Healthy lifestyle

Health is considered the most important component for a full-fledged existence. This is a complete physical, psychological, social balance and well-being. It is generally accepted that about 10% of health is determined by our genes, 20% falls on the environment, 10% on the level of medical care, and the remaining 60% on the way of our life. At the same time, as the social life becomes more complicated, the loads on the organism increase and change, and there is an acute need for a healthy lifestyle.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is a system that every sensible person tries to follow. It implies moderation in everything and is based on the following elements:

  • healthy habits;
  • is a safe and supportive environment;
  • correct and balanced nutrition;
  • regular physical activity;
  • personal hygiene;
  • hardening.

How to train yourself to a fulfilling life?

Doctors have developed 10 recommendations that can help you prolong life, make it full and enjoyable:

  1. Begin training your brain. More often solve puzzles, riddles, learn foreign languages, count in your mind, and not with the help of a calculator. So you will regularly train the brain. This will help slow the age-related degradation, the heart will work much better.
  2. Work. Do not sit idle, even if you are secured for the rest of your days. Find a case for your liking. Thanks to this you will remain young and beautiful for a long time.
  3. Do not overeat. Follow the measure and eat no more than 1500 calories per day. This helps the body's cells to maintain activity and discharge. But do not go from one extreme to another, observe the proportions in food.
  4. Make a menu according to the age group. So, for example, women after 30 years can prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles with the help of the liver and nuts. Men over the age of 40 are useful to enrich their menu with kidneys and cheese. This will help reduce stress, and fish will benefit the heart and circulatory system.
  5. Listen to yourself more often. This will help to build a peace of mind.
  6. Love and be loved. It is the state of love that helps to produce the hormone of happiness( endorphin), it strengthens the immune system.
  7. Ventilate at night. Before going to bed, open the windows in the apartment, let the air temperature drop to 17-18 degrees. It will improve metabolism, slow down the age-related changes.
  8. Go in for sports . Even eight minutes of daily exercise can prolong a person's life.
  9. Let a little pamper yourself. Regardless of the fact that this contradicts all of the above recommendations, allow yourself from time to time to consume something tasty.
  10. Do not hold back your anger. Nerve cells do not recover and often cause disease. Share your experiences with your people, tell them what's upsetting you.

Thanks to active activity, not only physical, but also mental, the nervous system is normalized, the heart will become stronger. But everything should be balanced.

How to adhere to a healthy regimen?

To maintain the healthy and effective performance of all body systems, you need to regulate the regime of the day. Learn to wake up and get ready for bed at the same time, and distribute food by the clock .Thanks to this the body will be able to get used to certain loads.

Submit activity and rest to the mode. This will help preserve the body all the necessary resources. Disturbed daily routine negatively affects the body as a whole and can cause many diseases. The physiology of each person is unique, that's why every person should make up his own regime of the day.

Daily routine for men

Most of the time must be accompanied by physical exercises: these are all kinds of strength exercises, running and walking for the development of endurance. The day must begin with a warm-up. Morning meal intake should consist of thirty-five percent of the entire daily diet.
It is useful for young people to move more often. Therefore, it is optimal after breakfast to go for a half-hour walk. Go to work on foot. In adulthood, more time should be given to exercises aimed at stimulating the cardiosystem, at least three times a week.
The daily diet of a man should include 5-6 meals, although all meals should be consumed up to 16 hours. Sleep should be prepared at 22-23 hours. A few hours before sleep, rest your brain, exclude reading books and watching TV at this time. It's best to listen to relaxing music and take an evening walk.

Day regimen in women

In female physiology, pregnancy and childbirth take the first place, which indicates the need to adhere to a special daily routine. Making up the regimen of the day, remember about menstrual cycles that contribute to a change in tone and hormonal background.
Enough time to devote to training: exercises that stimulate the cardiosystem, and stretching exercises. It is useful for a woman to sleep at least 8-9 hours a day, from 10 pm to 6 am. Divide the daily diet into three full meals and two snacks.
Women of middle age also need to exercise: yoga and fitness for at least 40 minutes a day. Fifteen minutes should be given to the warm-up. After 30 years, the number of hours for sleep is recommended to be reduced. After 40 years, the proportions of meat and carbohydrates should be reduced, while the number of meals should be kept.

Day regimen for children

From early childhood, it is necessary to teach children to take care of their health. It is important to teach the child from a young age to discipline. It is best to wake the child at seven in the morning, and prepare him to sleep no later than 21 hours. Up to six years old, the child also needs a day's sleep. Walk with the baby at least twice a day, do gymnastics with him and divide the reception of main food by 5-6 times.
The first walk should be done before lunch, and the second one a few hours before bedtime, but you should reduce physical activity. At school age, the daily routine of the child is adjusted to the lessons. Therefore, there is already no daytime sleep, although after lunch it is also important to give the child a break.
Remember that the regime of the day is the basis of a healthy lifestyle, and it is important to respect every person, regardless of age and gender.