How to make fly agarics. The use of fly agarics

Professional and alternative medicine is often used for the preparation of medicines is not exactly traditional components. If you pay attention to a mushroom like fly agaric, he has an extraordinary healing power. People have long thought about how to make fly agarics so as to get maximum benefit without the risk of poisoning. The main thing is to observe the fine line between profit and death.


Amanita is a poisonous fungus belonging to the saprophytes of the genus Amanita muscaria. The diameter of the standard cap varies from 6 to 25 cm. The color is always bright red, sometimes with an orange tint. The hat often produces characteristic white flakes. The flesh and leg of the fungus are white, the ring is slightly striped, yellowish in color.

Saprophyte grows everywhere, but mostly in coniferous and mixed forests. Red fly agaric has several varieties - they are all suitable for the preparation of medicines.

Composition of

Before turning to the question of how to make fly agarics, it will be useful to get acquainted with its composition and the properties of each component.

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  1. Choline. Used in official medicine for the treatment of liver failure. This substance is contained in virtually all living organisms.
  2. Muscarin. Strong alkaloid. In medical practice is not used, in scientific activity muscarine is used only in experimental studies.
  3. Muscimol. The substance has a psychotropic effect. It is often used in pharmacology, especially in the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of psychologically sick people.
  4. Cyclic hydroxamic and isothenic acids. Hydroxamic acid enhances the effectiveness of antitumor drugs - this is a scientifically proven fact. Ibotenic acid is capable of having a hallucinogenic effect, in case of an overdose, causes vomiting and increased salivation.
  5. Bufotenin. An alkaloid can cause severe hallucinations.
  6. Mycoatropin. The substance is capable of provoking the appearance of a narcotic effect - a strong alkaloid.
  7. Hyoscyamine. Used in official medicine as part of drugs designed to combat renal colic, urinary tract spasms, colitis, ulcers, cystitis and cholecystitis.
  8. Fallin. The source of phallin in nature - it is fly agaric, the use of this substance in large dosages can be fatal or will direct the body into a coma.

The use of fly agaric in the tradition of traditional medicine

Mushrooms and tinctures were prepared from mushrooms in Russia. To date, old recipes have not lost their value. Only young mushrooms with red caps are used for cooking, since they are the most valuable medicinal raw materials. Healers chose "mushroom days" and collected a rich harvest in the forests.

The effectiveness of Amanita muscaria was noted even by Paracelsus, who prescribes homeopathic doses of this fungus for the treatment of diabetes and tuberculosis. Amanita is also used to treat skin, joint diseases, rheumatism.

Today, alcohol or water infusions of the fungus are used to treat scrofula, paralysis, seizures, tumors and common colds, but it is important to understand how to prepare fly agarics correctly.

Tinctures - good or poison?

If you understand how to make a tincture of mushroom, subject to strict compliance with the dosage of ingredients, you can get a remedy with immunostimulating properties. Some sources say that such a medicine can fight cancer.

For external use, it is possible to squeeze out the juice or make a special ointment for rubbing, for other types of treatment it is advisable to use tincture.

Alcoholic peptic liquors

Ingredients: kg of mushrooms, half a liter of alcohol.

How to make fly agarics to get tincture from an ulcer? Purified mushrooms are stacked in a glass container and filled with alcohol solution. The mixture should be placed in a dark cool place( in the villages it is a cellar) and insist for a week. After the period has expired, the solution is filtered and used for its intended purpose.

Receiving Scheme
  1. Regardless of the disease, the use of tinctures begins with a single drop. It is very convenient to take this dosage by pipetting. The drug must be washed down with a glass of water.
  2. Day by day the number of drops is brought to twenty.
  3. Dosage in 20 drops should be consumed five days, then the regimen begins to move in the reverse order, that is, in the direction of decrease.

This is the standard scheme for taking tinctures from fly agarics.


If 5 drops of feeling worsened, you should stop at this dosage for a few days. After that, the course of treatment continues according to the standard scheme.

Medical supervision is compulsory. Fly agarics, the use of which is not controlled, are dangerous.

After taking the tincture, you need peace.

Tinctures for joints

Ingredients: ten hats of mushrooms, one hundred grams of vodka.

How to prepare a medicine from fly agarics against joint pain? Washed hats are cut into thin plates. Then you need to take a bubble of opaque glass, put mushrooms there and pour vodka. The tincture is aged for exactly seven days, then filtered and rubbed into the affected joints.

The drug turns out to be rather concentrated, so after its use it is recommended to wash hands thoroughly.

Tinctures for muscle pains

How to prepare fly agaric to get a cure for muscle pain? Four caps of red fly agarics are insisted on 200 grams of vodka. It is important to properly keep the ratio of ingredients. Insist the product is recommended in a dark bottle with a tight lid.

The obtained concentrate is gently rubbed into the places of pain localization.

Tinctures of cancer

Home preparation of fly agarics for the preparation of a drug that will help fight cancers is often perceived skeptically. Meanwhile, the poisonous fungus contains a high concentration of cyclic hydroxamic acid, which is used in official medicine as an integral part of anti-cancer drugs.

In order to prepare a medicinal product, only young mushroom caps will be needed. First they are kept in a cool dark place for about three days. After that, they are placed in glass jars all the way to the very edge. The container is filled with vodka or alcohol and digs into the ground "on the very shoulders" for three months.

When the set time has elapsed, the mushrooms are squeezed out, the liquid is filtered and stored for storage in the refrigerator.

Take the tincture taken according to the standard scheme "from one drop to twenty".


To prepare the ointment, pre-dry the mushrooms. It is easy to make in the oven on minimal heat, lining the baking sheet with baking paper.

Ingredients: 30 grams of dry powder, 10 grams.rye flour, 10 gr. Coniferous gum, 50 grams of interior fat.

Preparation: All components are thoroughly mixed and heated in a water bath. As a result of warming, the consistency will become viscous and homogeneous.

How to use: pre-joints are heated by an easy massage. Ointment is applied to the painful areas at night.

Mushroom juice

In order to get juice, you can use any number of mushrooms. Hats are crushed, tamped in a glass jar, covered with a lid. The bank should be put in a dry, dark place for 30 days. When the month has expired, the juice is filtered and stored in a refrigerator. It is ready for use.

Juice helps to fight any diseases that are treated with fly agaric.

Apparently, the preparation of fly agarics is subject to quite certain principles. In order to benefit from juice, ointments or tinctures, it is important to respect not only the ratio of ingredients. No less significant stage is the choice of mushrooms themselves.

How to choose fly agarics?

Regardless of whether the mushrooms are collected in the forest on their own or purchased from other mushroom pickers, it must be ensured that they are whole, unaffected by insects. A special value is the hat - it concentrates the maximum number of active components. The leg is not used.

Taking into account all the presented prescriptions, it is necessary to adequately treat the healing process. The question of how to prepare an infusion of fly agaric is not as simple as it might seem. You can not give such funds to children, pregnant and lactating women, people with psychological disorders. Accurate compliance with dosage and attention is the key to the success of treatment with this poisonous fungus. Health to you and your family!