Crowns plastic for the front teeth: indications, reviews, photo

Beautiful smile, healthy, strong, snow-white teeth is a dream of any person. However, poor nutrition, bad habits, poor hygiene - all this negatively affects the health of teeth. To temporarily hide the deficiencies of the oral cavity, dentists use plastic crowns on the front teeth. Comments on this procedure have already left many customers. Let's consider these crowns in detail, their advantages and disadvantages, indications for use and customer references.

Short description of plastic crowns

plastic crowns Plastic crowns are usually used by dentists as temporary. But if the client has a difficult financial situation, then they can be applied as permanent. Plastic crowns on the front teeth, reviews of which have already left many patients, perfectly create an imitation of natural teeth, they are easy to make. But they have much less strength than crowns made from other materials.

Such crowns can hide the chipped teeth and make the smile more aesthetic. They are very easily manufactured, so you can get rid of external defects of teeth in a short period of time. Plastic crowns on the front teeth can be used as permanent. And for chewing teeth, they can only be used temporarily, because they will not endure a heavy load.

Advantages of plastic crowns

Crowns of plastic are pleased with the advantages:

  1. Aesthetic appearance after their establishment.
  2. Affordable price, especially for people with a difficult financial situation.
  3. Fast production capability.
  4. Temporary protection of the front teeth from cold air and harmful bacteria.

Disadvantages of plastic crowns

Despite a number of positive qualities, plastic crowns also have disadvantages: plastic crowns on the front teeth reviews

  1. Color changes. Food, artificial dyes are absorbed into the plastic and leave stains.
  2. The crown can crack from the load.
  3. Allergies are possible because the material contains various compounds that can provoke an allergic reaction.
  4. Plastic has a porous structure, so bacteria can accumulate in it. The patient should more carefully care for the teeth and for the crowns.
  5. The plastic crowns are quickly erased, so they can not be used for a long time.
  6. Sharp edges of the crown can injure soft tissues.

Plastic crowns: indications for use

Plastic crowns are recommended for use in such cases:

  1. If there are minor defects in the front teeth( irregular shape, size or shade of the enamel), the plastic crowns will help maintain an aesthetic appearance.
  2. To keep the possibility of chewing.
  3. If it is necessary to protect the turned tooth from exposure to cold and bacteria before a permanent structure is installed.
  4. To prevent infection of the gingiva.
  5. If it is necessary to close the implants while a permanent crown is being manufactured and installed.
  6. In order not to shift the dentition;
  7. In case of periodontal disease, when it is necessary to splint the teeth.
  8. To restore normal diction.

Contraindications to the use of plastic crowns reviews

Plastic crowns, whose photos will be placed below, is not recommended for use in the following cases:

  1. If the patient has an allergy to polymeric compounds.
  2. If the patient has a psychiatric diagnosis.
  3. Deep occlusion.
  4. If the patient has bruxism( gnashing of teeth).

It should also be noted that children can not put plastic crowns.

The process of installing the plastic crown

You can make a plastic crown in the laboratory or in the doctor's office. If the doctor makes it himself, then such a crown, most likely, will be temporary, and you can wear it no longer than one month. First, the doctor must make a mold of the tooth with a plastic mass. After that, the tooth is grinded. In those that have a single root, you need to remove the nerves and seal the channels. In the chewing teeth, it is better to leave the nerves, therefore, treating them, use an anesthetic drug. In the resulting impression, you need to add a special powder. Then it must be put on the tooth, and removed when the mass freezes. The crown should be polished and polished. Also, fixing cement should be used to fix it. plastic crowns on the front teeth

If the plastic crown is used as a permanent, it can be made on a metal base. So it will be stronger. Such a crown is covered with plastic on top, and if something falls off, it can easily be restored. A permanent plastic crown can be used for 3 years, and on a metal base - 5 years. If it is not replaced in time, it can harm the entire oral cavity.

How to remove a plastic crown?

To remove such a crown from the tooth, you first need to use ultrasound. Due to it, the action of cement is weakened. Then the doctor uses Kopp's apparatus. Using jogging movements, the crown is slowly removed from the tooth. It remains undamaged. After that, you need to remove the cement particles from the tooth. During the procedure, the patient does not feel pain.

Cost of a plastic crown

As for the price of such a crown, it depends on many factors. Professional level of specialists, clinics, size of work. If the plastic crown is used as a temporary and made directly in the doctor's office, then it will cost from 1000 rubles. The same temporary crown, but made in the laboratory, will cost from 4000 rubles. If the plastic crown is used as a permanent, its price will be from 5500 rubles. And if it is made with a metal base, it can cost up to 6500 rubles. plastic crowns photo

Plastic crowns: reviews

The use of plastic crowns is quite common. Many people tried this procedure and left their comments. The reviews are rather contradictory. Some people are satisfied that the plastic is very light and does not burden the tooth. In addition, many patients note a fairly low price, compared with other crowns. As for negative reviews, many people complain that such crowns are very difficult to clean, they quickly attract various stains to themselves. You must limit yourself to strong tea, coffee, many fruits. More patients are not very happy with the temporary effect of the plastic crown. It should be carefully taken care of and changed from time to time. But some people argue that it was the plastic crowns that saved them from some problems, such as darkening of the natural tooth and inflammation of the gums. Such crowns are best used to repair external tooth defects, but not for treatment. As already mentioned above, the reviews are rather contradictory. Therefore, the decision of the question - whether to use such crowns or not - remains exclusively for you. plastic crowns

In conclusion, I would like to add that before using this kind of crowns, consult your physician and take a test for allergic reactions. Such crowns will help you to hide small defects in the front teeth and make your smile more attractive.

Look after your teeth, eat right, give up bad habits, and your smile will always be open and charming!