Clinics in Moscow: list, addresses, reviews

If you have health problems, a person seeks to seek the help of the best specialists, who can hear a lot of positive feedback. Qualitative services are provided by both private and public clinics in Moscow. The list of the best medical institutions of the capital will be presented below.

Russian Scientific Center for Surgery

This is the largest multi-profile medical institution in which many lives have been saved. A lot of positive feedback can be heard about the department of cardiac surgery. Within the walls of the clinic, complex heart operations are performed, allowing patients to return to full-fledged life. If we consider the state clinics of Moscow in the field of neurosurgery, then this clinic will also occupy one of the first places. In addition, there are operations in the field of oncology, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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The medical institution is located at Abrikosovsky Pereulok, 2. In the immediate vicinity there are metro stations "Smolenskaya", "Kievskaya", "Sportivnaya".

AS Vyshnevsky Institute of Surgery

If we consider surgery clinics in Moscow, this medical institution will also occupy one of the first places. The hospital is versatile. However, much attention is paid to burns and frostbite. Studies are under way to develop new methods of therapy for complex clinical cases.

Many good reviews can be heard about the specialists of the medical institution. In the staff of the Institute - doctors of the highest category, doctor of medical sciences, professor. Junior medical personnel also perform their work at a high level. One of the directions of the institution is maxillofacial surgery. The reviews show that the doctors of the Institute work as delicately as possible. Experts do everything to prevent the operation from affecting the appearance of the patient.

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The Institute of Surgery is located at Bolshaya Serpuhovskaya Street, 27, daily from 8:00 to 19:00.Hospitalization is carried out around the clock.


This is not one private clinic in Moscow, but a whole network. Medical institutions under this name work not only in the capital, but also in the region. The main area of ​​activity is the therapy of diseases of the genitourinary as well as the immune system. In addition, the network of medical institutions specializes in the treatment of skin diseases, allergies, and digestive organs. Good reviews can also be heard about the cosmetology services that real professionals perform. Procedures for the removal of wrinkles, scars and acne are not all clinics in Moscow. The list of services provided by the "MedCenterService" agency is quite wide.

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In Moscow, almost all the clinic's offices are located next to the metro. The most visited are the departments:

  • Zemlyanoy Val street, house 38/40( Kurskaya metro station);
  • Chernyakhovskogo street, house 8( metro "Airport");
  • Garibaldi Street, house 36( metro station "Novye Cheryomushki).

"Human Health"

Another private clinic in Moscow, about which you can hear many positive reviews. The institution is multidisciplinary. It provides services for the therapy of various diseases, diagnosis, pregnancy, etc. This is one of the few clinics in Moscow offering to hand over genetic tests. The medical institution also works in the field of aesthetic medicine. Reviews about cosmetologists can only be heard positive.

A private institution provides services for a fee. Reviews show that the price is fully in line with the quality. You can take simple tests for 360 rubles. The price of the first consultation with a specialist is 1500 rubles.

The "Human Health" clinic works at the address: Autumn Boulevard, Building 12, building 10, near the metro station "Krylatskoe".

Children's Clinical Hospital of St. Vladimir

Children's health is above all. To children could fully develop, there are special clinics in Moscow. The list should start with the clinical hospital of St. Vladimir, which specializes in childhood pathologies. A lot of good reviews can be heard about the recovery department for premature babies. Parents say that local specialists give kids a chance to lead a full-fledged way of life, to grow without any deviations.

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The hospital performs complex surgical interventions in children of different ages. Therapy is provided to children in the field of orthopedics, neurology, gastroenterology, cardiology, etc.

There is a medical facility at Rubtsovsko-Dvrtsovaya Street, 1/3.


If we consider dental clinics in Moscow, then this medical institution will take one of the first places. Here you can find the full range of services related to a beautiful smile. The patients' testimonies show that the clinic holds various actions regularly, allowing to install implants or perform molar whitening at a reduced cost. Qualitative therapeutic treatment, removal of problem teeth, bite correction and much more are carried out.

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There are also children's dentists working in the clinic. Specialists are able to find an approach to small patients, they know how to calm them down before an unpleasant procedure.

"DentaVita" is a network of medical institutions. The most visited institution is on Zubovsky Boulevard, house 27/26, building 5.

Other dental clinics in Moscow such as Novadent, Dial-Dent, Vita-Stom, etc. are also popular.

"MicrosurgeryEye "named after SN Fedorov

The medical institution was founded by an outstanding scientist and ophthalmologist. Today, the Fedorov Clinic( Moscow) is the leading institution for the treatment of eye diseases, not only in the capital, but throughout Russia. The clinic is also recognized in Europe. People from the near abroad come here for treatment.

Clinic of Surgery in Moscow

"Eye Microsurgery" named after S.N.Fedorova is a whole complex, including a scientific institution, a clinic, a diagnostic center. The reviews show that each patient has an individual approach, which allows him to maintain his vision with minimal health loss.

Fedorov Clinic( Moscow) works at Beskudnikovsky Boulevard( house 59a).

Scientific and Medical Center "Microelement"

If we consider the best private clinics in Moscow, the list will necessarily include this institution. The clinic has been working since 1998.There is a full range of services related to the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The medical center works in the following directions: cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, gynecology, gastroenterology, cosmetology, etc.

Any tests can be taken at the clinic "Microsystem".The testimonies show that a thorough examination of the organs is carried out before the doctor diagnoses the patient and prescribes appropriate treatment. The staff of the clinic are specialists of the highest category, associate professors, professors.

There is a medical institution on the street Pyrieva( house 11a), in the immediate vicinity of the metro station "Kievskaya".

The article presented a list of clinics about which you can hear the greatest number of positive reviews. However, in Moscow there are still many clinics that also provide services at a high level. It is not only private, but also public medical institutions, assistance in which you can get absolutely free.