Contact lenses SofLens 59: advantages and disadvantages, reviews

Do not want people around you to know that you have poor eyesight? Then, safely acquire contact lenses. The price of such a substitute for glasses is not to be frightened, because not all of these polymer materials are expensive. There are lenses that can be purchased for a very affordable price. The famous company Bausch Lomb produces such eyeglasses. Today we will consider only one model of the lenses of this company - Soflens 59. We will determine what is the peculiarity, advantages and disadvantages of this model, and also what people and doctors think about these glasses substitutes. contact lenses soflens 59

Background of

The well-known company Bausch Lomb in 2003 showed the world the contact lenses Soflens Comfort developed by it. Soflens 59 - more advanced optical polymers, which were created already in 2006.The number 59 indicates the percentage of moisture. These lenses became the best also due to the fact that they received new blisters and a smooth removable label. Now it is convenient for users to open these polymer materials. And the blister of new lenses has received ergonomic design, it is convenient to hold in hands. Also the box has undergone changes. On the packaging in the new Soflens 59 lenses, the company's logo, trademark, is now clearly visible. Also on the box, the seller depicted the moisture, and this, according to the developers, creates a sense of appeasement, and also indicates the comfort of wearing.

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And the main difference between the new lenses from the old Soflens Comfort is that in the first model the lens itself had sharp enough edges. And many users complained for this reason to the firm. In the new model, the developers changed the geometry and made the edge smoothed. soflens 59 6 lenses

Advantages of

Bausch Lomb Soflens 59 lenses have such advantages:

- They are ideal for those people who are new to this business. Those users who are just starting to learn the rules of wearing these glasses substitutes will be comfortable and easy to carry. Such lenses provide a high stable visual acuity. They are also very easy to operate.

- This model of glasses substitutes perfectly combines with many solutions.

- Lenses are made of modern and high-quality material - hilafilkona B, which is resistant to sediments.

- These glasses replacements have a smooth transition between the edges and the central curvature of the polymer.

- The production of these lenses uses a special Unifit technology, which ensures a uniform weight distribution. And this allows you to achieve clarity of vision, as well as gentle interaction of the polymer material with the cornea of ​​the eye and eyelids.

- These lenses are sold in a blister pack, which is easy to open.

- Low cost.

- Elastic, perfectly maintained shape. contact lenses soflens comfort soflens 59

Disadvantages of the new

The Bausch Lomb Soflens 59 lenses, as well as other types of these polymer materials, are not devoid of negative aspects. The shortcomings of these glasses substitutes can be considered:

- Short term of wearing. New lenses from Bausch Lomb can be worn for no more than 30 days.

- These glasses replacements require double maintenance. Due to the fact that the lens has a moisture content of 59%, they need a more careful attitude to themselves than polymers of other types. Therefore, it is necessary to use such glasses substitutes only with silicone tips. lenses bausch lomb soflens 59

Lens material

The new model of eyeglasses substitutes is made of Khalafilcon B. The advantage of this material is the complete absence of lipid and salt deposits on the lens. And also thanks to Halafilcon B, these polymeric transparent glasses substitutes are more similar to eye tissues than previous models.

Feature of

Contact lenses Soflens 59 are unusual in that they are suitable for both short-sighted and far-sighted people. The range of dioprids in them is from -9.00 to +6.00.


The price of a new model of lenses by Bausch Lomb is small. However for economy it is better to buy Soflens 59 6 lenses. So, for the whole package you will pay about 600 rubles. While for one pair, give 300 rubles. It turns out that it's cheaper to buy Soflens 59 6 lenses, then you will save 300 rubles. Trifle, but nice. lens soflens 59 reviews

Positive Feedbacks of people

For the most part, flattering reviews are given to Soflens Comfort contact lenses. Soflens 59 - the new model of this company did not stand aside and also won its numerous admirers. So, many people note that these glasses substitutes have an ideal price-quality ratio. Also users point to other advantages of this polymer material:

- Lenses are not felt in front of eyes.

- When wearing these glasses substitutes, the eyes do not dry up, they do not ache, there is no foreign body in the vision organ.

- Such lenses are perfectly worn and removed.

- Contact lenses Soflens 59 have a bluish tinge. This is to ensure that they can be conveniently removed from the container and the person could easily see them.

- These eyeglasses are robust, resistant to damage. Many people note that they wear these lenses for more than 3 years( of course, changing them monthly), and they never broke up.

- Do not need a thorough care. Many users note that this model of glasses substitutes is enough just to rub a little finger and leave it overnight in a solution.

- Although Soflens 59 contact lenses are designed for daytime wearing, the eyes do not feel tired in the evening. And some users even sleep in them. True, this can not be done. But if for some reason it is impossible to remove the lenses in the evening( for example, stayed at a party, stayed overnight, and did not take a solution and a container), then do not worry that your eyes will be red in the morning, like a vampire. No, this will not happen.

The cost of these polymer materials also pleases people. Despite the fact that the price of this model of glasses substitutes is low compared to others, many users are trying to save money here. Some buy Soflens 59 6 lenses - and cheap, and enough for 3 months. Also people advise on forums these polymeric materials for clarity of sight to buy on the Internet. Then the price of the whole package will be less than in the store. However, on the Internet it is necessary to buy the whole pack, that is 6 lenses.

Negative assessments of people

Unfortunately, Soflens lenses 59 reviews are received and disapproving. True, the number of such responses is small. Negative assessments are left mainly by those people who first tried these substitutes for glasses. True, their opinion then changed dramatically. Those users who used to wear glasses, could not get used to lenses. At first it was difficult for them to understand how to properly wear and remove them. And it turns out that many users who began to learn how to wear lenses, at first they were torn apart unintentionally, forgot to look after them, pour new solution into the container. Over time, however, everything has changed, and those people who have negatively responded to these polymer materials, have changed their point of view. contact lenses price

Evaluations of doctors

Contact lenses Soflens 59 reviews of ophthalmologists receive positive. Experts are sure that this model of polymer materials is ideal for people who for the first time decided to try to live with a clear view, but without glasses. If a person is not yet sure or decided for himself what he is better off wearing, then for the experiment he should buy exactly the Soflens 59 lenses. Trying to wear them down for 1 month, the user will understand for himself what will be better, more comfortable. After all, and do not mind paying for the monthly lenses 300 rubles. However, as noted by ophthalmologists, basically all patients who come to their appointment, stop wearing glasses, preferring to give lenses. And if the doctor immediately recommended the replacement points of the company Bausch Lomb, then the person no longer wants to change them to others.


Contact lenses of monthly wearing Soflens 59 are ideal for people who try to improve eyesight with the help of not glasses, but their substitutes. Both users and doctors recommend this model of lenses. Quality, comfort when wearing, as well as putting on and off, cheapness - these are the criteria on the basis of which the user chooses for himself these polymer materials. And the model Soflens 59 just has all of the above pluses.