How does impotence occur, signs of its development.

To date, many men of different ages meet with such a disease as impotence, the signs of which are manifested in the inability to provide an erection for a long time during sexual intercourse. So, the rigidity of the male's sexual organ is directly dependent on the amount of arterial pressure inside the penis. Normally, the pressure should be 90;Art.

There are several types of the disease, such as impotence, the signs of its occurrence can be divided into primary, in which the person did not initially have a normal function of the sexual organ, and secondary, in which the previously existing sexual function is disrupted. Also, the disease can occur for psychological reasons and organic causes, which are based on various mechanical damages or vascular, hormonal and neurological disorders. Psychogenic causes of the development of the disease can be disorders in the activity of the nervous system, as well as stressful conditions.

Most often impotence develops for physical reasons.

So, male impotence happens:

1. Organic. It arises from the development of diseases or trauma to the sexual organ.

2. Cerebral impotence. Develops with functional diseases of the brain.

3. Spinal. It occurs as a result of damage to the spinal or spinal sexual centers.

4. Neuroreceptor impotence signs manifest in inflammation of the prostate or urethra.

5. Endocrine. It occurs as a result of decreased testicular function.

The most common causes of impotence are:

- heart and vascular disease;

- hypertension and diabetes mellitus;

- obesity, metabolic disorders;

- hormonal disorders;

- smoking, drug addiction and alcoholism;

- surgical interventions on the spinal cord.

It should be borne in mind that irregular problems with the appearance of erection are not the development of impotence, but when they are of a regular nature, you need to seek the advice of a specialist to go for treatment, both surgical and pharmacological. In some cases, the disease may be a symptom of another disease, for example, heart disease.

In order for the doctor to make the correct diagnosis, it is necessary to pass blood tests to the level of certain hormones. Also, ultrasound is widely used to determine blood supply to the genital organ, assessment of the sensitivity of nerve endings, DIKK for the detection of disorders in the blood vessels of the male sexual organ, a test for nocturnal erections in the presence of psychological impotence.

A natural question arises: is it possible to cure impotence? Impotence, both psychological and organic, is curable. With organic disease, it is recommended to carry out operations, with cerebral impotence - psychotherapy. When endocrine impotence is necessary to use hormonal drugs, as well as vitamins A and B. In the presence of inflammation of the prostate massage and physiotherapy are prescribed. In any case, impotence, the symptoms of which the urologist treats when diagnosed, is treated with the help of physiotherapy, bromide or phosphorus. Also, the treatment is done with medications that stimulate the appearance of an erection and injections into the genital organ, which expand the vessels, and the drug can be injected into the urethra, but this method is not often used.

In the event that all of the above methods do not bring any results, doctors are asked to make prosthetics of the genitals. This procedure is an operation in which a prosthesis made of silicone is inserted into the genital organ.