What are the signs of diabetes in men?

Recently, doctors have sounded the alarm because of the fact that over the past few years the incidence of diabetes has increased 7-fold, and the disease began to occur not only in adults, but also in children, and among men, diabetes is diagnosed three times more often thanamong women. So, let's look at the signs of diabetes in men. They differ from the symptoms that women have, because of the characteristics of the body.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is the disease of the endocrine system of the body, leading to a lack of hormone insulin, slowing metabolism and increasing carbohydrate levels. Depending on the symptoms, the disease is divided into several groups.

Diabetes mellitus of the first group is characterized by acute insulin deficiency, which occurs when the pancreas is affected. At this stage, the hormone is delivered to the body with the help of injections.

Diabetes of the second group is an easy form of the disease, which consists in failure of insulin secretion. As a rule, if the patient leads an active lifestyle, and most importantly, follows a diet, no medication is needed.

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Symptoms of diabetes in men and women have some differences, depending on the characteristics of the body. In the latter, the disease develops faster, there are external signs, in men it begins with the defeat of internal organs.

Signs of diabetes in men

Men tend to acquire this disease by inheritance and are forced to suffer from its chronic forms throughout life. Nevertheless, doctors distinguish the following signs of diabetes mellitus in men:

is a thirst that arises because the kidneys do not cope well with the increased sugar level in the body( a person needs more water to get rid of his excess);

- a sharp loss or rapid weight gain;

- fast fatigue, drowsiness, lack of mood;

- in the hands and feet there can be unpleasant sensations - tingling or numbness( similar symptoms occur when the pancreas does not release the amount of insulin needed to dissolve glucose);

- loss of sexual desire, absence of ejaculation( these signs of diabetes mellitus in men are most concerned with them, because they can lead to loss of reproductive function);

- excessive sweating;

- loss of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows;

- sensation of dryness of mucous membranes;

- itching of the skin, worse at night;

- red or brown color of urine.

Do not eat with diabetes

Doctors say that in the treatment of diabetes is an important place is a special diet. If you eat right, you can not even resort to taking medication. There is a myth that rejection of sweet promotes the absence of complications. However, it is not. Sweet it is possible and even recommended( for example honey), and to limit yourself is in the reception of fatty foods. It is necessary to minimize the consumption of spicy, salty and acidic foods, as well as alcoholic beverages that are considered high-calorie. At the same time it is recommended to abandon all products that carry a huge amount of carbohydrates in conjunction with glucose. A careful attitude towards health will help to exclude the appearance of signs of diabetes mellitus in men and women of all ages.