Muir puham extract: reviews

Although in the yard and the twenty-first century, people often resort to "grandmother" recipes for many problems that have arisen. Today we will talk about the well-known tree of Muir Puam. It grows in some areas of Brazil.

Muir Puam

Everywhere this medicinal plant is known under a different name - the tree of potency. Despite the name, this plant is useful for women. In addition to the properties of aphrodisiac, the tree helps:

  • strengthen nerves;
  • to increase mental activity;
  • cope with some diseases of the digestive tract;
  • is a good anti-stress drug;
  • is an excellent sleeping pill.

All this will be discussed in this article.

General information

As already stated in the preface, the tree of Muir Muir Puam grows in Brazil. Apply it for many purposes. In the people it is accepted to call it a tree of potency. In the production of preparations based on the tree of Muir Puyama, the bark and root are used.

extract of Muir Puam

What does this tree look like in nature? It looks more like a bush, the height rarely reaches five meters. Around the tree there is an incredible aroma that emits blooming flowers. The smell reminds of a jasmin. Although now only the bark and roots are used, there is information that all its parts were previously used.

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What is this plant rich in? This includes:

  • esters of triterpene acids;
  • phytosterols;
  • resins;
  • bitterness;
  • essential oil;
  • alkaloid is a miurapuamine.

In the next section you will learn about all the useful properties of the Muir Puyam plant. Many believe that he has only one property - an aphrodisiac. However, the tree also helps in other areas. Now let's talk about all this in some detail.

Useful properties

Various sources( oral and written) indicate that the bush is able to increase the sexual activity of people who take the tincture on it. This tool is very much appreciated by the Indians because of the ability to positively affect the erection.

More recently, clinical studies have been conducted, where it was found that the bush really does not harm health and helps to increase sexual activity in patients. Back in 1950, in Muir Puira, Muir was considered the best remedy for impotence.

In which countries is the shrub popular? These include:

  • USA;
  • Brazil;
  • England;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Guyana;
  • Finland.

Over time, interest in this plant only increases, due to the large number of useful properties. These include:

  • increased sexual desire;
  • charge by energy;
  • toning of the body;
  • cell regeneration;
  • beneficial effect on the spleen;
  • of the kidney;
  • central nervous system;
  • slowing of aging;
  • help with diarrhea;
  • is a remedy for dysentery;
  • efficacy in inflammatory diseases;
  • improving the function of the reproductive system;
  • improves adrenal function;
  • beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • improved thyroid function;
  • increase in mental activity.

All these qualities are useful to both men and women. You can take it at any age and for different purposes. Nature gave us just the necessary medicine for almost all diseases.

Application in medicine

The shrine of Muir poam for women and for men is equally useful. How is it used in modern medicine? We propose to talk about this in this section.

muira puama reviews

A variety of clinical studies have confirmed all the useful properties listed above. Most often, funds based on Muir Puam are used as a powerful aphrodisiac. It is used in this capacity in South America, now began to grow in popularity in Europe.

It is also important to note that scientific research has proved that the remedy is able to strengthen not only the physiological aspect of sexual function, but also the mental one. In addition to enhancing sexual desire, the plant can improve sleep, relieve stress and cope with gastrointestinal diseases.

The bark of the bush is often used by women suffering from neurasthenia or during premenstrual syndrome to increase sexual desire.

With regard to memory improvement, Muir Puam can positively influence both short-term and long-term memory. The experiments were carried out in rats. Injection or oral administration of a given dose improved the memory of the old rat to the condition of young individuals.

Muira poama is a great cure for stress. The experiments carried out on rats proved this. The degree of anxiety subsided as the dosage of the drug increased.

How to take

Some application questions are still open. Can I take it with food? The scientists will try to answer this question in the near future.

Muir Puam in pharmacies

At this stage it is known that 1000 milligrams of extract will suffice for a person. In rats it was proved that a dosage of 100 milligrams per kilogram can suppress stress and anxiety.

If you calculate the dosage per person, you get approximately the following picture:

Weight of a person

The number of milligrams of the preparation


Up to 3000


Up to 4000


Up to 5500


When buying Muir Puam in pharmacies, pay attention to the composition. Like all medicines, it has its contraindications.


  • bird;
  • colavelul;
  • Hardwickiic( acid);
  • ptichonolide;
  • 20-O-methylptoanal acetal;
  • 7-alpha-hydroxy-salodacrolactone.


  • intolerance to any component;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • hypertension;
  • insomnia.

Increasing sexuality

As has been repeatedly mentioned, the extract of Muir Puam is most often used to increase sexual desire. For this purpose, you can apply the product to both men and women.

A special experience was conducted, which proves this fact. Two hundred women took part in it voluntarily before and after the onset of menopause. They daily took from two to six tablets with an extract of Muir Puam( 170 milligrams) and ginkgo( 15 milligrams).

Muir of puama for women

The results of this study showed that 65 percent felt an increase in sexual desire and a rise in self-esteem. More than 70 percent of women noted improvements in other areas. It is very important to note the following:

  • an exacerbation of sexual sensations was detected by approximately 30% of the subjects;
  • 45% were able to achieve orgasm;
  • the intensity of the latter is increased in 40%.

Men also underwent testing, experience revealed the following: more than half of the participants could see the improvement of erectile function. This happened after a two-week course of taking Muir Puam extract with a dosage of 15,000 milligrams.


When taking medications on the basis of Muir Puyama, one should be careful with the katuama. The extract of the catuma has the same effect as the shrub we study, and its dosage should be no more than 25 μg per kilogram. If the dosage is exceeded, cardiac arrest may occur. This has been proven by experience. The experimental animals were rabbits.

Muira poama: feedback from

More than fifty percent of people who used the funds based on the bark and roots of this shrub, noted changes in their bodies for the better.