The drug "Opatanol": reviews of doctors

Doctors all over the world are sounding the alarm. Today, the fight against allergies goes to one of the first places in their work. Among the many symptoms, one of the most common ones is just allergic conjunctivitis. In Russia, the drug "Opatanol" appeared relatively recently. Many patients write that eye drops well stop allergic manifestations and have a proactive effect in preventive use. On how to evaluate the "Opatanol" reviews of doctors, read this article.

Opatanol reviews of doctors

How to distinguish an allergy from other eye diseases?

Most drugs designed to stop allergy manifestations do not apply to the practice of treatment of other diseases, this fully applies to "Opatanol".The drug is designed to stop the symptoms of allergies on the eyes, is applied only locally and is ineffective in other eye diseases. So, allergic manifestations on the eyes - this is an allergic conjunctivitis, in which there are a number of unpleasant symptoms:

  • Swelling, redness of the eyelids, the area around the eyes.
  • Redness of the conjunctiva( mucous eyes and eyelids),
  • Severe itching of the eyes, burning sensation.
  • Abundant and non-stop lacrimation.

As a rule, conjunctivitis is also associated with rhinitis and sinusitis of an allergic nature. But they are absent in allergic conjunctivitis for insect bites or cosmetics.

Opatanol drops reviews

What can cause allergy?

These unpleasant symptoms arise as a reaction to an allergen-stimulus. Among such irritants may be:

  • Natural factors: pollen of plants, dust, animal wool, insect bites.
  • Cosmetics: soap, decorative cosmetics, shampoos, gels, etc.
  • Household irritants: dust, household chemicals, building mixtures and materials.

With the appearance of the first signs of an allergy in the eyes, it is very important to stop the symptoms, for which eye drops are used.

As a drug that can effectively eliminate allergic conjunctivitis, doctors often prescribe "Opatanol"( eye drops).The patient's feedback also indicates that in many cases these drops give a good and fast result when applied. However, patients often complain about the high cost of the drug. So, why do doctors prescribe so often this drug?

Opatanol eye drops reviews

"Opatanol": the composition of

"Opatanol" has a complex composition, but the main active ingredient is only olopatanol hydrochloride. The remaining components are preservatives( benzalkonium chloride) and stabilizers( disodium phosphate, sodium chloride), as well as water.

"Opatanol"( eye drops) has a pronounced antihistaminic and weak anti-inflammatory effect. Scientists testify that this is provided by preventing olopatanol release of histamine and production of cytokines, as well as stabilization of membranes of mast cells, suppression of their functional activity.

Opatanol reviews

Method of action of the drug

The result of the action is a decrease in the permeability of the vessels, which in turn leads to a reduction in the possible contact of the allergen with mast cells of the mucous eye, which eliminates unpleasant allergic symptoms. In this case, the drug does not affect other receptors( histamine H1, dopamine, cholinergic receptors and serotonin).

With prolonged use, the drug accumulates in the body, but no negative effects on the receptors and the body as a whole are detected. Its long-term use does not require correction of dosages. The most pronounced antiallergic effect is 2 hours after instillation of the drug "Opatanol"( drops).The doctors' testimonies show that prolonged use does not cause addiction and the therapeutic effect does not decrease.

When does this drug have a beneficial effect?

Ophthalmologists prescribe "Opatanol" for all types of allergic manifestations:

  • With seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.
  • With spring keratoconjunctivitis.
  • With hay fever.
  • For the prevention of seasonal manifestations of allergies.

The drug is indicated for long-term use, it can be used up to 4 months. However, in a number of cases, prolonged use can cause dry eye syndrome, so "Opatanol", reviews of ophthalmologists confirm this, recommend to use with drugs that moisturize the cornea of ​​the eye.

Prolonged use of these eye drops for prophylactic purposes( 2 weeks before the beginning of flowering plants) avoids the use of corticosteroids. And in case of their simultaneous use, the action of the latter is strengthened by "Opatanol".The doctors' comments mark a significant increase in their overall therapeutic effect.

The drug is well tolerated by children, effectively removes allergic manifestations, can be used for a long time. So characterize the drug "Opatanol"( eye drops) reviews. For children, ophthalmologists also appoint it.

Opatanol eye drops reviews for children

In what cases will this drug not be of use?

It is not recommended by ophthalmologists to use this drug for the treatment of other types of conjunctivitis: viral, bacterial, in these cases does not advise also to apply "Opatanol" instruction for use. The doctors say that such treatment will not be of use.

Therefore, before using "Opatanol" it is better to go to a doctor, especially since the drug is sold in pharmacies according to the prescription.

opatanol patient reviews

When should this drug not be used?

Absolute contraindications for use will also include:

  • allergic reactions to the constituents of the medication( including olopatanol);
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding time;
  • infant age under 3 years.

Ophthalmologists and the instruction note that studies of the use for pregnant and lactating women of the drug are not described. However, in cases where the expected benefit exceeds the possible harm, appoint "Opatanol".Reviews( for children over 3 years of age the medication is successfully used) state that it should be prescribed only under the supervision of a doctor.

Opatanol user manual

What do they write about side effects?

Among the side effects are often called dry eyes with prolonged use. Therefore, many ophthalmologists recommend to apply simultaneously with "Opatanol", which in itself is not cheap, and drops from the dryness of the eyes( such as "artificial tear").And they also do not differ in budget prices.

Another disadvantage patients and ophthalmologists call the emergence of discomfort during instillation, such as burning, blurred vision, short-term reddening of the mucous eye( in this regard, it is not recommended to get behind the wheel of the car immediately after instillation).

The appearance of allergic reactions to constituent drops is most often noticed by doctors when using these eye drops as a warning of seasonal allergies( alas!).

Undesirable manifestations are rare or extremely rare, which makes this drug in demand.

About analogues of

There are a lot of drugs for the treatment of allergic manifestations in the eyes. Among the budgetary counterparts can be called "Allergodil", "Lecrolin", "Alergokrom", "Iphiril".In one with "Opatanol" of the price category will be "Kromo Sandoz", "Lastakaft", "Ketotifen".

Most drugs are aimed specifically at eliminating allergic symptoms. And they have a similar effect. At the same time, "Opatanol" receives good reviews more often, there are no drugs with the same active substance.

Opatanol reviews for children

Instead of the conclusion of

In general, ophthalmologists in describing this drug note its rapid action and high efficiency. And also they say that the drug is not addictive and can be used for a long time, without affecting the body as a whole.

Among the advantages of many patients are called only 2-fold instillation per day and compatibility with almost all local ophthalmic drugs. Very often, "Opatanol" reviews ophthalmologists and patients receive positive.

Among the disadvantages of patients is its high cost, the shelf life after the opening of only 14 days. And doctors note the need for additional instillation of preparations for moistening the cornea.