"Cerepro": analogues are cheap. Instructions for use, feedback

Cerepro is a nootropic drug used in the treatment of chronic cerebral circulatory insufficiency and a whole list of cognitive disorders that are associated with problems with memory and mental function. The drug is produced in Russia. It has many similar on the impact on the body of funds, both foreign and domestic. Today, such moments will be highlighted about the drug "Cerepro": cheap and expensive analogues, the scope of the drug, its contraindications, cost. And also find out what people think about this medicine. Cerepro analogs are cheap

When can I be appointed?

The drug "Cerepro" can be prescribed by the doctor for such problems:

- After the traumatic brain injury, hemorrhagic stroke, which are accompanied by damage to the brainstem.

- Chronic circulatory failure in the brain.

- With specific violations occurring in the human cognitive sphere( memory problems, disorientation, confusion, lack of motivation, inability to concentrate attention).

- An old pseudo-melancholy. Cerepro preparation

In what forms is implemented? How to use?

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The drug "Cerepro" is sold in the form:

- Capsule of 400 mg.

- A solution of 4 ml for intravenous and intramuscular injections.

For chronic problems, a person is prescribed capsules: 1 unit three times a day before meals. Duration of treatment can be from 3 to 6 months.

In acute conditions, injections are given in 1 ampoule per day for 10-15 days. After this, the patient is transferred to the capsules, their dosage is determined by the doctor. The duration of treatment after switching to tablets should not exceed six months. gliatilin price

Composition of

One capsule of "Cerepro" contains such components: glycerolphosphoryl choline hydrate - active substance;additional elements: gelatin, glycerin, methylparaben, propylparaben, sorbitol, red iron oxide, titanium dioxide. In 1 ampoule the following composition: gitzililphosphorylcholine hydrate, purified water.

The cost of

The medication "Cerepro", the price of which can be different and depends on the form of release of the medicine, the number of capsules in the package, is released according to the doctor's prescription. The cost of ampoules in the amount of 3 pieces per 1 gram fluctuates within 450 rubles, for 5 pieces it is necessary to give 500 rubles. Capsules of 400 mg( 28 pieces) are sold on average at a price of 850 rubles. And for 14 capsules of 400 mg you need to pay about 600 rubles. It turns out that the drug "Cerepro", the price of which may seem high, it is better to purchase a larger volume, since it will be more profitable.


This medication should not be taken in people who are hypersensitive to the various components that make up the capsules or solution for injections. It is also forbidden to use the drug "Cerepro" in relation to women in an interesting situation, as well as breastfeeding mothers.

But the number of side effects in this medication is minimal. So, according to many people, the medicine is well tolerated and does not cause any serious reactions. But the manufacturer warns of the possibility of such side effects as nausea, a rash in the body, redness. If these undesirable reactions are observed, the doctor may recommend reducing the dosage of the drug or replacing it with an analog. corescrew or gliatilin

Opinions of people

The drug "Cerepro" reviews from patients who used it, receives only positive. Despite the fact that the remedy is expensive, still people recommend it, noting that it is really effective. Parents who give the drug "Cerepro" to their children are satisfied with the result, because after using the medicine, the boys and girls become active, cheerful. They begin to take an interest in many things, to comprehend and carefully watch fairy tales, sing songs. If earlier it was difficult to deal with the children, then after treatment with the Cerepro remedy, they themselves became assiduous, focused.

Also a lot of responses about this drug can be read from people who took capsules after a traumatic brain injury. According to the patients, the Cerepro medication, which can be found on the Internet, is unique: after its impact, the brain and spinal cord begin to function excellently. In this case, a person even forgets that he had a head injury.

Preparation "Gliatilin"

The drug "Cerepro" has cheap analogs, but we will look at them later. First you should find out about such a tool as "Gliatilin".It is this drug that most often appoints a doctor as a substitute. So, the medicine is implemented in the form of capsules for ingestion, as well as ampoules for injections. The drug "Gliatilin" is prescribed under the same conditions as the "Cerepro" remedy. This medicine is produced in Spain. The tool "Gliatilin", whose price is much higher than its counterpart, can be sold for 600 rubles. This is the cost of four ampoules for 1 g. Around 800 rubles should be given for 14 capsules with a dosage of 400 mg. tserepro price

Which medicine should be preferred: foreign or domestic?

Many people do not know which medicine - "Cerepro" or "Gliatilin" - is preferable. We will try to help users make the right choice. So, both drugs have the same effect and they are prescribed for the same diagnoses. The drug "Cerepro" can often be seen in the pharmacy. While the drug "Gliatilin" is difficult to find. Also of no small importance is the price. So, the drug "Cerepro", being a medical product of Russian production, goes cheaper than the Spanish medicine "Gliatilin".The price of the last drug is somewhat overstated, and it is understandable why: the means are foreign, the cost depends on the dollar exchange rate. Therefore, if you want to save, then it is better then to choose the medicine to which the article is devoted. gliatilin instruction reviews

Solution, capsules "Holitilin"

This is another drug that can replace the tool "Cerepro".Analogues cheap to find is not so easy, but if you set a goal, then everything will turn out. There are drugs that go much more expensive. Therefore, finding a medicine is cheaper problematic. But it is, and its name is a solution of "Holilitil".This drug is used for craniocerebral injuries, dementia, ischemic stroke, confusion, decreased motivation. In general, the indications for use are exactly the same as for the Cerepro drug. Analogues are cheap because they are produced domestically, in the Russian Federation, and not abroad. Therefore, the remedy "Holitilin" is not expensive. So, the cost of 14 capsules of 400 mg will be about 500 rubles. At the same time for the same amount and dosage of the drug "Cerepro" you need to give 600 rubles. The difference is 100 rubles. Ampoules with the drug "Holitilin" for 3 pieces per pack will cost a person 330 rubles. At the same time for the same number of ampoules of the drug "Cerepro" you need to give 450 rubles. The difference is 150 rubles.

Agent "Gleatser"

This is another cheap analogue of the preparation "Cerepro".It is assigned with the same problems. The form of the drug - an injection, as well as capsules for ingestion. In acute conditions, injections are given for 15 days. Then the dosage is increased to 1200 mg for 6 months. If the patient has chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency or a dementia syndrome, then the doctor prescribes to him the medicine "Gleatser" in the form of capsules. Dosage is as follows: 1 capsule 3 times daily before meals. The duration of therapy can be from 3 to 6 months. tserepro reviews

The drug "Gleatser" is produced in the Russian Federation.

The cost of this drug is slightly lower than the drugs "Cerepro".So, for 3 ampoules you need to give 350 rubles. This is 100 rubles cheaper than the means of "Cerepro" in the same form of release.


From this article you learned the comparative characteristics of the cost of the drugs "Glazer", "Gliatilin".Instruction, reviews, contra-indications, side effects of the "Cerepro" remedy were also considered. From all the above, it can be concluded: all the drugs that were noted in this article can be replaced without problems, if any medication is not available in the pharmacy. The most expensive means is "Gliatilin", as it is a foreign drug. Other drugs, including the ampoules "Cerepro", are cheaper, because they are manufactured in Russia.