Why is Vitamin E useful for men? For what is needed, dosage

The modern rhythm of life rarely enables an employed person to seek medical help in time for certain ailments. Almost all the unpleasant symptoms people write off for fatigue and just stop them with anesthetics. In fact, such a decision is absolutely wrong, because even for harmless, it would seem, feelings of discomfort can hide problems that, if ignored for a long time, can develop serious disabilities in the body. For example, among the male part of the population, the usual lack of vitamin E. is hidden behind the symptoms of fatigue and malaise. How useful is vitamin E for men For men, this compound is very significant, since it largely controls the state of reproductive function.

Causes of hypovitaminosis

Deficiency in certain components for the body manifests itself most often due to unbalanced nutrition. Again, this is affected by the rhythm of life of most of the population. In addition, the male body with regular heavy physical exertion requires a large amount of tocopherol, which is only rarely provided with food. In order for the man's health to be normal, it is necessary to start taking vitamin complexes in time.

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Properties of Tocopherol

To understand what is useful for vitamin E for men, it is necessary to understand its general characteristics. So, this compound:

  • promotes normalization of blood circulation;
  • prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques;
  • accelerates the process of cell renewal;
  • strengthens the walls of the vessels;
  • has a rejuvenating effect on the body.

Vitamin E for men Based on this, it can be understood that the benefits of vitamin E for men are simply invaluable. It supports the working capacity of the whole organism, preventing its premature aging, strengthening the walls of cell membranes. It is also very important that tocopherol in a large concentration is contained in the cells of the prostate gland, therefore the reproductive function largely depends on it. This compound helps normalize the hormonal background in the male part of the population, protects against the negative effects of testosterone cells, improves sperm quality and has a general antioxidant effect. From this it is necessary to identify the main causes that require regular monitoring of the vitamin in the body.

How useful is vitamin E for men?

Based on the above, the importance of tocopherol for the stronger sex is manifested:

  1. In the normalization of the reproductive system.
  2. Also, the compound helps protect the testosterone molecules and normalize the hormonal background of the male.
  3. Vitamin E helps improve cellular respiration throughout the body.
  4. The compound strengthens the walls of the vessels, prevents the appearance of cholesterol plaques, promotes blood clot resorption and improves blood circulation. This is especially important for men, since a stronger sex is more prone to heart attacks and other heart diseases.
  5. Thanks to the general strengthening of the vascular system, the blood circulation in the pelvic region improves, which is important for a good reproductive function.
  6. In addition, the compound promotes the natural rejuvenation of the body, due to the prevention of the action of free radicals.

How useful is vitamin E for men yet? Of course, by taking part in the synthesis of an equally important element - vitamin A. The lack of this compound also leads to lethargy, anemia and the appearance of dysfunctions of various important body systems.

Dosage for admission

The minimum dose of vitamin E for men per day is 10 mg. It is this amount of tocopherol that should be taken to maintain the normal functioning of the body to a healthy person. Vitamin E for men when planning pregnancy In case of a lack of connection, the doctor prescribes a therapeutic dosage individually for each patient. The amount of the required element should be no more than 300-400 mg per day. Most often, vitamin E is prescribed for men in capsules, but preparations can contain the right substance and in the form of injections.

To correctly determine the required amount of tocopherol for a patient, doctors calculate the dosage by the following formula: for each kilogram of weight, 0.3 mg of the substance. Based on this, it can be easily determined that for a man weighing 85 kg, you will need to take 25.5 mg daily and so on. Taking a larger dose of vitamin can provoke hypervitaminosis in the body, which will also negatively affect the health status, but not necessarily immediately. The fact is that tocopherol can accumulate in the body and even with a slight excess of the dose for a long time is able to manifest certain symptoms.

Rules for admission

Observe the recommendations for taking the compound is not less important than the dosage of vitamin E for men. The fact is that tocopherol refers to fat-soluble compounds, therefore it is simply impossible to assimilate in pure form without the aid of additional substances. When you take capsules they already contain the necessary fat, but for qualitative treatment with injections, you will also need to change your diet, adding oils and fats to it. Vitamin E Dose for Men To enhance the effect of the substance, it is useful to take it with selenium or vitamin A, or with both compounds at once. It is important to remember that inorganic iron destroys tocopherol, so when taking it, you should refrain from using drugs with the content of a ferum.

Exceeding the dose of

The ability of the vitamin to accumulate in the body can be fraught with hypervitaminosis, but in practice, men rarely feel unwell after taking. Of course, such statistics do not give any guarantee that discomfort will not appear at all, as a certain insignificant part of the patients still complains about some symptoms of an overdose. Among them:

  • increased fatigue;
  • vision impairment;
  • a constant feeling of fatigue, even after a long rest;
  • flatulence;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • severe headaches;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea.

Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency

In general, it is clear what is useful for vitamin E for men, but not many realize the seriousness of the situation and can correctly determine when the necessary connection in the body is not enough. Most of the symptoms begin to appear quite harmless and are often written off as banal fatigue. Vitamin E capsules for men The first "disturbing bells" for the stronger sex are fast fatigue, reduced efficiency, muscle weakness and slight irritability. If you do not respond to these symptoms in a timely manner, the loss of vision, the destruction of liver cells, the skin loses its elasticity, and the bones begin to soften. Together with this, the male part of the population manifests a violation of sexual function, spermatozoa lose activity, a person becomes irritable, violated significant disorders of the nervous system.

Why do I need vitamin E for men? Of course, in order to avoid all this. By the way, the symptoms of hypovitaminosis in the initial stages can be numbness of limbs and temporary impairment of coordination. Also, when there is a shortage of tocopherol, premature death of red blood cells begins in the body.

Preventive measures

It is easier to prevent any problem, therefore, in order not to start serious treatment and not to face male health problems, it is recommended to initially control the level of necessary compounds in the body and to pay attention to symptoms in a timely manner. Treatment of hypovitaminosis should be carried out only under the supervision of a specialist who can correctly determine the dosage required in a particular case. Why Vitamin E is needed for men

Regular reception of tocopherol in prophylactic doses is necessary for intensive physical exertion of the stronger sex. Vitamin E is also recommended for men when planning pregnancy, as the element provokes blood circulation in the small pelvis.

Tocopherol for potency treatment

This compound helps to slow the aging of the cells of the whole organism, which is helped by the ability to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve blood circulation. Thus, the number of capable spermatozoa increases, and the substance actively helps in stimulating the reproductive function. Vitamin E is often prescribed by specialists and in the treatment of infertility in men, because its useful properties help restore the hormonal background and improve blood circulation in the pelvic area.

Also tocopherol helps strengthen the heart muscle, which increases the performance and endurance of the whole body. Due to the slowing down of aging, vitamin increases sexual activity.

Also, the compound allows you to accelerate the growth of muscle mass, which is important for enhanced training, and the overall strengthening of the vascular system protects a man from strokes and heart attacks.

Products containing vitamin

Based on the above, it is clear why vitamin E is needed for men, but from what products can it be obtained in sufficient quantities so that you do not have to take medication afterwards? In fact, tocopherol found in food can not often. Its small amount is found in products of animal origin - liver, milk and egg yolks. A sufficient norm of the substance is plant products, but only fresh. When freezing vegetables retain only half of the useful element, and when canned, it generally disappears. In general, any heat treatment negatively affects the amount of food in the food, which should be taken into account when preparing dishes. Vitamin E for which the body needs a man

So, you can get useful vitamin E from cucumbers, carrots, radishes, onions, potatoes and leafy greens. In a small concentration of the substance is found in broccoli, spinach, seeds, nuts and butter.

The greatest amount of vitamin is concentrated in vegetable oils, using which a person simultaneously provides and good assimilation of the substance. Among them, corn, olive and sunflower oils. Also rich in tocopherol are oatmeal, corn and sprouted wheat.


It is important to know that for optimal masculine health it is necessary to use together with vitamin E potassium, zinc, selenium, magnesium. Only in a complex vitamins and mineral substances are able to maintain health at the proper level.