Clinical Rheumatological Hospital No. 25. Revmocenter in St. Petersburg: reviews

For patients with diseases of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, gout in St. Petersburg, there is a specialized clinic - 25 hospital, revmotsentr. For many years, patients with chronic disease are observed here, and visitors are sent to clarify the diagnosis.

A brief history of

A medical institution, the current 25th hospital( revmotsentr), appeared on the Great Podyacheskoe Street in the first half of the 1840s. The buildings of the first infectious hospital for children were built on donations from the Demidov family. In 1853, the institution was entrusted to the 5th department of the Sovereign Chancellery, the patronage of which was taken by Prince Peter of Oldenburg.

Before the revolution, the clinic was transferred to new buildings on Vologda street, and in 1918 the hospital received the name of N.F.Filatova. The buildings on the Great Podyacheskoe Street were not empty, a physiological surgery institute was opened under the direction of A. Polenov, who moved to a new place in 1923.In the vacated buildings, a skin and venereal hospital was located.

During the war and blockade of the address. Bolshaya Podyacheskoe, 30 became known as a hospital for patients with dystrophy, and later for patients with hemoccolitis. Like almost all buildings in Leningrad, the war period turned into a devastating clinic. Major repairs were carried out in 1945.Since 1946, the clinic has taken patients with urological diseases.

In 1973 the institution was united with the hospital of the Oktyabrsky district, and in 1980, after the separation of rheumatological and cardiological services, a department of arthrology appeared. Since 2009, on Bolshaya Podyacheskoe Street, 30, the Clinical Rheumatological Hospital 25 is functioning successfully.

25 hospital revmotsentr


Rheumatic diseases are characterized not only by pain, discomfort and chronic course, but by loss of ability to work, and by the gradual extinction of certain functions. Unfortunately, the disease captures ever younger generations. The Povyaczha revue center is designed to provide early diagnosis and timely effective treatment of rheumatic patients.

At the present stage the clinic is equipped with advanced medical equipment, staffed by a qualified staff. The city clinic No. 25( hospital, revmotsentr) provides treatment and diagnostics of the most difficult cases with a total of more than 120 rheumatic diseases, including scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus, arthritis, Sjogren's disease, etc.

The hospital provides medical care and services for policies of CHI, VHI and on the basis of a contractual agreement. The clinic has specialized centers that help patients with gout and osteoporosis. The rheumatological center accepts patients in the outpatient clinic and inpatient departments.

revo-center on podyacheskoy

General impressions about the hospital

A large stream of patients receives 25 hospitals daily( revmotsentr).The reviews with positive reviews are left in favor of the professionalism of the majority of specialists, the opportunity to receive services on the MHI policies. However, patients share their impressions that the clinic needs repair in some rooms and replacement of additional personnel. In particular, it is indicated that the staff of the registry are often impolite or simply do not want to inform the patient about the schedule of doctors' work, the waiting time for admission, can not explain what makes the price of a commercial visit to a specialist, and much more.

Patients told that sometimes the first reception in the revmocenter should wait about 2 months after the direction of the attending physician. Often, waiting for counseling is accompanied by pain, deterioration and patients suspect that this approach is an incentive for paying a visit to the hospital. Patients who have received full assistance, diagnostic studies and consultations, talk about attentive doctors, carefully thought-out therapy and the effect that led to a stable remission.

rheumatological center

Diagnostics of

The key to successful treatment is qualitative and accurate diagnosis.25 hospital( revmotsentr) performs the following types of research:

  • Laboratory tests( biochemical, immunological, clinical, cytological, morphological, oncomarkers, etc.).
  • Functional diagnostics( UZGD, EchoCG, ECG, capillaroscopy, daily monitoring of blood pressure and ECG, FVD, etc.).
  • X-ray( radiography, fluoroscopy).
  • Densitometry( radius, cervix, spine, elbows, etc.).
  • ultrasound( joints, abdominal organs, mammary glands, kidneys, soft tissues, etc.).
  • MRI( elbow, knee, wrist, ankle, joints of feet and brushes).

In the responses of the patients' permanent patients, it is pointed out that with the diagnostic base in the hospital, things are not very good. The equipment is obsolete, so it is advised to check the results obtained in other laboratories. At the same time, many leave words of gratitude to doctors who, in far from perfect conditions, put correct diagnoses, prescribe treatment measures and preventive measures.

The overwhelming number of regular visitors to the clinic have chronic diseases, so they advise not to succumb to a momentary desire to recover by getting the first medicament preparations, but to adjust to a change in lifestyle and trust doctors.

Consultative Department of

More than 32,000 patients are referred for consultations to the outpatient department every year. The rheumatological center accepts patients in the directions from the attending physicians of the city and regional clinics. Consultations and treatment are provided by appointment, and department doctors select patients for admission to hospital CRB No. 25.

25 hospital rheumocentre address

The appointment is made through the registry, conducted independently through the online system or the dispatching service of the clinic. All types of outpatient and out-patient care are provided according to MHI or VHI policies, and patients are also able to receive all services on a paid basis.

Fixed department

The revmon center on Podlyac Street provides hospital treatment services in such departments:

  • 5 rheumatological departments with individual specialization.
  • Department of physiotherapy( massage, magnetotherapy, hirudotherapy, ozokeritotherapy, galvanization, aerophytotherapy, laser therapy, etc.).
  • ECMOK( blood purification by plasma filter, plasmapheresis, efferent therapy, etc.).
  • Intensive therapy( ward is designed for patients with systemic diseases, efferent therapy is applied).

Patients are hospitalized in the direction from the out-patient department of the 25th hospital( revmotsentra).

clinical rheumatological hospital 25

Attention to regular patients

CRC No. 25( hospital, revmotsentr) is a medical facility where special attention is paid to patients with osteoporosis and gout. These diseases have a chronic course, frequent relapses, patients need constant attention of specialists. In order to prevent and provide specialized care on the basis of CRB, the following functions are functioning:

  • The Osteoporosis Center provides methodical, preventive, consultative, and therapeutic assistance. Patients are invited for examination and treatment with modern methods, which have proved effective in Russia and the world.
  • The gout center accepts patients with underlying disease, as well as those suffering from unexplained joint pathologies based on the 5th Rheumatology Department of CRC No. 25( Povyaczma Revcomenter).The patients are provided with services in the outpatient and inpatient departments.
  • School of the patient. Attendees are invited to classes, suffering from osteoporosis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis. At the lectures, doctors explain the essence of the processes taking place in the body, talk about the prevention of side effects, learn to control their condition. Classes are free of charge and are carried out on the basis of a revmocenter.

great podnyak

Feedback on the treatment of

Most of the positive feedback from the 25th hospital( revmotsentr) was obtained from regular patients. They talk about the great specialists who have been observed and treated for many years. Patients believe that CRP is the place where patients with rheumatism, arthritis or osteoporosis will necessarily provide all the necessary assistance. The only thing that is worth remembering for the first time to the referring patient is the duration of therapy, patience while passing the course of treatment and the mood for a positive result.

No one is immune from the diseases that are dealt with by the rheumacenter. The problem of the disease is not only in its acute phases, but also in chronic course. With the disease you have to reckon constantly and adhere to certain rules. Patients advise to try to find a doctor with whom there will be mutual understanding, trust. It is necessary to strictly follow all the recommendations, even if it seems that the medicines are too "heavy", the therapy is delayed and the miracle does not happen. The results will have to be achieved for a long time, it will be necessary to undergo annual preventive treatment in the hospital, adjust the selection of medicines and physiotherapy.

25 hospital revmotsentr reviews

In negative reviews, talk about the difficulties that you have to face. Doctors do not always give exact answers, but more often prescribe additional tests. Patients who received complete diagnosis and who know their diagnosis, say that the specialists of the clinic prescribe hormonal preparations, which will subsequently be impossible to refuse. Many consider this a minus, preferring alternative treatment. Also, many did not like that the registry requires a mandatory personal visit to write to the doctor.

In the clinic, a personal visit is motivated by the fact that the waiting list for a consultative reception is very large. Patients are given a coupon without a date and the name of a specialist, this is accompanied by a promise to call back when the turn comes. Despite all the shortcomings, the number of patients seeking to enter the rheumacenter is constantly increasing, which indicates a sufficient level of care, effective treatment and specialists with high qualifications.

The hospital receives visitors from St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Become a patient or get advice from a specialized doctor can be addressed by referral. Primary reception is carried out in the advisory department of CRB No. 25( hospital, revmotsentr) at: ul. Great Podyachestvo, structure 30.