How to remove dark circles under the eyes

Eyes are, as they say, mirrors of our soul. It is very ugly when these "mirrors" are framed by a dark frame. There is the impression of a tired, tortured man's life. Therefore, many of us are thinking about the question: "How to remove dark circles under the eyes?"

The causes of this defect are:

  • frequent application of decorative cosmetics;
  • lack of iron;
  • dehydration of the body;
  • excess of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine;
  • poor blood circulation;
  • disrupting the kidneys and liver, stasis of bile;
  • allergy;
  • excess toxins and toxins;
  • stressful situations;
  • ecological situation.

It is necessary to establish precisely the cause of such a defect as dark circles under the eyes, how to get rid of which will be considered further.

First of all, you need to ensure yourself a sufficient amount of sleep, so that the body can be restored, and not worked on wear and tear. Fatigue will accumulate in the "secluded corners" of the body, reflecting on your appearance.

Then you should reconsider your diet. If you consume a lot of salty or spicy food, then it is likely that dark circles around the eyes are a merit of a nutritional imbalance.

Fresh air promotes the absorption of oxygen by the body. Therefore, you need to go out more often. In addition, the passivity of life leaves its imprint on your appearance. Expressed this can not only in a twisted posture, but also in such an unpleasant phenomenon as dark circles under the eyes.

How to remove dark circles under the eyes of cosmetics?

Cosmetics, which are designed to release the skin from dark circles, usually contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, various oils and extracts, elastin. But in order for the cream to work, you need to make sure that the cause of this defect is not any internal disease. In addition to creams, manufacturers offer a variety of masks, tonics and milk with a whitening effect.

How to remove dark circles under the eyes of folk remedies?

The first and most effective way is compresses made from milk. You need to moisten the cotton disc in milk, squeeze it out and put it on your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes. Milk will help lighten the skin a little.

Cucumber juice or simply diced vegetables and fruits can be frozen, and then wipe the area around the eyes with such ice. Cold promotes better circulation of blood and reduction of pores.

Various herbs( for example, eye, sage, chamomile) can be brewed in a small amount of water and make compresses on their eyes.

Parsley is unique in itself. The root of parsley well removes not only puffiness, but returns a healthy skin color. To do this, you need to pass the root through the meat grinder. The resulting mashed potatoes wrapped in gauze and put on your eyes.

Cucumber compresses are known to all. Two circles on the eyes - and your eyes again gaining brilliance.

How to remove dark circles under the eyes with the help of gymnastics?

Many of us work with the computer for most of the day. Technologies go, certainly, forward, but eyes all the same get tired from a constant glow of the screen. Give time to time to relax your eyes, taking a short break and warm-up for the eyes. To do this, look down and up and around, turn your eyes under closed eyelids, try to draw with your eyes geometric shapes. Such a warm-up will help to keep the youthfulness and healthy appearance of not only the eyes, but also the skin around them.

You can also massage with your fingertips, as if you are applying a cream and gently rub it into the skin.

Among other things, you can just disguise the dark circles with a properly selected tonal tool. Producers of decorative cosmetics also offer correctors and masking pencils, which are sold in any store.

But nothing can replace your body with an old good rest and peace of mind. A measured life and a balanced diet will give your skin a healthy color, not allowing the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.