What are the ways to slow the metabolism?

Someone is making every effort to lose weight, and some, on the contrary, do not know how to gain weight. Since these people have faster food processed into energy, they tend to reduce the metabolic rate in the body. There are several ways how to slow down the metabolism, but before you resort to it, it is worth considering some statements of experts.

What affects weight gain?

According to doctors, the decrease in metabolic rate does not always affect the kilogram set. Typically, the deposition of fats reflects other factors, such as nutritious and high-calorie food, heredity, diseases, unhealthy habits, and more. metabolism slow down

In addition, it is very difficult to slow down the metabolism and at the same time not to cause harm to health. Also, the process of metabolic disorders may not be the most pleasant. For example, you need to skip the usual meals and control yourself. In this case, if there is a desire to recover, doctors recommend other methods, for example:

  1. Food should be regular and high-calorie, so that the body does not have time to process food into energy.
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  3. A lean person can suffer from diseases that do not allow him to gain weight. For example, it could be diabetes, anorexia, thyroid problems, and more. Therefore, it is better to direct your forces to fight the disease.

Nutrition that slows the metabolism of

how to slow down the metabolism in the body If you decide to get better in this way, first of all metabolism will be slowed by improper nutrition. The well-functioning work of the exchange process can be brought down by skipping meals. It is better if you sit for a couple of weeks on a hypocaloric diet. In a day to consume no more than 900 kcal, at the same time it is good if you feel hunger. So the brain will reorganize, and the body will learn to receive energy from that quantity of food that is, that is, you can slow down the metabolism by deceiving the body. As soon as this diet is over, the brain will signal that it's time to accumulate supplies for a rainy day. This method will help to accumulate two, three kilos of fat mass.

It is important to note that reducing the daily intake of calories can lead to the burning of muscle mass.

What foods to include in the diet?

Metabolism can be slowed not only by the diet, but also by the foods that make up your diet. If the body gets pesticides, fatty foods, simple or refined carbohydrates, the metabolism slows down significantly. Received food will not be quickly and completely processed into energy. But such food has a big minus. With unhealthy food, not only will metabolism be broken, but internal organs will begin to malfunction.

There are also less harmful products that slow metabolism. For example, they are grains and nuts. This food contains polyunsaturated fats, they are beneficial to the body and are slowly oxidized. Also in them there is an amino acid agyrine, which participates in the creation of nitric oxide, and it, in turn, inhibits metabolic processes. products slowing metabolism

List of products slowing the metabolism of

If you want to slow down metabolic processes in your body and recover a little, first of all pay attention to products that have gone through several processing steps. For example, the bread should be from fine flour, sugar-refined, come in handy stew and all kinds of sauces. Products should contain less fiber. Below are listed those positions that "settle" in our body:

  • Sugar, muffins and sweets.
  • Pork, lard.
  • Chicken and turkey meat( with long processing).
  • Potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes.
  • Strawberry, melon, apricots( fresh), nuts, grains. Pickles and salty foods. Fast food and semi-finished products.
  • Sausages and smoked products.
  • Butter, mayonnaise, etc.

Of course, much of this list is harmful, because it affects the state of the intestines, blood, liver. Therefore, thinking about how to slow down the metabolism in the body, do not forget about prudence. Remember that not all methods will benefit health.

Drug method

drugs slowing metabolism People who really need to slow down metabolic processes, can seek the help of a specialist and do not struggle with this problem on their own. Today in the medical arsenal there are special drugs that slow down metabolism. They are called "antimetabolites".Often doctors prescribe to patients "Apilak".This antimetabolite is specifically designed to help people with excessively active metabolism.

Aspects affecting the metabolic rate

In our daily lives there are many small things that we do every day, but they affect our metabolism. Here it is possible to relate:

  1. Caffeine stimulates the work of the heart, as a result of which the metabolism is accelerated. If you can not do without a cup of coffee, this is a pleasant lesson.
  2. When you get so hot that the body sweats, or it's cold, the body starts to expend more energy and burn calories.
  3. During stress, the body produces thyroxine and adrenaline. These two hormones increase our metabolism, so learn to relax and not be nervous about trifles.
  4. In dairy products contains calcium, which stimulates the metabolic processes of the body. Only sometimes it is possible to use low-fat dairy products in small quantities, since calcium is still necessary for us. how to slow down the metabolism
  5. Exercise helps to increase metabolism, so it is worthwhile to limit oneself to light and short-term occupations. But if you aspire not only to moderate your metabolism, but also gain weight, then, perhaps, you should not lower your metabolism. You can add to the mass with the help of a set of muscle mass. Intensive power loads can give your body a sporty shape and a little weight.