Electronic cigarette Istick 100W: review and reviews

Eleaf Istick 100w tc is a modern device from a reliable and popular manufacturer of machinery. The device is equipped with a modern board, the case is made of high-quality metal. It has a pretty original design that allows you to use a powerful battery while maintaining a compact design. Characteristics of the device will be of interest to advanced vipers, who use tanks that produce a large amount of steam.

Design and development features of

istick 100w

The Istick tc100w mod, which works with batteries, differs from competitors in its unique design. Rounded corners of the case are designed to make it easy for the user to hold the device in their hands. In addition, such a design solution can significantly reduce the size. In height, the device has a size of 94 mm, width - 52 mm, thickness is only 23 mm( dimensions indicated without tank).This is a fairly compact size, given the many opportunities that the manufacturer offers.

The location of the buttons on the

The original solution that the customers will like is the hidden Fire button. It can not be seen on the body, as it is hidden inside the device. To start the device by applying voltage to the spiral, the user needs to press the battery cover with a light touch. This button will be convenient even for such experienced vipers who previously used the smoking models RX200S and eVic VTC, for which the keys are of an open type.

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The case of the new model of the device is still very high-quality. It was made of stainless steel, which is able to provide anti-corrosion protection. This technical characteristic is very important, since the tanks of such devices often give a leak with time.

Centered on the case is an OLED display. It shows detailed information about the mode of operation, in which the Istick 100w is running at a given time.

Engineers-designers have placed on the body of the keys that regulate the voltage, temperature or power, given out by the battery for the device. Also there is an additional button for selecting the operating mode. It is located separately from the others so that it is easier to find and convenient to use.

The new Istick 100w differs from other smoking devices in that it is equipped with another switch. It is necessary to block the fire button. This innovation eliminates accidental pressing on the main button, if the mod is transferred in the pocket. The coloring of the device is a real classic. The main part is represented in three colors: black, steel and white.

Device power and its stand-alone operation

istick 100w tc

The design of the new smoking device makes it possible to use one or two batteries at once. The autonomy of the work depends on their number, as well as the maximum power of the device. One battery produces 75 watts, the simultaneous operation of two batteries produces 100 watts at a time. According to the instruction manual, it is recommended to use batteries with a capacity of approximately 2,000 mAh. But the technology does not stand still, that is why at the moment power supplies with high power up to 3 thousand mAh are produced, for example, model 18650 LG HG2.This power allows to give a charge for Istick 100w tc for quite a long time. The efficiency of such a device will remain for several days with active use. Thanks to such new technologies, the autonomy of the smoking device remains with the use of the Geekvape Griffin tanks, designed for one or two spirals. Modem Eleaf Istick tc 100w is able to work even with an atomizer like SMOK TF4 mini with its struts, designed immediately for four wires.

Location of accumulators

istick pico 100w

Batteries are installed on both sides of the body of the device, access to them is always open to change or remove them, just open the protective caps on the body. The Istick 100w firmware allows you to use a parallel contact that leads to two batteries. This technological solution allows you to connect both two and one battery at once, thereby limiting power and keeping the device autonomous during use. If the viper connected the batteries from the same manufacturer of the same power and series, this will help to keep them working for a long time.

Also the Istick pico 100w is capable of charging from a computer via a USB input. In this way, the device will be charged in about 5 hours. The advantages of this method of charging batteries can be emphasized by the fact that the novelty can be charged without leaving the computer chair! However, for fast charging, you still need to use a voltage of 220 volts from the outlet.

Extended functionality of the

istick 100w firmware

device The power of the Istick 100w tc with firmware is not the highest if compared with other similar devices. But the charge suffices for a long time. The manufacturer has also taken care that the voltage is distributed efficiently. For this purpose, the following modes have been added to the device:

  1. Bypass. This is a fairly common and popular function. It allows you to adjust the output voltage of the batteries. This function is necessary for advanced users.
  2. Varivatt. This is a mode that allows you to control the voltage that goes to the spiral. Thanks to this function, the user can independently adjust the temperature of the steam, taking into account the composition of the charged liquid and the type of winding used in the device. Such a function is simply necessary if the spirals are made of the material "kantal".
  3. Controlling the temperature of the steam is an intelligent mode, thanks to which the heating of the spiral can be regulated on the Ismoka Eleaf Istick device. Correct and timely adjustment will avoid the occurrence of carbon deposits. To maximize the use of this function, a spiral made of titanium, stainless steel, or nickel will be required. They have the greatest degree of temperature change. For those customers who enjoy experimenting, they left TCR support, which allows you to manually set the winding temperature control parameter consisting of several different materials of different thickness.


An important feature that makes a wiper worth buying an Istick device is that in the temperature control mode the power is not fixed. Using the device, the user will be able to change the limit on his own, and the modern unique board will keep the set temperature. The spiral can be heated up to 315 degrees.

Customer Reviews

eleaf istick tc 100w

Customers Istick 100w tc evaluated the capabilities of the new device. Especially people liked the stylish design, several body colors. In addition, it comfortably lies in the palm of your hand and does not slip out during smoking. Due to its compact size it is placed in a purse or pocket, while it can accommodate two batteries at once.

Users also noticed that almost any winding in the case can be installed in the device. Steam from the body is produced in sufficient volume. The lowest winding, calculated at 0.2 ohms, allows you to keep the charge for a long time. With this capacity of 120 watts enough smoker completely. The pair takes off very much, with about 0.6 mg of nicotine coming out.

Disadvantages of the

istick 100w tc firmware

device In addition to eulogy reviews, on the Internet there are also negative statements about the device "Aystik."People complain about poor-quality coverage. The paint peels on the body after several months of active use.