Lips - contour plastic. Reviews and photos

Today any woman can afford to be beautiful and take care of her own appearance. Many serious procedures that allow a significant change, offer beauty salons and plastic surgery clinics. If your dream is puffy and expressive lips, contour plastic is what you need. This procedure is not a surgical operation and has a relatively small number of contraindications. Let us consider in more detail all the details and features of its conduct.

Operation or injection?

Lip contour plastics Speaking of plastic surgery, everyone imagines a sterile operating and shiny scalpel in the hands of a doctor. However, to date, there are many ways to adjust and change the shape of the lips without resorting to such radical methods. Complete operations on the face are carried out only with unambiguous evidence, when there is no other option for correcting defects. So, surgical intervention can not be avoided if there are scars, papillomas, cysts on the surface of the lips. Also, in an operative way, serious pathologies can be corrected - "hare lip", fusion of the corners of the mouth. Surgically, the anomalous size or shape of the frenum can be adjusted. A special type of surgery - cheyloplasty - involves the removal of the cleft on the upper lip. Very often, such surgical interventions are made for children with congenital developmental anomalies or after traumatic injuries. Attention: if you want to reduce the lips( not the most popular desire among modern women), you will also have to agree to an operation. But to enlarge the lips and emphasize their contour is capable of contour lip plasty with hyaluronic acid.

More about the

Injections of hyaluronic acid prices procedure If you want to make your lips more attractive, contouring is the best option. The procedure is carried out in beauty salons that have the appropriate license. During its carrying out with a syringe with a very thin needle in the lip area is introduced biopolymer gel, most often its main component is hyaluronic acid. After that the cosmetician conducts a light massage, which helps the product to distribute correctly in the tissues. At the request of the patient, the procedure can be performed with or without anesthesia. However, the testimonies of those who have already decided on such an effect, show that even without special anesthesia, discomfort during injections is minimal. Injections of hyaluronic acid prices are acceptable. The exact cost depends on the brand of the particular drug and its volume spent on one patient.

Popular drugs for injection

Lip augmentation before and after In our country are widely used compounds for injections made in Switzerland - Restylane. The basis of this drug is hyaluronic acid, the cost of the drug is average. The effect after the procedure will last about six months, a maximum of 8 months.

Another product from the Swiss brand, which produces Restylane, is Perline. This drug is more viscous, inject it into the deeper layers of the skin. Accordingly, you can expect a longer lasting effect.

Juviderm is a drug manufactured in France. It is suitable for surface and deep injections. Its main advantage is compatibility with injections of other types, for example with botox. The price of the procedure - from 6 thousand rubles, you can enjoy new lips for about a year and a half.

Unique preparation Matridex not only contains hyaluronic acid, but also special substances that stimulate the synthesis of collagen. Due to its unique formula, this product provides a lasting effect up to two years. Matridex also has an analog intended for deep layers of the skin, Matridur.

are also quite popular in modern cosmetology Surgiderm, Radiesse, New Fill( Sculptra).

Preparations for contour lip plasty should be chosen no less carefully than a specific clinic / salon and beautician. Often, the negative consequences of the procedure are due to the wrong choice of a particular formulation for administration.

Contraindications and preparation for


Contour lip plastic price Before going through any serious cosmetic procedures, you should visit an observant therapist. It is not necessary to do an injection of beauty during or immediately after the transferred infectious diseases, exacerbations of chronic. Absolute contraindication for the procedure are also any skin diseases, inflammations at the site of injections. If you want to make beautiful lips, contour plastic is not the best choice for individual intolerance to the components of the drug. With caution to accept the injection is also for people who are addicted to allergies.

Possible problems and complications

Before deciding on any procedure, you should rationally assess all the risks. A normal phenomenon after injections of beauty is considered edema. Usually it lasts 2-4 days, after which it passes without a trace. If the time has passed more, and the swelling does not disappear, be sure to see a doctor. Individual reaction to the drug is usually manifested as an allergy. In this case, you should also seek help. More serious complications: improper distribution of the drug, formation of seals, infection. It is not always possible for a layman to recognize a specific problem. Even if your upper lip hurts or it changes color, do not be lazy to go to a medical facility. In norm or rate on 4-5 day after injections the edema should pass or take place, and labiums - to find puffy attractive kind.

Rehabilitation without problems

Contour lip plasty with hyaluronic acid The recovery period after injections is about 2 weeks. At this time, you can not visit the sauna, sauna, swimming pool and solarium. Also, one should not swim in open water, use potent cosmetics. In addition, you will have to learn to sleep on your back - the lips should not touch the pillow. It is advisable to touch the face less during the healing period, but a daily light massage is simply necessary - the doctor will teach you the correct movements. Do not expose your lips to aggressive procedures. Contour plastic will be much better if you do not peel the treated area in the first weeks. Doctors also do not recommend applying strong masks and using scrubs.

Contour lip plastic: the procedure price

The cost of cosmetic effects is made up of several factors. In addition to the price of the drugs and consumables used, the salon level and the reputation of a particular master are important. Injections of hyaluronic acid prices are available. Usually, you can make contour plastic for 4-5 thousand rubles, and the maximum cost of the procedure is 20 thousand. Such a significant difference is due to the differences in the compositions used, the different levels of specific establishments. Do not think that the more expensive the procedure, the better. Study the characteristics of different compositions and try to understand which of them really suits you best.

Lip augmentation: before and after, photos and reviews

Upper lip Women who have already made contour lip surgery are divided into two groups. Some are satisfied with the procedure, others complain of multiple complications and side effects. All is natural: for a certain number of patients, injections do pass with negative reactions. Minimize this possibility by going through a complete examination and consulting with a doctor before the procedure, as well as choosing a salon and a master with a good reputation. Satisfied patients praise injections for their simplicity, accessibility and noticeable effect - lip augmentation. Before and after - it really is two big differences. More expressive lips transform the whole face and emphasize its features.