to normalize the cardiovascular system, to restore the body after a stroke, SARS, influenza and other diseases.

We prepare raw materials for

Very important point. Pine kidneys from coughing reviews are usually positive in most cases. The main thing is to know at what diagnosis they are necessary, when to collect them, and to whom they are contraindicated.

Pine is a common and all familiar coniferous tree of the middle and northern stripes, the Caucasus and Siberia. In a word, there are no problems with the search for raw materials, and it can not arise. It is only necessary to choose an ecologically clean zone in the forest belt, far from roads and cities.

The next question: how and when to collect the buds of pine? It is advisable to start harvesting shoots before they blossom. That is, in February or in March. It depends on the range and climatic conditions. Kidneys are cut together with branches of approximately five centimeters long with the help of pruners or scissors.

The raw materials are dried on verandas, warm and dry attics - in natural conditions. For this, it is necessary to spread out a thin layer of shoots and periodically stir them. Do not dry the buds in ovens, ovens and electric dryers. Otherwise, the essential pine oil will evaporate too quickly.

Pine shoots are stored in tightly closed glass and porcelain dishes or drawers. However, they need to be stored for no more than two years with low humidity and cool temperature. pine buds from cough recipe reviews


milk Let's consider some cooking options. Caught a cold? Need a potent remedy? Of course, you need pine buds from a cough. Recipe with milk is useful also in the treatment of bronchitis. So, we are preparing. A tablespoon of kidneys is poured into one glass of hot milk. Insists about twenty minutes. A remedy is taken two tablespoons three to four times a day for half an hour before meals.

Pine honey

Than it is possible to treat toddlers? How to prepare pine buds from cough for them? Recipe for children who regularly suffer from cough, cold, bronchitis and asthma - honey! Of course, from pine. Freshly picked buds are poured with water at room temperature, insisted for about six hours, cooked for half an hour on a small fire. The water merges, the kidneys are squeezed out, filtered through a couple layers of nylon or gauze. To them hot water is added to the original volume, sugar is poured. It all boils for about ten minutes. Honey is removed from the fire and poured into cans. A kilogram of kidneys accounts for a liter of water and about two kilograms of sugar. In order that the pine honey before the end of cooking is not sugared, ten minutes before the fire is switched off, it is necessary to add a quarter of a teaspoon of citric acid to the mass. Honey is stored in the refrigerator. Pine kidneys from cough recipe with milk


The following recipe is used to treat lung and bronchus in adults and children. How to brew pine buds from a cough? Pour a tablespoon of shoots with a glass of water. Cover with a lid. Boil in a water bath for about half an hour, remove and insist for ten minutes. Then strain through a couple of layers of gauze or nylon. Press out what's left. Add two hundred milliliters of boiled water. Take a tablespoon three times a day after meals. pine buds from cough recipe for vodka


What is this type of cooking pine buds from coughing? The recipe for vodka is intended, naturally, for adults suffering from angina, bronchitis, colds, upper respiratory tract diseases. The effect is almost instantaneous. For cooking, you need: lemon, a glass of honey, a bottle of vodka, 150 grams of pine buds.

Kidneys are divided into two parts. The first is filled with vodka and placed for two weeks in a dark place. The second - a glass of boiled water, lemon juice and a glass of honey. The mixture is also insisted for about two weeks. Then both components must be filtered, mixed, closed as tightly as possible and put in the refrigerator for a month to mature. The drug is used three to five times a day for one tablespoon. how to brew pine buds from a cough

Treatment of asthma, catarrh of the respiratory tract, sore throat

Syrup from pine buds from cough to cook very easily. When treating bronchial asthma, the following prescription should be used. Take one tablespoon of leaves of mother-and-stepmother, plantain and pine buds. Stir. Pour one glass of boiled water. Leave to infuse for two to three hours at room temperature. Put in a water bath and heat for about fifteen minutes. Remove and insist for another ten minutes. Drain. Use in small sips several times a day. syrup from pine buds from cough

In order to cure the sore throat and catarrh of the respiratory tract, it is necessary to prepare an infusion of pine buds. A tablespoon of kidneys is poured into a glass of boiling water, the heat is wrapped up, it is insisted for about twenty minutes, it is filtered. The throat is caressed several times a day from the calculation - two teaspoons of a glass of warm water.


However, self-medication should always be extremely cautious. In which cases is it forbidden to use kidneys of pine? When breastfeeding, pregnancy, individual intolerance, at the age of up to seven years. It is undesirable to use the drug in old age. It is strictly forbidden to use pine buds in patients with hepatitis. Suffering diseases of the kidneys and liver require consultation of the doctor before use. There are cases of allergic reactions. A high concentration of essential oil can cause headaches, nausea and even vomiting.

Results of

So, an incredibly effective tool are pine buds from coughing. Recipes responses tend to get very good. After all, in most cases, the drug can be used alone. Many add pine buds to breastfeeding. In traditional medicine, kidneys are often prescribed for bronchopneumonia, pneumonia, tracheitis, bronchitis. The drug can perfectly stimulate secretory activity, dilute sputum, irritatingly act on the ciliated epithelium. In addition, the kidneys have an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory therapeutic effect. They are also prescribed in complex therapy for the treatment of asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis.