How to control dreams and change their script

It happens that after awakening we can not remember if we dreamed about dreams. Completely conscious dreams are quite rare. The ability to maintain consciousness during sleep and change the course of its course is far from being given to many. However, it allows you to get rid of nightmares and get inspiration even at night. There are some simple rules, guided by which you will learn how to control dreams and even change their script.

1. After waking up, do not jump from the bed, but lie down for a few minutes, and try to remember what you dreamed of. To do this, you can create a diary in which you will record all the dreams. It is important that you try to remember each of the elements of sleep, and transferred them to paper.

2. Take for a rule sometimes to reflect during the day, but do not you sleep? Try to convince yourself that the reality surrounding you is nothing but another dream, and then cheer up sharply, you can even pinch yourself. You will be surprised, but as a result and at night you will feel that you are fully conscious of dreaming and dreaming.

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3. Before going to bed, convince yourself that at night you will not forget to look at your palms. This simple but effective method gives amazing results.

4. Try to stop the internal dialogue. Down with the random thoughts that constantly spin in the head! This will be a useful skill if you want to learn how to see the OS.

5. Visualizing various geometric shapes before falling asleep is another method for controlling dreams. In the morning, after awakening, detain attention on the most important aspects of sleep. Good results also give physical activity. If the body falls asleep faster than the brain, it will be easier for you to control everything that happens in a dream.

His observations are shared by Harvard University Professor of Sleep Control Deirdre Barrett. He identifies the so-called rapid phase of eye movement( or BHD), and claims that this is practically the only phase of sleep when brain activity is the same as when awake. It is during this period that rhythmic outbreaks occur in the cerebral cortex, which are transformed into dreams. On the question of how to control dreams, the professor says that you can learn this only thanks to everyday memory training. Before falling asleep, you need to give yourself an installation, that we want to look at ourselves from the side, as in the film. And that we are the directors of this film, and we can change any scenery and characters. So you can easily get rid of nightmares - realize that sleep is a partially controlled process.

However, not everything is so simple. Some psychologists believe that those people who know how to control dreams, cause irreparable harm to their health. In their opinion, lucid dreaming interferes with a full sleep, because when using such techniques, the brain works at the peak of activity. You can say that a person tries to interfere with the natural process, which has been formed for millions of years. But still able to wake up and escape from an unpleasant sleep or nightmare by effort of will is a useful skill, and with constant training it will not be difficult to master it.