Medical Center of Chinese Medicine, Kostroma

In pursuit of health and beautiful appearance people resort to a variety of methods - traditional and non-traditional. Increasingly popular is Chinese medicine. In Kostroma, a medical center works in this direction. Pleasing visitors are democratic prices, as well as a wide range of services.

Basic information

The Center for Chinese Medicine in Kostroma is a modern institution in which qualified specialists can be provided. The institution was founded in April 2005.Already at that time there was no release from the patients. Many came from other cities to get an appointment with the well-known specialist in traditional Chinese medicine Shalimov Alexander Heraldovich. The doctor opened the center together with his best students. Since then, the composition of the medical institution has not changed much. The clinic employs real professionals who help people get rid of pain and discomfort, restore external beauty.

Acupuncture in the center of Chinese medicine

Those who want to enjoy a relaxing massage or take advantage of other spa

services should also go to the Chinese Medicine Center in Kostroma. How to get to the institution? The clinic is located on Prospect Tekstilshchikov, house 47. Not far from the central entrance is a public transport stop.

Specialists of

Doctors of the Chinese Medicine Center in Kostroma are a real pride of the medical institution. The center was founded by the doctor of the highest category in the specialty "reflexotherapy" Shalimov Alexander Heraldovich. The doctor has all the necessary certificates. In his work he uses the methods of traditional eastern as well as Western medicine.

There are a lot of good reviews you can hear about Valery Viktorovich Petukhov. The doctor of the highest category is a student of Alexander Geraldovich. Valery Viktorovich was practicing abroad, took part in various conferences on oriental medicine. The doctor also provides services in the field of reflexology.

You can take a qualitative manual therapy course in the center of Chinese medicine in Kostroma. Dmitry Evgenievich Leontiev is a specialist, who also responds well to numerous thematic forums. Together with ophthalmologists, the doctor introduced a method to prevent certain diseases in children.

From the fairer sex many good reviews can be heard about dermatocosmetologist Osipova Olga Nikolaevna. The doctor regularly takes part in various exhibitions on cosmetology, in his work uses the achievements of modern medicine. Olga Nikolayevna received training in cosmetology and received a certificate in Israel.

Reflexotherapy with needles

Even in ancient China( thanks to the action on biologically active points), it was possible to cope with the most terrible ailments. The technique is also used in an improved form in the center of Chinese medicine in Kostroma. Acupuncture today is considered effective in pain syndrome, diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, thanks to the action on the biologically active points of the body, it is possible to improve brain function, to strengthen immunity, to calm the nervous system. Acupuncture is indicated in depressive states and psychoses.

Good success can be achieved through a technique for the treatment of diseases, the cause of which can not be detected by traditional medicine. Acupuncture starts the process of complete renewal of vital body systems. The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor in accordance with the individual characteristics of the patient, and also based on the unpleasant symptoms with which a person turned for help.


It's hard to meet a person who would never have had a massage. During the procedure, you can remove the pain, achieve complete relaxation. To get to the real professional in this sphere it will be possible in the center of the Chinese medicine in Kostroma. The reviews show that the masseurs here never sit around idle. To some specialists the queue is formed in a few weeks.


The clinic uses a variety of massage techniques. The most demanded are the procedures associated with impairment of the functions of the spine. In the center people who suffer from scoliosis, osteochondrosis are recorded. Qualitative massage can also have anti-inflammatory effect, the doctor will be able to discomfort in the affected area. Specialists of the center are real professionals. They never take on a patient who has not undergone a preliminary examination, because the massage can have a number of contraindications( malignant tumors, myocardial ischemia, mental illness, etc.).


Oriental beauties have been famous for their perfect appearance from ancient times. Many women in China look much younger than their years is not accidental. Oriental methods of skin care of hands and face are considered really effective. Those who want to change, it is worth to make an appointment with a cosmetologist at the medical center of Chinese medicine in Kostroma.


The clinic uses all methods of modern cosmetology. But the most popular is lifting with the use of secret ingredients. Cosmetic masks made by a qualified specialist show a good result almost immediately. The skin changes before our eyes.

Injection techniques are also in demand in the medical center. The introduction of drugs is carried out taking into account the location of biologically active points on the face.

Figure correction

What else does the Center of Chinese Medicine in Kostroma offer? Services here can be rendered very different. A considerable part of patients are men and women who want to get rid of extra pounds. Good results show modeling massage. Thanks to manual body plastics, it is possible to correct the figure in a few months. If, at the same time, the patient eats properly and is engaged in fitness, a good result can be achieved much faster.

Doctor and patient

For help in the medical center are also often addressed to representatives of the weaker sex with a normal body weight. The main problem is cellulite. It is also possible to get rid of uncomfortable tubercles on the buttocks and abdomen with the help of a massage. The main task is to improve blood circulation in the problem zone, to accelerate the process of excretion of the intercellular fluid.

In the center of Chinese medicine( Kostroma) are also widely used hardware methods of figure correction. Electropulse therapy allows not only to remove excess deposits, but also to improve the condition of the skin, the muscular apparatus.

Pressotherapy is widely used in the treatment of cellulite. Through special electrical cuffs, the affected parts of the body are affected. After a few sessions of this treatment, the skin condition improves noticeably.


The result of treatment of many diseases can be fixed with the help of modern physiotherapy methods. In the Center of Chinese Medicine in Kostroma, you can take a course of laser therapy. Treatment allows you to remove pain and discomfort in osteochondrosis, joint diseases, bronchitis, vegetovascular dystonia, etc. After the course of therapy, immunity is markedly improved, chronic inflammatory processes go away.

Laser Therapy

Good results are also shown by ultrasound therapy. Thanks to this treatment it is possible to carry out micromassage of cells and internal tissues of the body. Ultrasound has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Significantly accelerated processes of regeneration of damaged tissues.

In some pathological processes, electrotherapy is indicated. Due to the action of low voltage electric waves on the body, it is possible to improve blood circulation in tissues, to start recovery processes. This method is particularly effective in rheumatoid arthritis.

Spa therapy

More and more people resort to spa-methods in pursuit of beauty and youth. Quality services in this direction are offered by the Center of Chinese Medicine in Kostroma. The price list with prices can be studied on the official website of the institution. A lot of good reviews can be heard about the eco-sauna "Cedar Barrel".Wood contains unique substances phytoncides, acting in the genus of natural antibiotics. One procedure in the cedar barrel is enough to increase the body's defenses.

Girl doctor

Therapy in the infrared cabin( miniature sauna) also shows good results. Thermal energy penetrates into the human body and stimulates protective forces, the process of destroying pathological bacteria and viruses starts.

Reviews about the establishment

Pleases customers with a wide range of services in the center of Chinese medicine( Kostroma).Price with low prices also attracts visitors. All specialists have the appropriate licenses to provide services in the medical field.

Neck hurts

The combination of ancient oriental as well as modern European techniques allows to achieve an excellent result in the therapy of complex diseases. Quite good reviews about the center can be heard from patients who could not fully recover from their disease using traditional medicine.