Obesity of the heart - a scourge of modernity!

In the past 10 years, mankind has faced the problem of cardiac obesity. At first glance, this is very strange, because myocardium is an exclusively muscular formation, but fatty degeneration takes place. It is associated with the deposition of fat in the heart or with the degeneration of muscle fibers. The disease is hereditary, and therefore genetic predisposition is of great importance.

Danger of the disease

After the transition of the disease to the 3rd or 4th stage in the heart, global changes begin that are disrupting the work of its and the whole organism. The fat tissue, which is located in the epicardium, increases and occupies a huge volume. Fat penetrates into the tissues of the middle layer, which causes weakness of the organ, worsening of blood circulation and, as a consequence, deterioration of the human condition.

cardiac obesity

Obesity of the heart is associated with an increase in excess weight of a person. The volume of blood increases, and the heart is forced to experience heavy loads. As a result, it grows. After some time, the body ceases to cope with its tasks, and stagnation occurs in the circulatory system. This is due to fatty tissues in the abdominal cavity, which inhibit the circulation of blood, and the heart can not work properly. The body is facing a big problem.

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Causes of disease

The main cause of obesity of the heart, as already mentioned above, is obesity due to the fact that fat is deposited under both the skin and the organs. Obesity arises because of the excessive amount of nutrients entering the body, which does not have time to spend them, because initially it is concerned with the breakdown of fast carbohydrates, and fats are only engaged during a lack of energy. If it is enough, the excess substances turn into fat, which gradually captures the entire body.

obesity 4 degrees

People who consume alcohol in excessive amounts are more likely than others to be obese. In alcoholic beverages contain carbohydrates in excess( for example, in 5 glasses of beer is a daily dose of carbohydrates).Also, ethanol helps to slow down the circulation of fats. Heredity is the fastest way to achieve obesity 4 degrees, because such people can lead an active lifestyle, do not look fat, but on their internal organs the fat is still postponed. Women after menopause are also often prone to this disease.

Symptoms of cardiac obesity

To determine the disease, you should know the main signs of cardiac obesity:

  • Difficulty breathing. People with excess weight suffer from shortness of breath, for example, with prolonged walking. With obesity of the 4th degree, dyspnea may manifest itself even in the absence of active physical activity.
  • Pain in the heart. The organ weakens as a result of degeneration of muscle tissue, which is replaced by fat. All this leads to violations in the work of the heart.
  • Arrhythmia. Because of the violation of the heart rhythm, a person is faced with tachycardia, increased pressure, serious changes in the work of the heart.

how to treat obesity

Sometimes people can complain about pain in the heart, but in reality it turns out that a completely different disease develops. In this case, the diagnosis and consultation of a doctor is required. And if the specialist pointed out the problems associated with cardiac activity, then to get rid of such symptoms it is required to know how to treat obesity of the heart. This is exactly what will be discussed later.

Treatment of obesity

Heart with obesity can be cured, because the changes are reversible. To do this, you need to get rid of the causes that caused obesity, control your weight and eat right. Then after a while the body will return to the previous rhythm of activity, and all fat will disappear from the heart. It should be understood that weight loss will affect not only the visible deposits, but also the fat located on the organs. Gradually, their work is stabilized, which will cause improvement in the person's well-being. You should know that it can be dangerous not for obesity itself, but for the wrong method of getting rid of it. Therefore, the question of how to treat obesity, should be under close scrutiny of the doctor.

obesity of the heart symptom

In the slimming program should be added exercise, special diets. All this will not only remove unaesthetic traces of weight loss, but will also affect the entire body as a whole, improving and stabilizing its work. In advanced cases, doctors can prescribe special medications that reduce the patient's appetite. Also, an operation can be applied to remove excess fat both on the internal organs and in the visible places of the human body.

Prevention of obesity

It is required to reconsider your way of life and get rid of bad habits. It should be remembered that it is very easy to gain weight, and it can be difficult to drive it. To save results, it is necessary to adhere to a certain diet.

signs of cardiac obesity

Do not limit the amount of protein, eat less fast carbohydrates( bakery, sweet), it is better to replace them with fruits and vegetables. All food restrictions must lead to a reduction in the amount of food consumed and to increase metabolism.

Simple tips

It is not recommended to sleep after dinner. Every day should be in the fresh air, at least a couple of hours. Physical education will benefit and definitely will not give rise to any obesity. You can go in for sports even at home with a simple set of exercises. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, the symptoms of obesity of the heart will be lost forever, and in return you will get a good mood, a pleasant appearance and excellent health!