Cholagogue folk remedies: herbs, vegetables, cereals

cholagogue folk remedies

All cholagogue, folk or medicinal, are conventionally divided into two groups. The first contributes to the increased production of bile in large quantities, and the second - to its excretion into the intestine.

In most cases, people prefer to use cholagogic folk remedies - herbs that not only stimulate the formation of bile, but also have a number of medicinal properties: lower the levels of sugar and cholesterol, activate metabolic processes, relieve inflammation of the internal organs, promote proper gastrointestinal function, and increase appetite. And this is not the whole list of positive qualities of medicinal herbs.

The best cholagogue folk remedies are herbs

Herbs are the most effective in the treatment of liver and gallbladder diseases. They are mainly used in the form of teas, infusions and tinctures. The composition of these tools usually include several herbs that, in combination with each other, enhance their qualities and medicinal properties. cholagogue folk remedies

  1. Immortelle sandy - today is considered one of the most effective folk remedies in the fight against diseases of the liver and gallbladder. Cholangitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis. .. Symptoms of all these diseases become less pronounced during the intake of decoctions, teas and infusions from the inflorescence of the immortelle, as well as dry concentrate( flamina) and extract( juice).What is so useful choleretic folk remedies, which include immortelle? The plant itself is rich in tannic, coloring and bitter substances, carotene and vitamin C. And the charges, of which it is a component, increase the tone of the gallbladder, activate the production of bile acids, work of the stomach and pancreas, relieve inflammation of the urinary tract.
  2. Angelica officinalis is used in the form of infusion. Curative properties have only the root system of the plant. The use of infusion promotes the active release of bile, as well as the juices of the digestive system. In addition, Angelica has a beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, and also has a pronounced diuretic effect.
  3. Ingredients of peppermint are menthol, which, if ingested, reduces the spasms of the bile duct, thereby contributing to the active separation of bile. This plant is used both in folk and in traditional medicine in the form of tinctures, essential oils, elixirs, teas, mint water and even flat cakes.
  4. Pine ordinary is rich in essential oils, ascorbic acid, phytoncides, alkaloids and tannins. Such a composition, used in the form of tinctures, promotes active production of bile and has a diuretic effect. Also from the needles and buds are prepared teas, extracts and baths, they are part of the inhalation collection and are the basis for the production of tar, which has long been famous for its medicinal properties.

Cholagogue folk remedies: cereals, fruits and vegetables

  1. cholagogue grass

    Corn stigmas are used in medicine as a diuretic and choleretic agent. They are used both independently and in collection with other herbs. The unique composition of this folk remedy( pantothenic and ascorbic acid, vitamin K, bitter substances, fatty and essential oils) promotes an increase in the secretion of bile and its qualitative changes: for example, lowering the viscosity and density, reducing its residues and bilirubin. Oat sowing is a unique remedy. Virtually all of its parts are used in folk medicine: grains, green shoots, straw. It is used in the form of broths, kissels, baths, teas. In addition to diuretic and choleretic properties, oats are used to treat the gastrointestinal tract, to reduce swelling, with rickets and scrofula, and compresses are great for urolithiasis.
  2. Radish seed is used in the form of juice or gruel from a fresh root. It has choleretic and diuretic actions, promotes expectoration in bronchitis, and is applied externally for the treatment of rheumatism and gout.


Despite all the naturalness and naturalness, the cholagogue means - herbs, vegetables, etc. should be used with caution: in addition to the basic properties, they have a number of additional ones that do not always work. It is about reducing or increasing the pressure, laxative or fixing effect, changing the level of sugar in the blood.