"Gidazepam": consumer feedback and instructions for use

The drug "Gidazepam" is inherently a tranquilizer, nootropic medicine. Take it and the like is only necessary for the doctor's prescription, having certain indications. Nevertheless, even when the medicine is prescribed by an expert, many patients try to find more information about this. Today's article will tell you about what consumers say about tablets "Gidazepam".Feedback will be provided to your review.

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Opinion of physicians: prescription and contraindications to its use

About the tablets "Gidazepam" doctors say that this medication should be used only when necessary. It is not taken for prophylaxis. After oral administration, nootropics affect receptors and reflexes. The drug has a sedative, tranquilizing, anticonvulsant effect. It reduces feelings of anxiety and fear, reduces anxiety. If you use it in big Doha, then there may be a dip in the memory, a strong inhibition, an immersion in yourself. In what situations is the tranquilizer "Gidazepam" used?

The use of tablets is necessary with frequent migraines and logoneurosis, autonomic labiality and neurotic conditions. In this case, the patient can express themselves in the form of panic attacks, depression, irritability, sleep disturbances, headaches, seizures and so on. Doctors never prescribe tablets "Gidazepam" with myasthenia gravis, liver and kidney diseases. Also, doctors say that a tranquilizer is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

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Getting used to a medicine: truth or fiction?

About the tablets "Gidazepam" reviews can be heard the most diverse. One of the prevailing opinions reports that the drug is addictive. Is it true?

The medication "Gidazepam" is prescribed for a period of several days to two months. The medically chosen period depends on the patient's condition. The medicine is inadmissible to use in a dose exceeding the established. Taking large portions can even lead to death. After the expiration of the period established by the doctor, nootropics are usually canceled without any problems. But some people report that they have developed addiction. Physicians refute this possibility. Doctors say that this is more of a self-suggestion. A study was conducted that showed that people who were getting used to wearing tablets( without their use) felt much better.

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"Gidazepam" and alcohol: reviews of

Can I drink alcohol during treatment? This question is asked by many consumers, because the course of the drug is quite large, and holidays have not been canceled. From the instruction it is known that the medication is not used in renal and hepatic diseases. This means that it has a toxic effect. Alcohol negative consequences will only intensify.

What do they say about the possibility of drinking alcoholic beverages and "Gidazepam" medications? There are consumers who successfully drank and underwent therapy with the described nootropic. At the same time, they said that there were no unpleasant consequences. Doctors believe that they just got lucky. In fact, take the medicine "Gidazepam" and at the same time use alcohol is strictly prohibited. It is known that the medication is prescribed in combination with the treatment of alcohol dependence, and this by itself excludes ethanol and its derivatives.

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Instead of concluding

From the article you were able to find out what patients and medics think about the "Gidazepam" remedy. The drug has a variety of responses. Most consumers say that the pills helped them cope with neurotic pathologies: fear and anxiety went away, sleep became normal, and the nervous system worked smoothly. Even in the event of a stressful situation, tablet users managed to remain steadfast.

Negative opinions are more often formed in those who use the medication independently. Such consumers say that tablets cause a lot of adverse reactions: from banal allergies in the form of rashes to inhibition and dysmenorrhea( in women).That's why you should not rely on the emerging opinions. Before using the pills, be sure to consult a neurologist.