Yellowing under the eyes: the causes and the characteristics of treatment

It's no secret that our skin reflects the state of the body. And if you notice on it any stains, discoloration or yellow circles under the eyes, the reasons are worth looking into in your lifestyle. Let's understand why under the eyes appears unhealthy yellowness, and how to get rid of it.

The use of certain products

In fact, the true reason for the appearance of circles may not be so terrible. They can arise from the fact that a person consumes an excessive amount of products containing yellow pigments. Among them are carrots, oranges and tangerines.

There is nothing terrible in this manifestation of pigmentation, and the person's health from the appearance of such spots will not change. However, it is worth a bit to revise your diet, because overdoing with any products is still not worth it for the overall health of the body.

yellowness under the eyes of the cause

Pay attention to eye protection

But since the use of pigmenting products does not often contribute to the appearance of yellowness under the eyes, the reasons may be hiding in completely different factors.

The appearance of unwanted circles can signal that your skin around the eyes is too sensitive to ultraviolet rays. There is nothing intimidating in this, but in order to remove the unpleasant yellowness, it is recommended to wear good quality sunglasses on sunny days.

If you often use glasses, pay attention to its frame. The cause of the appearance of yellow circles can serve as a metal frame, which, as is known, is oxidized in air. This leads to the fact that the metal starts to turn green, and unwanted circles appear under the eyes.

Incorrect lifestyle

yellowing under the eyes causes and treatment

Yellowing under the eyes, the causes of which often hide in the wrong way of life, can manifest itself due to smoking, poor nutrition and regular stress.

All this leads to liver diseases, which can not cope with the tasks assigned to it. If you want to remove the side effect of your lifestyle, change your diet, eat more vegetables, fruits and greens, quit smoking.

Also on the appearance of circles are influenced by a sedentary lifestyle and lack of oxygen. It can be corrected by daily walks in the fresh air, additional physical exertion( walking on a bicycle, gymnastics, etc.).

Pay attention to your weight - because of it often there is a yellowness under the eyes. The reasons usually lie in a sharp weight loss, which is extremely unfavorable for the body. This symptom also signals the need to change the diet.

yellow circles under the eyes and around them causes

Physiological Individualities

It happens that a person constantly asks himself: "What can yellow circles under the eyes be?".And like with the food is all right, there is no nicotine addiction, as are other causes, but the circles do not disappear.

In this case, the reason is physiology. It is known that a membrane is located between the skin and the cellulose under the skin. At someone it is dense enough, and some are "lucky" to have a thin enough membrane, because of what the shade of the skin seems yellowish.

You do not need to worry here, but also to correct, unfortunately, the defect is impossible. To remove the circles, you can use cosmetics, for example, concealers, which hide the unwanted yellowness.

yellowing under the eyes cause in men

Liver diseases

Yellow circles under the eyes, the causes of which can be quite dangerous, often arise from liver diseases. One of such provoking factors is bilirubin - pigment, the norm of its content in the body is close to 20.5 mmol / l. If in the body this indicator is exceeded, this indicates problems with the liver.

In this case, except for the skin under the eyes, a yellow tinge has eye proteins and a mucous membrane. Also, pain in the right god, malaise and nausea can be seen. To make sure of the problem with bilirubin, pull the lower eyelid and examine the eye proteins. When yellowing is observed, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Adrenal insufficiency

There is another ailment that causes yellow circles under and around the eyes. The causes of the appearance of circles lie in the bronze disease, which contributes to the appearance of unwanted color.

In addition to this symptom, with chronic adrenal insufficiency, abdominal pain, weight loss, apathy, fainting, and weakness are noted.

It is possible to cope with bronze disease only with the help of drug treatment, therefore, if such symptoms are detected, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor.

How to treat?

You should remember that if you have diseases that cause yellowness under the eyes, the cause and treatment is determined and prescribed only by the doctor. If the problem lies in something else, then you should try several of the following methods to combat unwanted pigmentation.

yellow circles under the eyes causes

Finger massage is one of the simplest methods of combating yellowness, accelerating blood circulation, due to which the circles disappear. Lubricate the skin with a nutritious cream, followed by a gentle circular movements massage the upper and lower eyelids. Repeat the procedure in the morning and evening, and you will notice a tangible result after a week of such prevention.

Gymnastics for the eyes also contribute to the influx of blood and improves skin condition. Here are some exercises that will help to overcome circles under the eyes:

  • Quickly blink your eyes.
  • Several times, look up and down, and then right and left.
  • Focus on the subject that lies close to you. Then change focus to a farther subject.
  • Rotate the eyeballs clockwise, and then against it.

These simple exercises can be performed at any time, when convenient for you.

Masks against pigmentation

from what can be yellow circles under the eyes

If the true problem lies in something else, eye exercises can be useless, yellowness remains under the eyes anyway. The reason for men and women may be the same - excessive pigmentation in people aged. To deal with it, you can make special masks and compresses.

  1. 50 g of fresh parsley grind in a meat grinder or blender.
  2. Place gruel in gauze and squeeze out a small amount of juice.
  3. Take a tablespoon of high-fat cream and pour juice into it.
  4. Apply the mask under the eyes 2-3 times a week for half an hour.

Flush the mixture with warm water. After a couple of weeks you will notice a significant result.

It is also important to use compresses made from potatoes.

  • Grate large potatoes on a grater.
  • Take small pieces of gauze and place the gruel in them.
  • Put compresses under the eyes for 20-30 minutes 2-3 times a week.

It is noticed that these agents really help to reduce unwanted pigmentation not only under the eyes, but also on the entire skin.

Additional procedures

An excellent way to combat yellow circles and swelling are contrast procedures. For their implementation you will need lemon juice and a bottle of mineral water. Mix the ingredients and pour the mixture into special molds to freeze.

After this, clean the skin and draw for 30-40 seconds an ice cube under the eyes. After that, moisten gauze in warm water and attach to the eyes. Repeat the contrast procedure 3-4 times.

In such a variety of ways, you can overcome such an unpleasant thing as yellowness under the eyes. The causes of this disease can be varied, but most importantly - do not run the treatment and be sure to protect your body, then the skin will be healthy and beautiful.