Betalok ZOK: description of the preparation and reception characteristics

Now there are medicines that effectively help with hypertension. One of them, and very famous, is Betaloc ZOK.Produced in the form of tablets with a white sheath or almost white. They have a biconvex shell in the form of an oval with engraving A / B on one side.

These tablets have a small membrane-stabilizing effect. In addition, they have on the body antihypertensive, antiarrhythmic and antiginal action. With the help of Betalok ZOK, the stimulating effect of catecholamines on cardiac valves is suppressed. This drug prevents the increase in the heart rate and, due to its characteristics, maintains a constant amount of motoprolol in the blood plasma. The drug helps to ensure a stable clinical effect within 24 hours.

In cases of use in small doses, Betaloc ZOK is able to have a slightly less pronounced effect on bronchial musculature, thanks to non-selective beta-blockers. If necessary, the drug is prescribed in combination with B2 adrenomimetics. It also affects the release of insulin and the metabolism of carbohydrates, as well as the cardiovascular system in hypoglycemia. With arterial hypertension, the drug leads to a marked decrease in blood pressure, namely for 24 hours. Improvement of health with the use of the drug "Betaloc ZOK" is observed in people who underwent myocardial infarction.

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Indications for use

This medication is prescribed:

- with functional changes in cardiac activity that are accompanied by tachycardia;

- with angina pectoris;

- with arterial hypertension;

- for heart rhythm disorders, to reduce the frequency of the number of ventricular contractions( especially in atrial fibrillation, as well as ventricular ecstasy).

It is prescribed as a maintenance treatment( especially after a person has suffered an acute infarction).Betalok ZOK is used to prevent and treat migraines.


For cardiac arrhythmias, Betaloc ZOK is given once a day, preferably with a morning dose of 100-200 mg. In case of violation of the functions of cardiac capacity, accompanied by tachycardia, the drug is prescribed in the amount of 100 mg, but it is possible to increase the dose to 200 mg if the medicine is transferred by a person without any deterioration. A combination of the drug with other antianginal drugs is allowed. With arterial hypertension, the initial dosage is 50-100 mg once a day. Perhaps a combination with substitute drugs.

The drug is intended for use once a day. In the morning, the tablet should be swallowed with water. It is allowed to divide the tablet form in half, but it is not worth it to crush or chew.

Contraindications to the use of

Contraindicated use in the treatment when the patient:

- a special sensitivity to any component contained in the preparation;

- the possibility of cardiogenic shock is high;

- a pronounced violation of peripheral circulation;

- long-term therapy with inotropic agents;

- age to eighteen years;

is syndrome of weakness of the sinus node( SSSU).

C Betaloc ZOK is given special attention to people who may have an infarction, with chronic heart failure in the decompensated stage, such as pulmonary edema. Patients who have recently undergone the administration or excretion of calcium channels are also not recommended to use this medicine.

With great care and only under the supervision of doctors, the drug can be administered to children with severe heart disease. Also, this medication is prescribed neatly to patients with diabetes mellitus or asthmatic lung disease.

You can ask for a ZOK analog at the pharmacy Betalok. They are in a large assortment, but choose them better with a doctor or on his advice.

Betaloc ZOK, the instruction of which contains important information about the preparation, is now popular in many patients.