How to sit on the toilet correctly: medical advice

We all visit the toilet every day and, strangely enough, we often do it not quite right. There are certain medical recommendations that should be followed. How to sit on the toilet correctly, we will understand this article.

Act of defecation( bowel evacuation)

how to sit on the toilet

Natural emptying of the contents of the intestine - this is the defecation. Normally, the process of stool secretion should occur about once a day, but this is individual. Going to the toilet, we daily cleanse the body of poisons, slags and all sorts of bacteria, accumulated in the process of life. That is, there is an act of rejuvenation and recovery of the body as a whole. For defecation, two poses are commonly used:

. ● Squatting position( earth toilets).

● Seated posture( toilet bowl).

How to sit on the toilet? This question is of concern to many.

Disadvantages of the usual "all-seated" toilet bowl

To empty the bowels, a toilet with a toilet bowl and sitting at a 90-degree angle is usually used. Over time, from the wrong sitting position, the following diseases are possible:

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● Hemorrhoids( varicose veins of the rectum).

● Diverticulosis( on the walls of the rectum appear protrusions of small sizes - diverticula).

● Colonic obstruction( constipation and lack of stools at all).

● Such a toilet bowl provokes aggravation of age-related diseases.

Therefore, it is worth considering how to properly sit on the toilet, because this directly depends on human health.

Psychology of evacuation

how correctly to sit on the toilet

Go to the toilet, relax the muscles and begin the process of defecation - this is the process of healthy bowel emptying. All other difficulties of the body in this process are discomfort and a huge number of complications. With the advent of a convenient toilet, the possibility of correctly getting rid of the products of the functioning of the body disappeared, since for a modern defecation a modern toilet is an extremely inconvenient device. When sitting, the intestine is located at an angle unnecessary to it, the small pelvis( its puborectal muscles) remains motionless. Such an incorrect position of emptying significantly increases the risk of a hernia, which subsequently provokes the development of many diseases. Only modern high toilets worsen the situation.


The most natural and anatomical in nature is the squatting posture. In our body( namely - in the pelvis) there is a strong muscle that presses the rectum, which in the vertical position of a person is capable of retaining feces. The muscle is slightly relaxed when sitting. But if you approach low to the ground( squatting), then it completely relaxes, leveling the rectum.

So how do you properly sit on the toilet? About this below.

A familiar toilet bowl

how to sit on the toilet correctly

To properly sit on a normal toilet, it is necessary to tighten your legs high, keeping an angle of 30 degrees between your body and thighs. To do this, you have to either stand with your feet on the edges of the toilet bowl, which can provoke a traumatic situation, or put your feet on a bench, the release of which has already begun to set up some plumbing companies. It is recommended at home to substitute a low bench next to the toilet, which it is easy to make own. The toilet is an intimate, quiet place, where lovers of glossy magazines and crosswords often like to sit. But there is an opinion among doctors that a long stay on the toilet is harmful to health. Emptying is straining, which leads to increased pressure in the abdominal cavity, which also involves the development of unpleasant diseases.

On how to properly sit on the toilet, we talked. Now we will understand why this is required.

Why do I need the right posture?

Regular and complete bowel movement maintains intestinal health and stimulates its function.

The right pose first of all:

● Protects the pelvic floor nerves that are responsible for the bladder and, in principle, for the important sexual function of a person.

● Prevents stool lag in the intestines, which, over time, can lead to bowel cancer.

● Helps to easily and quickly empty the intestines.

● Protects the controlling nerves of the uterus.

Exercises controlling defecation

how to sit on the toilet correctly

To excrement brought only comfort and satisfaction, you can use simple rules. Learn to feel your body, stretch and relax your pelvic muscles. Ideally, sitting on the toilet, you need to drop all unnecessary thoughts( especially newspapers, magazines and books) and focus only on what will happen in the very near future. You do not need to push hard or constantly push. It is important to feel contact between the anus and faeces, moving them along the aisle, learn how to properly control the emptying process. That's how to sit on the toilet correctly.

Emptying hygiene

For a healthy trip to the toilet, you must adhere to proper nutrition, eat fresh vegetables, fruits and lots of greens that normalize digestion. It is recommended to drink as much liquid as possible, it removes slags and prevents constipation. Naturally, hygiene defecation is unthinkable without toilet paper, which does not need to be intensively wiped, but rather gently soak. But ideally after each trip to the toilet is best to wash away running water! Therefore, if the issue of the toilet is taken seriously, then defecation will not only preserve health, but will also bring positive emotions. In this article, we answered the question of how to sit on the toilet correctly.