Uterine Transplantation: Features, Procedure and Effects

At present, medicine has taken a few steps forward. People have learned to transplant organs for the further well-being of a person. A lot is said about transplantation. But what about the transplantation of the uterus? Is it possible to do this? This will be discussed in this article.

What is it for?

Transplantation of the uterus is one of the ways to combat infertility. In this case, it is a question of surgical intervention. During the operation there is a transplantation of the donor uterus into the body of a woman, in whom this organ has pathologies. In case of problems with it, the patient, as a rule, experiences some difficulties and can not become pregnant.

At present, transplantation of the uterus is considered as an alternative to surrogate motherhood. Such surgical interventions allow the fair sex representatives to take out and give birth to a healthy baby.

Transplantation of the donor

Why can there be infertility?

Such an ailment can develop due to the obstruction of the fallopian tubes, as well as g

enetic abnormalities.

In addition, one of the causes of infertility is the stopping of the ovaries. Still the absence of some reproductive organs is considered the source of the ailment under consideration.

Transplantation of the uterus helps to solve a number of these problems. This method gives a chance for a successful pregnancy.

What is the complexity of the operation?

Uterine transplantation refers to a new type of surgery. This is explained by the fact that the new body should not only take root, but also it will serve to carry the baby. The complexity of this method is that it requires an immunosuppressive therapy after the operation. The latter, in turn, hinders conception. Because of this, a peculiar dissonance develops.

In addition, the uterus is not so easy to remove. This process is dangerous for the donor. The organ is in a remote place. In addition, he has many blood vessels. And this increases the likelihood of bleeding.

After a well-conducted surgery, the body of a fair sex will experience a stressful situation. There will be hormonal fluctuations, monthly starts. Everything else depends on whether the body of a woman will accept a new organ or simply reject it.

Those who decide to carry out such an operation should compare flaws and advantages. Because this method is very complicated. For this reason, dangerous complications are possible.

transplantation of the uterus in russia cost

How does the procedure work?

Transplantation of the uterus begins with a surgical procedure that represents the extraction of the necessary organ from the donor. A similar method is tested on animals. There are situations when the uterus must be preserved. For example, in some cases it is necessary to transport it. It should be noted that ischemic tolerance in this case is equal to more than 23 hours.

The patient should consider that she will have to undergo 3 types of surgical interventions. After she takes out the baby, she will be given a cesarean section. As soon as a woman gives birth, they will have a hysterectomy. This is done in order to complete immuno-suppressive therapy.

About the transplantation of the uterus

Who can be a donor?

A person who gives up his body can become anyone. But, for example, in Sweden, the relatives of the patients were donors. According to experts, this helps reduce the risk of rejection.

In America, it is believed that a living person can not be taken as a donor. Since an operation of this type is a danger to life. Therefore, they take those donors who have brain death, and the heart is still working. But, despite this kind of reasoning, in the United States there was only one operation for the transplantation of the uterus from a living donor. And it was not possible to perform a surgical intervention in the way that they considered more acceptable. Because these organs developed an infection.

In Saudi Arabia, the method of transplantation of the uterus is considered only from a living person. As a donor, a relative is usually taken.

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How does conception occur after surgery?

Immediately after the operation this, of course, does not happen. Initially, the transplanted uterus is monitored. This period is about a year. In addition, selected doses of immunosuppressants are selected. They contribute to reducing the risk of rejection. In the case when the organ gets accustomed, after a while the periods begin.

But even in this case, the eggs can not enter the uterine cavity. This is explained by the fact that there is no connection of the fallopian tube with this organ. Thus, conception can occur only in an extracorporeal way. In this case we are talking about artificial insemination.

Eggs in the fair sex are taken before the transplantation of the uterus. They are stored in a frozen state.

Embryos in the transplanted organ take root very hard. Therefore, several attempts are required.

Do the transplantation of the uterus

How does childbirth occur and how does pregnancy with transplanted organ take place?

Not everything goes smoothly. It is noted that the pregnancy is interrupted for about five weeks. During this period, the risk of developing a serious complication increases, in which there is a significant increase in blood pressure. Experts suggest that this is due to the use of medications that help reduce immunity. Although there is no proven fact. But, despite this, the woman takes immunosuppressors all the time. Otherwise, there may be rejection of the organ.

As mentioned above, the child is born with the help of a cesarean section. The question of how to make the process of natural conception and birth of the fetus possible in the future is considered. In this case, scientists are exploring the possibility of a transplantation of the uterus along with the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

After the woman gives birth to one or two children, the body will need to be removed. Because during this entire period the patient takes immunosuppressors. And they, in turn, do not have a very positive effect on her body.

Transplantation of the uterus

uterine transplantation: the cost of a similar procedure

There is no great experience in conducting such operations in any country. For this reason, this method is considered exceptional. The cost of this procedure is uncertain. Prices range from 60 to 200 thousand dollars.

An interesting question is the transplantation of the uterus in Russia and the cost of such an operation here. Unfortunately, in our country this method of surgical intervention is not carried out.

Therefore, the answer to the question of whether a uterus transplant is made in Russia will be negative. Often you can hear that the experts have not yet started to master it. Therefore, a similar problem will have to be addressed to specialists from foreign countries.

This year in the UK about a dozen women will receive donor uterus.

In Sweden this method is developed more. There are waiting for the birth of several babies, who were born in transplanted uterus. Saudi Arabia and Turkey are interested in the same issues.

However, the medicine develops and does not stand still. This kind of operation costs fabulous money. Perhaps, after a deeper study of this method and the conduct of procedures in other countries, prices will become lower. At the same time, the operation is not available in clinics in Russia.