How is tuberculosis transmitted?

Tuberculosis is a fairly common infectious disease, which is characterized by the formation of specific inflammatory changes mainly in the lungs, as well as in other organs. The causative agent of tuberculosis is Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Koch's stick. How can you get tuberculosis? The main source of infection with tuberculosis is a person who is sick. Of the lungs, especially often during a cough, sputum is produced, which contains mycobacterium tuberculosis. Together with small drops of phlegm, bacteria enter the lungs of a healthy person who is nearby. In this case it is necessary to take into account that the pathogenic bacteria can be in the air for several hours. There are cases of infection from diseased animals, the infection occurs in the human body when using meat or unboiled milk. There is a close connection of tuberculosis with the conditions of human existence. At the beginning of the last century, tuberculosis was an incurable disease. The scale of the impact of this disease says statistics, in Europe every year from tuberculosis, about a million people died. Representatives of all ages and social groups became victims of this disease.

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How is tuberculosis transmitted? The main manifestation of tuberculosis is the infection of a person from an infected person with the help of sputum, which contains many Koch sticks. That is, the answer to the question "how is TB transmitted" is the following: most often this disease is carried by airborne droplets. Contribute to the transmission of tuberculosis: coughing, sneezing, droplets of saliva containing mycobacteria.

It must also be taken into account that the microbes remain active even after the sputum has dried out for a long time, especially in places with poor lighting. Therefore, when performing dry cleaning, it is necessary to remember how tuberculosis is transmitted, when cleaning the patient's objects, there is a probability of getting into the lungs of the tuberculosis surrounding mycobacteria. The long life of mycobacterium tuberculosis in the environment is associated with the possibility of transmitting tuberculosis through a variety of things with a tuberculosis patient. In addition to the main way of getting mycobacterium tuberculosis, it is possible to get the infection through the use of infected milk and meat, through damage to the skin( this applies to workers in meat processing plants, farms, etc.).

How is tuberculosis transmitted? Through patients, especially with an open form of tuberculosis, which secrete tubercle bacilli. Mycobacteria enter the body during the inhalation of microscopic drops of the discharge of the patient that emanate during coughing, sneezing, and even during a conversation.

If a patient with an open form of tuberculosis does not use a handkerchief and his sputum hits the floor or the ground, after drying, it turns into dust that contains germs when inhaled which causes human infection.

Also, in some cases, there is a chance of getting tuberculosis through products that contain droplets of the patient's saliva, when in contact with the items of the patient's use. Also, Koch chopsticks can infect a healthy person through kisses, through cigarettes, glasses and so on.

In order not to develop tuberculosis, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Food should be full with a sufficient number of proteins. It is also necessary to monitor personal hygiene. It should be borne in mind that dusty, poorly ventilated rooms contribute to the spread of tuberculosis bacteria.

Today there is a sufficient number of anti-tuberculosis drugs, the use of which makes it possible to completely cure such a disease as tuberculosis. The condition for a complete cure for tuberculosis is a timely diagnosis and early treatment of patients for medical help to a doctor.