What is the periphery in different areas of knowledge

In order to give some definitions, it is worthwhile to have an idea of ​​what kind of sphere we are talking about. Then it will be much easier to imagine the full picture. First of all, in order to learn what periphery is, it is advisable to consult an explanatory dictionary.

Interpretation of the word "periphery"

First, let us pay attention to the origin of this word. From the Greek language it is translated as a "circle".If to formulate more generalized, then this is what is outside, which is opposed to the center. Now let's turn to narrower areas and consider what the periphery is in different fields of knowledge.

In the field of computer technology, this term refers to the collection of several external devices, in some way connected with each other. In Greece, the periphery is the term of administrative-territorial division and denotes the largest unit, equivalent to the administrative district or region in the Russian Federation.

In mathematics, to the question what is the periphery, they answer: it is a kind of closed curve curve that restricts some figure. Another definition of the term is any organizations, institutions that are located not in the center, but in more remote places.

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what is the periphery

Medical term

In the field of medicine, the concept of periphery is also used. We all know that we have a central nervous system, which is one of the components of the nervous system of the whole organism. So, if we talk about its structure, it is worth noting that the organs and tissues of the body are connected by the peripheral nervous system. Thus, the nervous periphery is a binder inside the CNS.

nerve periphery

Retina of the retina

You were surprised by this subtitle? Yes, yes, there is another answer to the question, what is the periphery! In this case, the term is associated with our organs of sight. The periphery of the retina is the most remote retinal area, located farthest from the central fossa( which is scientifically called the fovea).It can not be clearly recognized, since it is not specifically defined by scientists. However, it is understood that this area, in which there are practically no cones( visual receptors, providing a vision of everything that surrounds us, in color).

retinal periphery

As you have probably already noticed, the concept of periphery is used in a wide variety of areas of knowledge and has very different meanings that are not related to each other. Therefore, sometimes, in order to find out the meaning of a term, it is necessary to clarify which sphere is involved, and then to choose the correct interpretation of the word will be much simpler.