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All sorts of illnesses and health disorders lie in wait for a person at every turn. How to provide the first necessary help to yourself and your loved ones, without using expensive medicines? About this tell recipes of traditional medicine.

What is traditional medicine

The full definition of the concept was officially approved in 1977 at a meeting of the World Health Organization( WHO).Briefly it can be formulated as follows: traditional medicine is an area of ​​non-traditional medicine.

rosehip increases or lowers the pressure

The methods used in healing are based mainly on practical experience and the results of observations of people engaged in healing. Knowledge, methods have social and religious origins and are transmitted from one generation to another in written and oral form.

Today, traditional healers use in their practice the data of the latest scientific research, which brings this field of medicine to a new, higher quality level.

Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases in folk medicine are most often carried out with the help of plants, animal substances, minerals.

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Medicinal plants and traditional medicine

Preparations prepared from medicinal herbs not only treat, but also support the body in tone, exert a preventive effect, release hidden human resources that can be used to fight the disease.

Medicinal products made from medicinal herbs almost never give side effects( although exceptions are possible!), Having a mild therapeutic effect.

The list of medicinal herbs is huge. To navigate in it, it is necessary to take time to study the available information, the experience of those people who have successfully used the medicinal properties of plants to improve their well-being.

Using rosehip healers of the past

rosehip increases the pressure

Treatment with medicinal plants is the oldest way to get rid of ailments. One of such plants is the dog rose. And today he takes an honorable place in the list of medicinal herbs. Rose rose or lowers the pressure? Can I take it to people suffering from heart disease? Are there any contraindications to the use of medicines from rose hips? This is not a complete list of issues that interest people who have decided to use the dog rose to improve their health.

It got its name in Russian because of the presence of numerous studs on the stems. And this is not his only name. In people, the plant is called a wild rose, a soboronnik, a spinach, etc.

The generic name of the plant came from the Greek language and in translation means "pink".

The mention of rose hip as a medicinal plant dates back to the IV century BC.e. The ancient Greeks used it to fight many diseases. They described in detail the recipes for preparing medicines from rose hips. These tips have been successfully used by descendants for many centuries in unchanged form.

rose hips lowers pressure

Rosehip was used as an oral care product. This strengthened the gums and eliminated their bleeding. The broth healed well the wounds received during the battles.

In Russia, the dog rose was so popular that special expeditions were even equipped to collect its fruits. Even then people knew that the quality of raw materials directly depends on the therapeutic effect.

In military hospitals, a decoction of rose hips was given to the wounded soldiers to restore their strength.

Than the curative properties of dogrose

are caused. Traditional healers use whole plant flowers, petals, leaves, roots, seeds to prepare medicinal products. But the most popular are the hips, which look like berries. To preserve all the medicinal properties, they are collected before the onset of frost. The collected "berries" are dried in special ovens or outdoors in the shade. Raw materials can be stored and used for cooking medicinal broths, infusions for two years.

dog rose and pressure

Before the preparation of the medicinal product, the raw materials must be carefully sorted out. All fruits damaged by mold must be removed.

After the discovery of vitamins, the popularity of dog rose increased even more, as it became known that its fruits are very rich in ascorbic acid, provitamin A. It contains a lot of vitamins P, B2, K, E.

And the content of vitamins C, P and carotene is so great that 4 grams of fresh rose hips give their daily rate for an adult.

Various sugar, citric and malic acids, pectins, mineral and specific active substances available in the dog rose make it a unique medicinal plant.

How the dog rose acts on the body

The richness of dog rose with various substances that can affect the work of different body systems, indicates that it is necessary to approach the reception of funds from the plant with all seriousness.

Dogrose influences the pressure

For example, vitamin C, contained in large quantities in hips, normalizes the redox processes in the human body. This increases resistance to the perception of various infectious diseases, stimulates metabolism, increases efficiency.

But it is precisely the high content of vitamin C in the dogrose that should alert people suffering from high acidity of the stomach, gastritis.

People who have problems with blood pressure, before taking decoctions, infusions should be aware of whether rose hip increases or lowers blood pressure.

It turns out that the alcohol tinctures of dog rose are contraindicated in people with high blood pressure. In preparations of this kind, rosehip increases blood pressure. And it is recommended to take them if the pressure is low.

Rosehip lowers the pressure if it is contained in water infusion, so hypotension is not recommended for taking it.

The use of dogrose in traditional medicine

In medicine, rose hips are used to treat diseases associated with the work of the digestive tract, with exhaustion of the body, anemia, atherosclerosis. Hips are used to treat cholecystitis, hepatitis.

Forms of production of medicines from rose hips may be different: infusions, extracts, syrups, tablets.

"Holosas" is a syrup that includes condensed water extract of rose hips and sugar. It is prescribed for cholecystitis and hepatitis. One teaspoon 3 times a day is the recommended dose of the medicine.

The drug "Carotolin" is an oil extract. It is prepared from the flesh of rose hips. The remedy is recommended for use in the treatment of skin diseases: dermatitis, trophic ulcers, psoriasis. It is recommended to apply napkins impregnated with the product to the affected area. The procedure must be repeated at least three times a day.

How to use rose hip oil

From the hips, oil is obtained. It is rich in carotenoids, vitamin E, fatty acids.

When used externally, oil is used to lubricate cracks and wounds on the skin. A good effect is the use of oil in the treatment of trophic ulcers, burns, decubitus, radiation damage to the skin.

For dermatitis oil is taken orally. To do this, it is enough to take a single teaspoon of the drug every day. To treat the disease, the oil is also used externally.

With ulcerative colitis, enemas are prescribed with rose hips. They are recommended to be carried out for four( maximum) weeks daily or every other day.

Drinks from dogrose

You can brew tea or prepare infusions from whole hips. There are many recipes for preparing beverages. We give as an example the description of only some of them.

Does the dog rose pressure?

For brewing tea you need to take 10-15 dried fruits for 200 mg of water. Boil them for 10 minutes, then add 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar to the drink and allow to stand for several hours. Eat a glass a day before eating.

Infusions are cooked in a water bath. A tablespoon of fruit is ground and placed in enameled glassware or a glass container. Fill the contents with 400 ml of water, put in a boiling water bath. Prepared infusion should often stir. After 15 minutes, remove from the water bath and allow to stand for 24 hours. Ready to infuse it must necessarily strain. And use it on half a glass 2 times a day.

Does rosehip raise pressure? Feedback on the admission of the drug

Hypertension is one of the most common and insidious diseases of our time. Scientists, folk healers are trying to find means that can resist him.

rosehip reduces pressure

The question of whether the dog rose or lower the pressure, sounds quite often. Existing reviews about the intake of preparations from the dogrose are very contradictory. Some people insist that the rose hip reduces the pressure. And such reviews are the majority.

There is a category of patients who say that dog rose and pressure are not connected in any way. Such an opinion could have been formed in people who used infusions, decoctions, rosehip tea for a long time, but they did not notice the influence of drinks on blood pressure.

Traditional healers have a rich experience in the use of drugs, which include rosehips. How this drug affects the pressure, each of them explains, based on their own observations. I must say that the healers' comments about the influence of dogrose on the pressure are also different.

A large number of sources indicate that the influence of rosehip preparations on the body, the blood pressure directly depends on the way the preparation is prepared, the concentration of the broth, the dose taken.

Instead of the conclusion of

It follows from the foregoing that the use of plants as therapeutic agents must be weighed. A person must have certain knowledge in the field of traditional medicine. If such knowledge is not enough, it is necessary to consult a specialist to answer a number of questions: "Rosehip raises or lowers the pressure? In what form is the plant more effective? How many times does it take to take into account the age when taking medicinal plants?"

Today, official and folk medicine interact with each other, so the opinion of doctors on the use of traditional medicine should also be taken into account.