Essentuki, "Niva"( sanatorium): review, description, features and reviews

One of the most famous southern resorts is the city of Essentuki."Niva" - a sanatorium, located in the heart of the resort area - attracts many holidaymakers. Successful location, modern diagnostic and treatment facilities, friendly staff and comfortable modern building make this health resort the best in the Caucasus. Here you can not only have a good rest, admiring the beautiful and unusual nature, but also significantly improve your health. The main direction of treatment, as in most resorts of Mineral Waters, are diseases of the digestive system. But along with them many other pathologies also disappear. Therefore, many choose the sanatorium "Niva"( Essentuki).The reviews mark not only the effectiveness of treatment, but also excellent opportunities for recreation.

Features of the city of Yessentuki

This place is slightly different from the rest of the nature of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. The city of Essentuki lies in a flat area, but here you can feel the clear healing mountain air and you can see magnificent landscapes. This kind of microclimate made this resort the most popular for residents of the central part of Russia. The city became especially attractive in recent years. The medical park was reconstructed, the fountains were renovated, cultural life became more active.

In addition to effective treatment, you can relax here. Near the park are numerous cafes and restaurants, the Concert Hall. F. Chaliapin. Often there are concerts and performances of famous artists. During excursions and organized walks around the city you can get acquainted with its sights: the mud baths building, the Upper mineral baths, the Mechatotherapy pavilion, the eagle sculpture and others. Picturesque nature, clean air and goodwill of local residents - this is what tourists like the city of Essentuki for. essentuki niva sanatorium

"Niva"( sanatorium): characteristics of

This health resort is located in the heart of the resort area near a beautiful park, one and a half kilometers from the railway station. From the sanatorium there is a drinking gallery with healing waters from sources "Essentuki-4", "Essentuki-17" and "Essentuki-Novaya", as well as the best mud baths in Europe. Healing air and picturesque nature in the park attract tourists to the city of Essentuki."Niva"( sanatorium) here is one of the best. The modern diagnostic and treatment facilities, experienced doctors, the friendly attitude of the staff, combined with the natural factors of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, work wonders.

The main profile of the health resort is diseases of the digestive system and metabolic disorders. These diseases are now the most common and often cause other health problems. And the mineral waters of the Caucasus have the properties to treat precisely the diseases of the digestive system. The city of Essentuki is especially healing in this respect."Niva" is a sanatorium that will help restore the functions of the stomach and intestines, regulate metabolism and improve general health. essentuki sanatorium field prices

Description of the health resort

This sanatorium was created in such a way that everything is in one building: rooms, a dining room, a concert hall and a treatment department. Vacationers do not need to go out to get on the procedure. They are waiting for comfortable comfortable rooms with TV, refrigerator and bathroom. And every guest can choose the way of living according to their financial possibilities. Therefore, many choose the city of Essentuki, the sanatorium "Niva".Prices for one person per day range from 2 to 4 thousand rubles, depending on the comfort of the room and the season. The price includes accommodation, three meals a day and treatment.

In addition to healing procedures, vacationers are waiting for a lot of cultural entertainment. Here it is possible from the first day to give up cares. Rest everyone chooses to your taste. It is a calm contemplation of nature, excursions around the city or visiting the sights of the Caucasus. Entertainment can be found even without leaving the sanatorium building. A bar, billiards, solarium, a cinema hall, a dance floor, a library, a gym, a children's room are waiting for the rest.

The sanatorium has its own mini-bakery, it produces medicinal soy milk for dietary nutrition. All holidaymakers note that they are very tasty at Niva. sanatorium niva gessentuki

What is treated in the sanatorium

Most often in this health resort is sent to patients with metabolic disorders and diseases of the digestive system. The most effective treatment for such pathologies here is:

  • different types of chronic gastritis;
  • peptic ulcer in remission;
  • condition after operations on the abdominal organs;
  • is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease;
  • disorders of the liver and gallbladder;
  • obesity, diabetes.

In addition, the sanatorium "Niva"( Yessentuki) will help improve the condition in diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, respiratory diseases, chronic inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system and pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. health resort field of the city of Essentuki

Contraindications to the treatment of

Like any resort, the sanatorium "Niva"( the city of Essentuki) does not accept patients with acute inflammatory diseases, infections and any diseases in the acute stage for treatment. Contraindications to sanatorium treatment are all blood diseases, oncological and venereal diseases. Any condition requiring inpatient treatment or surgery will also be an obstacle to stay in a sanatorium. Do not send pregnant women and tuberculosis patients to Yessentuki.

Natural healing factors

All resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters are popular due to the curative effects of the climate and the natural environment. Fresh mountain air, beautiful landscapes, the whole surrounding environment is soothing. In addition, staying near mineral springs in the form of fountains also has a curative effect. But the main healing effect in the sanatorium is drinking mineral water. It contributes to the fact that you can cure any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Mineral water is also used in the form of baths, showers, irrigation, enemas and washes. health resort field of essentuki reviews

Treatment procedures

This sanatorium is equipped with the most modern equipment for diagnosis and therapeutic procedures. Here you can make general and biochemical blood tests, ECG, ultrasound, X-ray, study of gastric juice, urine, bile. After diagnosis, sanatorium specialists prescribe an individual treatment plan. It includes several procedures daily and a mandatory three-time drinking of mineral water. In the sanatorium such methods of treatment are applied:

  • inhalation;
  • underwater shower massage, circular shower;
  • four-chamber bath;
  • baths iodine-bromine, pearl, bischofite;
  • electric mud;
  • gingival irrigation with mineral water;
  • gastric lavage;
  • aromatherapy;
  • massage, reflexotherapy;
  • speleocamera;
  • magnetotherapy;
  • phonophoresis;
  • oxygen cocktails and phyto-tea;
  • aqua aerobics, aerosolarium. health resort field of essentuki reviews of tourists

Sanatorium "Niva"( Yessentuki): reviews of holidaymakers

This place is popular. They go here to rest and improve their health. Caucasian mineral waters have been valued for their healing effect for centuries. But now the health resorts have modern equipment, so they have become even more comfortable. It is for this that the sanatorium "Niva"( Essentuki) is valued. The reviews point out that you can have a great rest here even in winter. The developed infrastructure does not allow to be bored. And modern equipment allows you to get rid of many ailments. Holidaymakers often note the sensitive attitude of the staff. Because of this, I want to come here again, and more than once.