Clinic of Professional Medicine and Cosmetology( Vladivostok): services, prices, reviews

The clinic of professional medicine and cosmetology( Vladivostok, Prosporshchik Komarova Str., 7) provides people with help in dermatocosmetology, as well as plastic surgery. The main goal of the staff is to prevent the aging of the patient's body and to combat any age-related changes. clinic of professional cosmetology and medicine Vladivostok reviews

Specialists of the center successfully eliminate aesthetic imperfections. These include: the lowering of the tip of the nose, the ears, the humpback of the nose, a small chin, and so on. At an individual consultation, doctors independently assess the client's condition and select the most optimal solutions to problems. They constitute an integrated treatment program and, during the period of its compliance, carefully monitor the patient.

The article presents reviews and services of the clinic of professional cosmetology and medicine. In addition, here you can find information about some specialists who provide assistance to all who need this clinic.

Services of the clinic

On the basis of the clinic of professional cosmetology and medicine the following services are offered:

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  • laser hair removal;
  • lip augmentation;
  • mesotherapy;
  • treatment of problem skin;
  • photoepilation;
  • ultrasonic lifting;
  • depilation.

Along with this, specialists are carrying out figure correction, laser biorevitalization, treatment of cellulite, and removal of spider veins with a laser. Often clients turn to the clinic and after injection procedures, including: Disport, Restylane, Yuviderm, Botox and Ellance. In addition, there are actively used hardware methods in the field of cosmetology, photorejuvenation, treatment of couperose and skin peeling at a professional level. Especially often girls turn their attention to fractional and radio wave rejuvenation. clinic of professional cosmetology and medicine reviews and services

The prices for procedures

The acceptable cost of carrying out various procedures is the factor by which people often turn to the clinic of professional cosmetology and medicine( Vladivostok).The prices here are really profitable, in comparison with other centers located in this city.

One-time consultation costs visitors 1000 rubles. The most expensive procedures are abdominoplasty, as well as a tightening of the chest and face. Their price reaches 70 thousand rubles, which is not surprising. Slightly less in the field of plastic surgery are the change in the tip of the nose, septoplasty, facelift, removal of implants and liposuction - 25-30 thousand rubles. clinic of professional cosmetology and medicine services

In cosmetology, prices will be as follows:

  • biorevitalization - 8 thousand rubles;
  • treatment of hyperhidrosis - 20 thousand rubles;
  • contour plastic - 30 000 rubles( "Ellance") and 22 000 rubles( "Radiess");
  • mesotherapy - 10-12 thousand rubles;
  • hair removal - 300 rubles( laser) and 600 rubles( photoepilation).

The clinic of professional medicine and cosmetology( Vladivostok) has a large number of positive reviews, which are about the cost of the procedures. Patients are always ready to pay such sums for the excellent result obtained in the end.

Reviews of patients

The clinic of professional cosmetology and medicine( Vladivostok) reviews is pretty good. For all the time of its existence, no patient has ever left with a negative.

Quite often people point out that the clinic of professional medicine and cosmetology in Vladivostok provides a wide range of services, which can not be said about its competitors. Patients are really happy with the fact that they can finally change something in themselves, while spending not too much money. anti-sanitation clinic of professional cosmetology and medicine Vladivostok

At the same time, visitors often say that there is no sanitation in the clinic of professional cosmetology and medicine( Vladivostok).In their opinion, this place is one of the cleanest and most beautiful hospitals in the city. There is always an order that is clearly visible at first sight, and dust on the shelves can not be found. Strangely enough, this is a rather important criterion for choosing a suitable medical center for a person.

Most of the comments of visitors to the clinic point to the excellent work of the administration. Patients are satisfied that, despite the difficult work on arranging receptions, the staff always reminds of the appointment to the doctor by phone. And this is done politely, patiently and affably. Administrators, according to customers, can solve any problems, and this is very pleasing to people.

People who attend it regularly speak about the clinic of professional medicine and cosmetology( Vladivostok).They claim that all the procedures were only for them to be happy. Experts do everything on a professional level, without pain and with a great result. clinic of professional cosmetology and medicine in Vladivostok

Specialists of

To date, the clinic employs many professionals who always provide assistance to their patients and give clear answers to all questions about the treatment process, as well as the rehabilitation period. Information on some of them is provided below.

Vozdvizhensky Ivan Sergeevich

A plastic surgeon, who is also a doctor of medical sciences and a laureate of the Russian Federation Government Prize, has been working in the clinic for a long time and already has many regular patients. Throughout his life, Ivan Sergeyevich worked in many hospitals, but in the end, his choice was stopped at this clinic, since here he opened a lot of new opportunities.

Vozdvizhensky is the owner of the Moscow Mayor's medal award in the field of medicine, which he was awarded for work written in 2002 - "New technologies in the treatment of pigmented skin formations."clinic of professional medicine and cosmetology Vladivostok

Nikitin Oleg Leonidovich

The second plastic surgeon, who is worth mentioning, is a doctor of the highest category. He successfully graduated from residency in surgery, postgraduate studies and defended his thesis. This person also underwent professional retraining in an appropriate institution, after which he was nominated for all the famous award in the field of plastic surgery called "Golden Lancet".

Oleg Leonidovich is the author of 18 professional articles on the topics of plastic surgery, which can be found in different medical publications. The doctor regularly conducts special refresher courses for his current and future colleagues.

Nikitin started working in the Bryansk city center of cosmetology in 1997.After that, he repeatedly changed his place of work, but eventually stayed in Vladivostok, because exactly what this clinic most liked him.

Rubashek Alexander Germanovich

A great plastic surgeon who graduated from the Vladivostok State Medical Institute( "Medical Business") has been practicing for more than 20 years. He is an active member of the society of aesthetic, plastic, as well as international congresses, dealing with the most urgent issues on the topic of plastic surgery. clinic of professional cosmetology and medicine Vladivostok prices

Alexander Germanovich has repeatedly upgraded his qualifications since 1980.To date, he independently performs a fairly wide range of various aesthetic operations. These include: correction of the lips, ears, chin, blepharoplasty, facelift, change in the anterior abdominal wall, mammoplasty and so on.

Ichenko Stanislav Vladimirovich

The last in this list plastic surgeon has the work experience of more than 11 years. The doctor is well acquainted with innovative technologies, therefore professionally can treat patients with the help of modern equipment.

Stanislav Vladimirovich received his higher education in the Pacific State Medical University, and raised his qualification in the Moscow Medical Institute named after I.M.Sechenov.

All patients, who operated Ichenko SV, leave him with huge gratitude. This man is good to all his clients. It provides quality service and always monitors the recovery period of its patients. You can contact him at any time by phone to ask a question about his specialization.